Going Up


I didn't intend coming to the toilet in Myers, I mean I wasn't looking for sex, it was just nature calling.
I had just sat down on the seat when I noticed the shadow on the floor, my neighbour was obviously beating his meat. I decided to ignore him, I'm a happily married guy after all just finish what I'm doing and leave. The guy next door was still hard at it, my own cock was starting to thicken in sympathy, his shadow shortened as he stood up and I could now see the shadow of his cock standing out. Well I had now finished what I was doing all I had to do was wipe my arse and pull up my strides and leave, but curiosity and a hard cock was getting to me.
So I flushed the toilet and continued to sit there stroking my own cock. The guy next door tapped his foot on the floor I reciprocated then a hand appeared making wanking motions. I knelt down on the floor so that my cock was within reach, his hand found it and began slowly working up and down the shaft his thumb stroking the head feeling my pre cum and spreading it around.
Just then the outer door opened and we both quickly moved until the urinal flushed and the door closed again leaving us in peace. This time I was the one who put his hand under the wall, finding a wonderfull long thick piece of meat waiting for me. I slowly stroked it feeling that velvet harness I lightly rubbed the head it was very bulbous and slick with his pre cum. Again the outer door sqeaked its warning we were both back on the toilet by the time the person entered. A note was passed under the wall,'Go to top floor there is a cupboard up there that is hardly ever used just round the corner from lift', this time my neighbour pulled up his trousers and left.
Well, in for a penny in for a pound, I tidied myself up and went out of the toilet heading for the lift.
"Going up" the lift attendant was looking for any other passengers, I made it just before she closed the doors.
I stood there as the lift emptied and filled as we went from the second to the top floor, finally exiting on the same level as the furniture and offices.

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   I looked around for a possible unusded cupboard, there was a hallway to my right heading back from the lift to the emergency exit. Not seeing any other doors that might lead to a cupboard I headed that way, finding a door that was not properly closed I pushed it open.
"shut the door" a voice came from the gloomy inerior, "flick the catch as well".
I flicked the catch locking the door, as my eyes got used to the gloom I saw a guy, obviously my erstwhile neighbour as he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. I moved over to him my hands taking over from his as he undid my trousers and pushed them down revealing my own now rigid shaft. Now for some unknown reason there were a couple of mattresses as well as other odds and sods of furniture in the room. My friend pulled me down onto the mattresses finding my cock with his mouth. Obviously this put me in the position of being able to reach his cock with my mouth.
My cock was soon engulfed in a warm moist void his tongue worked its own magic on my shaft as he allowed the head to move into his throat. I set about reciprocating though I was having a much harder time as his cock was much larger than mine. The glans was like a helmet it seemed for a while that I was going to be able to just suck on that, I relaxed more and as my own cock was fucking his throat he slowly worked his cock deeper into my mouth. I could taste his precum on my tongue that bitter saltiness that I could never decide if I liked. Apart from working on him with my mouth I stroked his shaft and balls urging him to give me his load. A finger forced its way past my sphincter slowly working its way deeper inside me the massaging giving me a warm sensation that seemed to build up making me closer to coming. I worked harder at taking his cock deeper my eyes watered as I gagged on its girth, the head finally slid into my throat but I felt I was chocking and pulled away gasping for air.

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   Suddenley I knew I could hold back no longer and my cum surged out of my cock and into the guys throat, he swallowed it without effort sliding it out of his throat until just his lips covered my glans then he gently sucked out the dregs.
I continued working my mouth on his cock sucking, licking, encouraging him to let loose his own load. I slipped my own finger into his hole past the sphincter finding it loose enough for another I fucked him with two fingers. I felt his cock start to thicken and twitch and I was rewarded with a mouthfull of his cum, infact more than a mouthfull as his ball continued to pump it out as I pulled away unable to swallow it all, he continued with a few more spasms his cum coating my face I closed my eyes just before a spurt hit them. We sat for a moment getting our breath back before straightening our clothing, I wiped off the excess cum from my face with a bit of what looked like curtaining. My friend opened the door giving a quick glance round to check it was clear.
"Might be an idea if you go to the toilet again to clean up your face, it looks like somebody shot their load on it and it wasn't cleaned off properly, better use the fire stairs" He grinned at me and was gone.
I took his advice making the toilet without meeting anyone, he was right I did look like somebody had shot their load on me, a quick wash and I left with no one giving me a second glance