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Topic: CarleyOne evening I got in a couple of hours earlier than expected. Our baby-sitter was there looking after the kids as my wife was working a night shift. I asked after the kids and Carly told me they were both sound asleep in bed so I told her she was free to go and made to pay her but she hesitated saying she hadn't earned her fee yet. I was a bit non-plussed not clear what she meant but she continued "Perhaps there's something else I can do for you Mr Brown?" as she peeled up her tee shirt revealing her pert little tits. As my jaw hit the floor she added "I've no knickers on either!" as she began to peel her jeans down, her lightly downed pussy sliding into view. Instant boner for me as she stepped out of her trousers leaving her standing naked in front of me. I did my best to play it cool as she played her hand over her taught tummy and gorgeous chest. Doing my best not to salivate, I circled her taking her all in. Her turn to be non-plussed - I think she'd expected me to fall in front of her feet and beg to have sex with her but with the lead she had taken I reckoned (rightly) there was no need for that. As I circled her I complemented her on her body and asked if she had ever had intercourse before. She didn't know what I meant so I rephrased the question "Ever fuck a guy before?" This brought a schoolgirl (which she was being fourteen) giggle and a shake of the head. "Been with another girl?" I asked. Again a shake but she reddened betraying the fact that she wasn't adverse to the idea. Finally, as I completed my circuit, my eyes having taken everything in and with my cock achingly hard I asked "Take it you want to fuck now? My cock is so hard you are going to have to you little tease!" Again she giggled and moved straight to my crouch releasing my over-sized meat, tonguing my pee-hole before slipping her hot little mouth over my knob. I encouraged her to go deeper. With every bob she managed a little more until she was face-fucking my entire massive erection all the way to the root.

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   Seldom had I had better oral sex! Without giving her any warning I blew off in her jetting loads of my sperm into her. Pulling out, I stripped and told her it was her turn now as I manipulated her down onto her couch, first gorging myself on her sweet little tits as an appetiser before moving lower for the main course as I ate her to orgasm. Sweet, very sweet! I loved the taste of her as she came against my probing tongue. Satisfied she was ready for more and with my cock back at full working pressure, I came on top of the youngster and set my rod in position. I thrust forward and took her sweet little pussy. Not only virgin but virgin and intact! Despite her young age she was well up for the act, her natural fuck instinct soon cutting in so that she was grinding back at me and gyrating her hips heightening the pleasure for both of us from an early stage. To say she was tight would be an understatement and when she came the spasaming of her cunny along the entire and not inconsiderable length of my cock was out of this world but not quite enough to bring me off too. I was glad of this and, withdrawing, told her to roll over. I got her up on all-fours and took her from behind. She came in short order and as soon as she did I withdrew again, this time to set my cock at her back door. Without giving her time to object I drilled my cock into her rear. So hot, so smooth, so tight! It took an age but eventually I managed to bury my entire length in her darkest passage bringing her off again just as I lost my all in her, bathing her insides with a fountain of my cum!As she dressed to go Carly said "That was very nice Mr Brown - you must try and come home early more often!" I told her she could count on it and if she had any girlfriends I was sure I could accommodate them too. This was to be over the next few years often with my wife joining in too. . .

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