You Can't Handle Me

Erotic Poetry

You Can't Handle MeThe room is dimly lit, and there is no one there, but usSo we head to the bed on our path down lustbut trust, this is just more than the physicalThis is more than sexual and it's reaching past sensualWe're coming to the sheets which is all draped in petalsI'm kicking off my shoes and you're tossing your stilettosI'm on top now gazing at your amazing figureYou've taken me, making me wanna spend the night with yayour shapely body got me thinking God is smiling on meI swear I saw the white light shining from above but just before it happened she said "No glove, no love"I smile cuz she's right, I ain't trying to be wildI ain't trying to wake up with a disease or a childWhile I'm up, I might as well cut on a CDSomething smooth like Soul music or some R&B      So now we're all ready, I say "Girl you're in for a treat"She say "Boy please, you know you can't handle me"I had to let him know who he was dealing with at the beginning of our doings Then he picked up the glove, looked at me lecherously, and asked, "Girl who are you fooling?" That remark sent chills down my spine, but what made it even worse Is through all the confidence I talk this experience is my first I laid against the bed and the fear, I can't let him see I have to make him think, make him believe that he really can't handle me He threw the protection to the side, and began to remove his shirt I wanted things to speed up, so I touched him, I had to flirt He grabbed each wrist and pinned me down letting me know he was dominating He left me clueless as to what he was going to do, but curiosity he was generously donating He removed my shirt, then my bra leaving me toplessly exposed Still staring at me with lustful eyes, he eradicated his clothes He moved on top of me again, pinning me in the same position as before He started working on my lips, my neck, my ears, not teasing more like a lure I started squirming as he slowly traveled down my neck And found he drove me madly crazy as he settled on my chest He did this for a while...well until he felt his manly task was done I tell you the tongue work on this boy takes the very air from my lungs Now he continued to move downward starting his invigorous attack Then he lifted his head up, grinned at me, and said "Baby, I'll be back."She pulled me up, and said "You're not going anywhere"She was on top now giving me a lusty stareShe sucked on my ear, cuz she knows that I like thatAlmost bringing me to a tear, but I had to fight backI saw her calm demeanor, it was enticing, but a lieI knew this was something that she had never even triedI seductively kissed her, and kept her in my gripThe kissing became intense, and she bit down on my lipWe got under the sheets and her warm body caressed minebronze body against pearl body, beautifully entwinedWithout hesitation, I entered slowly into her centerHer head flew back, she began to tremble and whimperI held her closely, I moved slowly and took careful measuresShe grabbed me closer, her eyes bulging with incredible pleasureHer breath growing heavier, and it's getting harder to catchMy back growing heavier with every deep scratchA tear fills her eye as she lets the words come forth, "I Love You"I pause in my stroke to answer her back "I Love You Too"This pressure, this pain, this pleasure...I never felt beforeNow I know what the intense wait was actually forHe must've knew it was my first, because he started out real slowlyThen he picked up the speed, I thought nothing was gonna hold me"What's my name?" he asked as I continuously tore up his backI screamed it out and that's when I heard, "I knew you couldn't last."This felt way too good, but those words rang in my headHe thought he had me until I unexpectedly flipped him on the bedAnd of course he fought back, but I was on a missionI wasn't going to stop...well not until I was finishedI started on his ear just because I knew it drove him crazyI needed to watch him struggle and tease him just like he had made meAt the same time, his manhood was still ready so I let him enter meI wanted to run him to the edge by playing with him so I began slowlyI had his hands placed over his head and I drastically picked up the paceI knew he couldn't take it because it was written all over his faceI rode him to maximum speed giving him absolutely no choiceBut to scream how he felt and letting the neighbors hear his voiceI slowed up and kissed him cause I knew this was about to endHe knew what I knew so I just stared at him and grinnedI rolled over next to him and he stared back at me with eyes wide as can beI got close, and cuddled with him, but stated, "I knew you couldn't handle me."