Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex and Justin Part I


Alex Russo loved to play pranks on her older brother, Justin. Today felt like a prank day, so she thought about what she could do to really irritate him. Then it hit her. She knew he loved to pose in the mirror and take pictures of himself trying to look cool, so she decided to get his phone and post the pictures online. That’d really piss him off. She had to wait for the chance to steal it, but she didn’t mind. She knew the result would be brilliant.

She didn’t have too long to wait, though. About an hour after coming up with this plan, Alexs’ parents announced that Justin had to work in the sandwich shop that afternoon, as they were going out to lunch with some friends. “Brilliant”. Alex thought to herself. “He never has his cell with him when he’s working”. She waited for him to go down to the shop, then snuck into his room. She looked around for the phone, eventually finding it on his desk. She picked it up and looked through his pictures. There were over 200 in there, most of which were him posing in the mirror, looking like an absolute idiot.

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   “Yes!” Alex said out loud. “This stuff is gold!” Then she found something she hadn’t expected. A picture of Justin in the nude!

She was so shocked, she dropped the phone, which she hurried to pick up. When she had it in her hand, she looked at the picture again, unable to stop herself. He had a surprisingly good body. She found herself inexplicable starting at his crotch. She couldn’t believe the size of his dick. It had to be at least 8 inches. “Wow” she thought to herself. “Impressive!” She continued to stare, becoming slightly aroused at the sight of her brothers erect penis in the picture. She went and sat on the bed, where she found she somehow had her hand inside her pants, rubbing at the growing wet patch at the front of her panties. “Mmm. ” She began to moan, all the while still looking at her brothers cock. She put her hand inside her underwear and began to rub at her wet slit, occasionally flicking her clit. She imagined it was Justin who was pleasuring her and began to moan his name.


   “Oh, Justin. Yeah, right there, that’s so good!” She moaned to herself, furiously thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Next thing she knew, the door knob was rattling and Justin was walking into the room! “Shit!” she screamed, pulling her hand out of her pants. “Oh my god, Alex!” Justin shouted, having obviously seen what she was doing. “What the fuck?!” He couldn’t believe it, his sister was masturbating on HIS bed! Then he saw his phone next to her hand. He also saw what was on the screen. All traces of anger left his voice. “So you want a piece of the J-Man huh?” he said, starting to walk towards her. “Justin, what’re you-?” Alex started. “See, you’re gonna have to do some serious groveling if you don’t want Mom and Dad to find out about this, he said in a suggestive tone. Alex was confused. “What what do you want?”she asked. Justin stood up and lowered his jeans. “What do you think?” he said. “Oh my god, Justin you’re my brother!”

She shouted at him.


   “That didn’t stop you just now, he replied, walking towards her. Alex thought how much trouble she’d be in if her parents found out about what she’d been doing. She then thought about how much she’d wanted Justin just now. “You tell nobody”. She told him. Justin nodded as Alex went down on her knees, pulling down his boxers. She found herself face to face with his dick, which she hungrily took into her mouth and started to suck on. It got harder and harder in her mouth as she sucked. She ran her tongue across the head and along his length, whilst she puffed her cheeks in and out, sucking for all it was worth. “Ooh, that’s amazing” Justin said, holding his sisters head, pushing it back and forth. Alex moaned back, and started to jerk him off while she sucked on him. She was wet again and she didn’t care if Justin knew it. She put her free hand into her panties again and started once again to finger her pussy. This made her moan even louder into Justins now rock hard cock. She furiously thrust two fingers in and out of herself, while she ravenously sucked and licked Justins dick.

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   “Alex, you’re amazing”. Justin moaned, holding his sisters head as she bobbed on his cock. “Mmm, you taste so good… And you’re so big” she moaned, running her tongue along the length of his cock. Then, without warning, as Alex took Justin down her throat, Justin let shoota hot sticky stream of cum down her neck, straight into her stomach.

She hungrily swallowed his semen, then licked his dick clean. She was still fingering herself and was close to coming too. Justin saw what she was doing and told her to get on the bed. “Why? What are you going to do?” Alex moaned, still pleasuring herself. Justin didn’t reply, he just pulled down her pants and panties and began to lick her hairless smooth pussy. He dove straight into her wetness, flicking her clit with his tongue and kissing her soaking slit. He slid 3 fingers into her and thrust them in and out. “Oooh, Justin, harder, harder, finger your little sister, yeah!” Alex groaned, bucking her hips in time with his thrusting. Alex grabbed Justins head and pulled him up for a kiss. They kissed furiously, their tongues dancing in eachothers mouths, while Justin kept fingering Alexs perfect tight pussy. After two or three minutes of this, Alex started to shake and moan uncontrollably, then her pussy clamped down around Justins hand and a great jet of her lady-cum spurted out of her, soaking Justins already wet hands and his bedsheets.

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They kept kissing for about five minutes after, holding eachother tightly. “Justin, that was incredible” Alex said, breaking the kiss. “I. . I want you to fuck me. ” Justin stared at his sister. He couldn’t believe it. “Are. . are you sure?” he asked nervously hoping to god she’d say yes. He wanted nothing more than to slam his cock in and out of his hot little sisters tight little fuck hole while she screamed his name. His dick got hard again at the thought and Alex noticed it. “Definitely, I want you in me. ” She said, taking hold of his shaft, jerking it back to full hardness. “And by the looks of it, you’re ready to go again too…"

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