Uncle Joe Chap. Two: Michelle Trachtenberg


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.

Uncle Joe
Chapter two: Michelle Trachtenberg

Uncle Joe had acquired a lot of jobs in his travels and his latest was a chemistry teacher in his niece's high school. Uncle Joe’s niece's name was Jessica Alba and Uncle Joe had just taken her virginity and come in her ass last night. Uncle Joe had set through two classes now and all he could think of was what it felt like to finally slip inside his hot teenage niece. The feel of her plump lips, ripe tits, tight pussy and full and rounded ass, and how good his cock felt in all of them.

Uncle Joe has set behind his desk with a hard on for nearly two hours now, staring at all his female students. Uncle Joe ran through a mental list of all the girls in his classes until one name jumped out at him.

Michelle Trachtenberg was a interesting mix of lust and innocence. With a face that screamed innocent jail bait, she had a long and lean body with all the right curves. With a full and well rounded ass and young perky tits just large enough to fit in the palm of his hands, Uncle Joe knew he had his new conquest.

Uncle Joe thought back to everything he’d heard about Michelle since he had started at the school. Uncle Joe remembered the last story he’d heard about Michelle.

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  This last summer Michelle had lost her precious cherry to a summer fling and had been very lonely since. So lonely in fact that the cheerleaders had started a rumor that she had been repeatedly caught with her hand down her pants in the girls bathroom. Several times a day in fact. Uncle Joe had twenty minutes before his next class and a teenage girl to fuck before then.

Uncle Joe tried his best to hide the hard on in his pants and rushed into the busy high school hallway. The hall way was filled with teens of all sorts and most of them were ripe teenage girls.

Uncle Joe shifted down the hall as quick as he could but couldn’t resist some quick rubs and gropes along the way. Uncle Joe’s hard cock pressed against the full ass of a cheerleader named Britney Spears, one of his hands slid between the legs of a choir student named Kelly Clarkson, his other hand cupped the large breast of the student body president named Jennifer Love Hewitt, and he pressed his whole body against the full and rounded bodies of the christen youth club president named Jessica Simpson and her younger sister Ashley.

On and on down the hall until Uncle Joe turned the last corner at the very end of the hall past all the students yelling "Hey Mister Smith. ", or "Hi Mr. Smith". Uncle Joe was now at the further most point of the campus where there were very few student lockers.

Uncle Joe easily found the girls restroom he was looking for and leaned his ear toward the door to listen. Uncle Joe couldn’t hear anything really, but a quick look up and down the hall showed that it was pretty deserted and he quickly entered the girls restroom. Uncle Joe made sure the door closed quietly before bending down to peer underneath the toilet stall doors.

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  At the furthest stall Uncle Joe could see a pair of girls boots with the pants pulled down around the ankles. Uncle Joe eased quietly toward the furthest stall and began to hear small whimpers and moans. Through the crack of the stall door Uncle Joe could see the small teenage frame of Michelle Trachtenberg sitting bare assed on the toilet with her hands rubbing between her legs.

Michelle’s young legs were spread wide and one delicate hand was rubbing between her toned thighs while the other hand bunched her tight T-shirt under her arms and exposed her pert bra covered breasts. Michelle’s small hand grasped and massaged her tits, her eyes were slightly closed and she was panting between her parted lips as she continued to masturbate. Uncle Joe was taken aback at the beautiful teenage girl as she thrust her small fingers deep into her greedy, wet pussy.

A plan formed. Uncle Joe was, at heart, a traveling man with a lot of friends to keep in touch with and so he kept a cell phone. Not one of those fancy ones all the kids had, but his victim didn’t need to know that.

Michelle was lost in a haze of teenage lust. Her hand had quickly found her erect clit and had began a frenzied pace, trying to grab an orgasm as quickly as possible before her next class. Michelle had been horny since before leaving her house this morning, but unfortunately she had been late for the school bus and couldn't frig herself before leaving the house. Michelle had sat squirming on the bus for the entire ride, every bump in the road sending a jolt to her tiny teenage pussy. Michelle was so turned on she had been afraid that she would have a wet spot in her jeans.

During gym class Michelle had worked her body as hard as she could, trying to ignore the pulsing feelings of lust covering her body and emanating from her tight pussy.

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  Michelle's erect nipples had been sizzling with electricity the whole time, with every bump and grind during class she was getting hornier and hornier. After class, in the showers, Michelle stared with lust at the bodies sharing the steamy room with her. All the firm young bodies with full rounded breasts and firm asses jiggling back and forth, shiny with soap and water, it was all Michelle could do not to grab one of the girls and thrust their face into her drooling pussy.

After gym class Michelle quickly found a empty bathroom stall and nearly ripped her clothes off, trying to find the release her pussy was begging for. Michelle quickly bunched up her tight t-shirt and began mauling her perky young tits through her bra with one hand, her other hand frantically pulling down her jeans to delve into the burning heat between her legs. Michelle nearly screamed when her hand made contact with her pussy, pulling apart her sticky cunt lips and massaging her aching clitty. Michelle closed her eyes and threw her head back and began softly moaning in pleasure. Michelle was so caught up in her dripping pleasure she was ignorant to everything around her.

Uncle Joe burst into the stall, startling the young masturbating girl, "And what do you think you're doing?"

Michelle just sat staring wide eyed with her one hand still grabbing a bra encased tit and her other hand still holding onto her tender young pussy. "Mr. . . , Mr. . .

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   Smith. What, ohgod, I’m so sorry!", gasped

Uncle Joe looked down at the teenage girl as she quickly pulled down her tight T-shirt and tried to pull up her tight pants. Uncle Joe grasped Michelle’s shoulder with one hand and said, "Now just hold on Michelle. What do you think you’re doing?"

Michelle stared in panic up at her teacher. "I’m afraid I’m going to have to search you for illegal contraband. ", Uncle Joe said as a grin spread across his face.

"What, what do you mean?", Michelle gasped as she started to shake in fear.

"That means you’re displaying odd behavior and I think you’re doing drugs. So now I have to search you. ", Uncle Joe said trying to suppress a laugh, "Now since they’re already most of the way off, remove your pants and stand facing the wall. "

Michelle just continued to stare open mouthed at her teacher before saying, "What?"Michelle’s nervousness spread through her entire body, sending tingles of embarrassment through her. Michelle just stared at her teacher in her simi-nude state with most of her luscious young body on display, her nipples still hard and aching and her pussy still drooling out her juices, all for Uncle Joe’s viewing pleasure.

Uncle Joe grasped Michelle's other shoulder and jerked her onto her feet and shoved her against the wall of the toilet stall, her young tits pressed against the cold metal and spilling upwards out of her bra.

Nearly tripping over her jeans, Michelle braced herself against the wall as she watched her teacher duck below her waist.

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  Michelle’s heart was hammering insider her chest as her teacher's hands slid down her sticky thighs and caused a small shiver to run through her body. She had just started to cum when her teacher had crashed into the toilet stall catching her with her long, delicate fingers shoved up her aching pussy. Michelle’s nipples were still hard and excited and her juices were still running down the inside of her creamy young thighs as her teacher began to slowly frisk her young body. Michelle felt her chest tighten up as her teacher grasped her jeans with one hand and grasped one of her firm ass cheeks with the other.

Uncle Joe pulled Michelle’s jeans out from under her feet and then took a look at the young, teenage ass in front of him. His young student’s ass was a creamy pale color with fine baby hair covering it, and the light in the stall was shining on the tender young skin which was just begging to be stroked and massage by his greedy hands. Michelle’s firm legs were slightly parted, showcasing the cleft of her young hairless pussy with its juices sliding down her legs. Uncle Joe could smell the girl's lust and took a deep breath in, not believing how turned on his young student was. Uncle Joe stood slowly, rubbing his body against her and enjoying the view and threw Michelle’s jeans over his shoulder, leaving her in only her boots, T-shirt and bra.

"All right. Nothing in your pants, let’s see the rest of you. ", Uncle Joe said lewdly while watching Michelle practically vibrate with nervousness and excitement. Uncle Joe placed his hands on Michelle’s smooth hips and slowly raised his arms up her skin, grabbing her tight T-shirt and pulling it up off her body. Uncle Joe pulled the teenage girl’s T-shirt over her head, baring her bra and threw the T-shirt over his shoulder to join her jeans on the dirty bathroom floor. Uncle Joe unsnapped the cute little bra with one hand, exposing Michelle’s young teenage tits and causing a little jiggle to travel through the perky orbs.

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Michelle was panting in fear and excitement, barely able to contain her unexpected lust. Here she was nearly naked, having been caught by her teacher playing with herself and now she was being strip searched by him with his fingers brushing against her skin. Michelle could feel Mr. Smith’s fingers unsnap her bra, freeing her breasts to the cold air and further exciting her already over stimulated nipples.

Uncle Joe’s fingers moved slowly around to Michelle’s chest and slipped between her breasts and her bra, firmly grabbing the young tit flesh in his hands and began slowly massaging them.

Michelle could feel her nipples grinding against her teacher’s palms, and she gasped at the feeling.

Uncle Joe pressed his body fully against Michelle’s and she could feel the heavy bulge between his legs pressing into her young ass cheeks, grinding against her. Uncle Joe leaned forward and whispered into Michelle’s ear, causing her to gasp in excitement and panic again, "Weeelll, no drugs so far. ". One of Uncle Joe’s hands slid down from Michelle’s chest, "But I’m nothing if not complete. ". Uncle Joe’s hand slowly pushed in between Michelle’s legs and firmly grasped her dripping, young cunt.

Michelle squealed, "Mr. . .

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   Smith!No!", and began to struggle against her teacher as he began squeezing her wet pussy mound.

Uncle Joe enjoyed the feel of the young girl pressing against him, her tight teenage body struggling against him and exciting him further and began slowly thrusting his pants encased cock further into her firm ass cheeks. Uncle Joe grunted as he was grinding his cloth encased erection against the young girls plump ass and pressed Michelle harder against the stall wall.

Uncle Joe grabbed his cell phone and shoved into Michelle’s face, "You know cell phones can take pictures, right?", well his couldn’t, "Well guess who I have a picture of with her hands between her legs and frigging herself off in a dirty bathroom?"

Michelle gasped in shock at what she had just been told and embarrassment crept into her young angelic face, as Uncle Joe returned his cell phone and once more grabbed his students young pussy mound and squeezing more juice from the young girl.

Michelle’s pussy was still dripping wet with the juices of her earlier activities and Uncle Joe’s finger slid easily into her hot pussy. Uncle Joe started a easy rhythm inside the young student, slipping his middle finger slowing in and out of Michelle’s wet pussy. Uncle Joe’s other had removed the bra all the way off and began massaging the young girls breasts, squeezing the firm flesh as it filled his greedy hand and attacking the super sensitive nipples and causing Michelle to gasp and moan underneath him.

Michelle could do nothing against her teacher and had reached the point where she no longer wanted to. Michelle just enjoyed the feeling of her teacher molesting her young body in a dirty bathroom in the back ofher high school.

Uncle Joe pressed himself fully against the teenage girl again, rubbing his pants encased cock up her upturned ass and whispered into his student’s ear, "I’ve got something for you Michelle. I’m gonna take care of what you need and you’re gonna take care of what I need, and then that little picture gets deleted. That sound fair to you Ms. Trachtenberg?"

Michelle was finding it harder and harder to think as her teacher continued to molest her sweet young body, but she managed to answer, "Y. . .

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   yes Mr. Smith. T. . . that, that sounds fair. "Michelle knew she was lost at that point, lost to the lust she was feeling between her out spread legs and her pert young tits. There was nothing she could do and nothing she wanted to do against the man who had captured her body and was preparing to do whatever he wanted to her.

Michelle gasped in surprised as her teacher suddenly released her body, but she filled with fear as she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Michelle heard the rustle of clothes hitting the floor and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the felt the velvet head of her teacher’s cock press against her drooling pussy lips.

Uncle Joe lined his throbbing cock up with the wet fuck hole of his teenage student, grabbing her smooth hips as he slowly inserted himself deep inside of Michelle’s burning pussy.

Michelle panted and moaned as she felt her teachers cock slowly thrust inside of her, parting her tender pussy lips and digging deep inside of her velvet cunt.

Uncle Joe’s shaft rubbed against the tight pussy wall of his young writhing student. Michelle braced herself against the stall wall as her teacher's cock burrowed inside of her and she held her breath until she could feel his heavy ball sack rub against her dripping wet lips. Michelle moaned out in pleasure as her teacher bottomed out inside of her and then slowly pulled back out.

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Michelle could feel every vein and bulge of the invading cock moving out of her wet pussy. Just as the cock was nearly all the way out of Michelle’s quivering cunt it instantly began sliding inside of the young teenage girl again. Michelle’s juices were spilling out of her and sliding down the inside of her young leg as her teacher was fucking himself in and out of her body.

Uncle Joe’s cock began thrusting in and out of Michelle pussy faster and faster causing them both to moan in pleasure and some pain. Michelle felt the pain of this huge cock spreading her pussy wide, much wider than the young boys cock last summer when the boy had got her drunk and had his way with her.

Uncle Joe felt pain around his cock due to the tightness of this young girls pussy, squeezing hard on his shaft. In and out faster and faster the throbbing tool rubbed against the velvety wall of the young girls pussy, hitting her g-spot every time and rubbing against her erect and throbbing clit.

Uncle Joe was thrusting inside of his young student faster and faster, his heavy balls slapping repeatedly against Michelle’s wet and practically vibrating clit.

Michelle grunted, moaned, and panted more and more with each hard thrust as she felt each of her teacher’s hard thrusts penetrating her pussy. Michelle moaned louder as her teacher’s rough hands slid up from her hips to cup her jiggling tits, pulling and tugging her hard, pink and excited nipples. Michelle felt her juices escaping down her legs as Mr. Smith fucked her hard against the wall, penetrating her tender pussy again and again.

Uncle Joe squeezed Michelle’s tits hard, causing the silky breasts to ooze out from between his hard fingers, causing the young girl to nearly scream with joy and pleasure. Uncle Joe's hips slapped against Michelle’s ass with each quick thrust, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle each time and with every impact. Uncle Joe released one of Michelle’s pert tits and trailed his hand down her tender body, down between her legs to her pussy.

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  Flicking quickly back and forth over Michelle’s erect clit, Uncle Joe caused her to scream out in pleasure and she began thrusting her ass back against him, trying to cram as much of his cock meat into her greedy cunt.

Michelle kept thrusting harder and harder, moans escaping her pink lips in short breathes, enjoying the feeling of being fucked hard by her teacher.

Michelle felt her pleasure burning from between her legs, reaching from her pussy and clit all the way to her plump tits. As her pleasure built higher and higher, Michelle thrust herself back harder and harder against her teacher's fucking cock trying to reach her orgasm. It had been nearly a year since Michelle had that first cock inside of her, since that first boy got her drunk and fucked her in the back of a bar and while she hadn’t cum then she was begging to cum now, "Please, please, pleasepleasepleaseplease make me cum Mr. Smith!Please Make Me Cum!"

Uncle Joe was barely moving now, he was just enjoying the feeling of this teenage girl throwing herself back onto his cock again and again with her juices covering his cock, balls and entire groin. Faster and faster, harder and harder the desperate teenage student thrust herself back onto her teacher’s cock again and again, squealing in pleasure as she approached her orgasm. Michelle thrust herself back over and over, sliding the hard tool past her throbbing pussy lips and against her wet pussy walls. Harder and faster, Michelle threw herself onto her teacher’s cock, building her friction higher and higher until it hit her.

Michelle threw her head back as her thrust herself back one last time, burying her teacher’s cock as deep inside of her as it would go as she came hard, "Oh God Yes Mr. Smith!!I’m Cumming!!Oh God Thank You!!"Michelle’s juices exploded out of her burning cunt as she came wrapped around her teacher’s cock.

Uncle Joe felt Michelle's pussy clamp down hard around his cock, squeezing down on him and milking his cock as his orgasm hit.

Uncle Joe buried his tool deep inside of Michelle’s burning pussy as he shot wad after wad of thick cum deep inside of his teenage student’s pussy. Cum squirted out from between their joined bodies, sliding down Michelle’s thighs and covering Uncle Joe's drained balls. Uncle Joe slid slowly out of Michelle’s well fucked pussy, causing the rest of their fluids to escape and cover them in hot cum.



Uncle Joe reached over and pulled Michelle to him in a hug, "That was very good dear. You were very, very good. We’ll do this again soon, won’t we?" Uncle Joe said in a commanding voice.

Michelle looked up into her teacher’s eyes and smiled, "Yes Mr. Smith. "

To Be Continued. . .