meditations of the fingers


Legs spread wide as she lay's on the bed with her middle finger slipping in and out of her juicy wet pussy then gliding up over and around her clit, whilst her other hand lays upon her soft breasts squeezing them and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Slowly gliding her fingers around her swelling clit as her eyes close and her breathing takes on a meditated state.

Wanting to heighten her pleasure she slides two fingers deep inside her pussy reaching for her G spot, also tilting her head forward and raising her breast towards her lips,to suck and nibble on them as her fingers work in and out of her pussy and her thumb grazes over her excited clit. Fingers so wet now she moves them back to concentrate on her clit, with the juices enhancing the the slide of her fingers around it. Now as her breathing starts to change to be joined with light groans she reaches to her side and grabs her vibrator, thrusts it in and out of her wet throbbing pussy with her right hand still working on her clit.

Finally she reaches her hand under the vibrator feeling her warm juices already flowing she glides her finger along the skin between her pussy and ass, so wet and slippery now she pulls out the vibrator and eases it into her ass, loving the feel as it goes deeper she lets out a louder groan. Her fingers move back up onto her clit, rubbing more vigorously now, her body tightens as her hips raise up off the bed and her head tilts back into the pillow, her breathing much heavier with the occasion pause as she hold it in awaiting the climax to come. Then with a loud ”Oh fuck” she tightens hard around the vibrator slamming her ass and feels her hot cum flowing over her hand holding it .