Nightmare lust-part-1

Erotic Horror

The hooks on my back tore off my back and was upside down held up by the hooks in my genitals. Instead of blood coming out from balls strangelyenough it cum again. When body’s weight tore my genitals again was not bleeding it was cum spraying from everywhere – this dream had altered everything real. I splash into round cesspool, swim to its edge as I get on the side, there were people who were not there before. Men had their dicks at my face. I quickly start sucking them, they were pissing in my mouth. A woman had her ass thereand was shitting in the cesspool, pulls me by my ears and stuffs her shit into my mouth. I pull her down into the cess pool head down and fuck her. I turned to suck- I find a pair of balls, the cock was not there, it was cut off. Cum and piss were coming out through that hole. I move the woman away and climb out of the cess pool. When I was out everyone who was out of the cess pool dive into it.
I walked away at a distance from thecess pool I seea largeempty cage with an open door. It could be real, at the same time not be. the door had self-locking mechanism, once closed could only be opened from inside. I get inside the cage close the doo.

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  r The floor beneath the cage starts moving away and a hook holding the cage takesdownwards into a dimly lit basement.
As I had learnt from all that what had happening to me, I knew I wound find plenty of dicks to suck and get fucked by. Surely enough it took only some time and I was sucking dickscoming through the narrow bars. I am pulled up my ass was fucked and turned to one side of the cage my cock was being sucked. Someone grabbed my balls and squeezed them through narrow bars. My balls were viciously squeezed by the hand which had grabbed them. I wantedit to stop yet again not stop, it was too much fun.
The scene fades away and find myself awake naked on my bed. I was wet. I was certain I was woken up. I get up frommy bed and go in to shower. It was not water it was piss, vomit, liquified shit which was pouring down. Although I was enjoying it, I run out of my flat, run upstairs I was on that roof again (that I will explain in the second part), People were pissing and shitting and puking in a funnel which war right over bathroom…The menI looked admiringly I seduced them into fucking me hard. They took meaway from the roof. For days I was with them,theyfucked during the nights.

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   Found some more of them. Released returned to my flat, the paper said "slut kidnapped presumed dead" I was free to be with them. My cock exploded with joy!.