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Julie and Jennifer continued to come over to use my computer almost every day and their mom told me she really appreciated it because the girls were getting much better grades. I told her I was more than happy to help and that was the best use my computer had ever had. Of course I didn’t tell her that I was naked almost all the time when the girls were over and that they always wanted me to jackoff for them or let them jack me off. I had never had it so good.     

One day, a little earlier than normal, there was a soft knock on my back door. When I opened it, it was Jennifer and she was crying. I asked her in and why she was crying. She said there was a boy at school that she really liked and he was pressuring her to have sex with him and she didn’t think she was ready for that yet. She said that Julie had told her that she just gives the boys blowjobs and that usually makes them happy. She said she was embarrassed to tell Julie that she didn’t know how to give a blowjob and begged me to teach her how. Well! That almost floored me. I stammered a little and asked her if she was sure. Up until then I had never even seen the girls naked and now this young beauty wanted me to show her how to give a blowjob. I said,    

“Sweetie, you have to really like the guy before you do that for him. And a lot of guys won’t like you anymore if you do give them one. If you do it too often the word will get around that you are a slut and we know that’s not true, don’t we.

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  (She nodded in agreement) Oral sex is one of the greatest pleasures a person can give to someone and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Yes I will teach you but this has to be our little secret. Don’t even tell Julie, OK?”    

I led her into my bedroom and undressed and my cock was already throbbing and leaking pre-cum with anticipation of Jennifer’s sweet young lips wrapped around it. Then I sat on the bed and slowly started to undress her. She stood in silence blushing as I removed her clothes and then she was naked in front of me and I wasn’t ready for how beautiful her young teen body was and I told her so. She blushed bright red and said thank you as she sat down on my lap. I said,    

“Sweetie, the safest way to give a blowjob is to have the guy wear a condom. But if you really like him and you know he’s clean it’s much nicer if you just go for it without one. The other thing you’ll have to decide on is will you let him cum in your mouth. Most guys really want to and will love it if you swallow it. If you don’t want them to cum in your mouth you need to take it out at the last second. Most guys’ cockheads will really swell up just before they cum. You can make a quick move and finish them by hand. Most guys won’t mind that either. I know that’s a lot of information and we haven’t even gotten to the actual blowjob yet.

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   Are you OK with everything so far?” Jennifer said,    

“Yes I am and I really like you and I want you to show me what it all feels like. I know how much you cum and I don’t know if I can swallow it all without gagging but I really want you to cum in my mouth. It would make me so happy to know that I made you cum that way and it was my very first blowjob.


She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a very deep soul kiss and whispered,    

“Now show me how to give a blowjob. As big as he feels on my little ass, I just hope I can fit him into my mouth. ”

She scooted off my lap and I told her the first thing to do is start playing with my cock and balls and then start lightly kissing all over it. I told her if she really liked the guy to kiss and lick his balls that most guys loved that. Her young lips and tongue were all over my cock and balls. I told her to lick up and down the underside of my cock and be careful of all the pre-cum leaking out of my cockhead. She went straight for my pre-cum like it was honey and licked it straight out of my pisshole. This sweet young thing was a quick study and I asked her if she was sure she hadn’t done this before. She said she just really liked making me feel good and like the way I tasted. I told her she was doing great and it was time for her to give her first blowjob. I said even though they call it that you really suck and not blow. I told her to put as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and to suck on it.

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   It stretched her lips but that sweet little Jennifer got my cockhead and about three inches of my shaft in her mouth before she gagged.     

I told her to start moving her head up and down and keep sucking. Without even being told, she wrapped one hand around my shaft and was pumping with the up and down movement of her mouth and had her other hand full of my balls. This young beauty was a natural. I was looking down into her eyes and told her to swirl her tongue around my cockhead as she went up and down and sometimes pause and try to stick the tip of her tongue in my pisshole. WOW! Did she ever follow instructions well. What she was doing to my whole package was sending me through the roof and by the look in her eyes I knew she knew it. Then I was tensing up and trying to hold back and she sensed that too and took my cock out of her mouth and said,    

“You better not be fucking holding back. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to know what it feels like and I want to make you feel good. Now relax and let it happen, you hear me. ”    

I did as she told me as she went back to sucking my cock. This time my orgasm hit me like a freight train almost without any warning and my whole body was trembling. I looked in her sweet young eyes as she bobbed her head up and down my cock and moaned,    

“OH! Jennifer, I’m cuming. ”

My cock exploded in her sweet young mouth and she gagged on each of my four powerful blasts hitting the back of her throat.

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   Our eyes stayed locked as I watched her keep sucking my cock and I knew she knew how much pleasure she was giving me. She was a real trooper and, except for a few drops of my cum that leaked out of the corners of her mouth, she swallowed my whole load. She kept sucking my cock long after I stopped cuming to a point to where the tickling in my cockhead was almost unbearable. It was not the best blowjob I ever had but the fact that it was a 14 year old girl giving it to me put it way over the top. I grabbed her and pulled her up to me and gave her a deep soul kiss and my tongue in her mouth could taste the remnants of my cum. After a few minutes she pulled away and said,    

“I hope you like that as much as I did. I thought I was going to spit up when your first squirt hit my throat, but I didn’t. Well! How did I do for my first time? Now I’m pissed off. We have lived next door to you for several months now and I could have been sucking you off this whole time. Think of all that delicious cum we’ve wasted. (Giggle)”    

I gave her a big smile and said, “OK! Now it’s your turn. ” She had a very confused look on her face as I placed her head on my pillow and started kissing my way down her neck and found those tender young tits of hers. I slowly sucked and gently nibbled on her swollen nipples and knew, by the death grip she had on my hair, that that must be a first for her too. She said almost begging,    

“I won’t stop you, but you know I’m still a virgin and I think your cock is way too big for my little pussy. ”    

I kissed her lips and whispered for her to trust me and everything would be alright.

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   I started kissing my way back to her tits and then on down her sweet tummy. I paused at her cute little innie and felt chills shoot through her body. When my lips found her small velvety tuft of blonde pubic hair the light went on in her head and she gave a huge gasp. She realized I was about to introduce her to one of a woman’s greatest pleasures, oral sex. When I started kissing my way down the inside of her right thigh she spread he legs to invite me in. She was right, she did have a little pussy and my fat cock would surely rip it apart, but for now she would have to be happy with my lips and tongue. Her little pussy was so cute and it was all swollen and puffy and her inner lips were glistening with her girl juices. I lifted her leg and licked the underside of her knee and goose bumps popped out all over her body. I kissed my way back down the inside of her right thigh and as I crossed over to her left thigh I let my lips brush across her sweet pussy. She jumped like she had been shot and said almost whimpering,    

“OMG! Please stop teasing me. You are driving me crazy. This is the first time anyone has ever done this to me and I’ve dreamed about, but I never imagined it would be this exciting. ”

I kissed my way up the inside of her left thigh and the back of her knee and still had the sweet taste and smell of young pussy on my lips. I worked my way back down and planted a deep soul kiss on her other set of lips. Her hands found my hair again and I was sure she was going to pull it out and she made sure I wasn’t going anywhere this time.

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   I found her little love button and started to suck and nibble. She let go of my hair and was now trying to scramble away from me. I guess the feeling was just too intense for her young body but I was determined to make her cum and cum hard and as many times as I could. I slid my arms under her thighs and grabbed onto her hips so she couldn’t get away. I was licking, sucking, nibbling, deep tonguing, and I even tongued her asshole, and she was going crazy. She begged,

“Oh! Please stop. My little pussy can’t take that. It almost hurts. OOOOOH! FFUUUCCCKKK!”

And I knew she was cuming. Her whole body went stiff for several seconds and then she was all over the place and I had a hell of a time trying to hold onto her. She was a lot stronger than she looked and was desperately trying to push my head away from her pussy but I hung on and kept my mouth working. Then she shot straight up in the bed and screamed and peed right in my mouth. She fell back on the bed and her sexy young body was just twitching uncontrollably. I could tell that wave after wave of orgasmic bliss was controlling her now and she had given into it. I gradually eased up on the intensity level of my mouth on her sweet young pussy and guessed that it was her tender age but her pee didn’t taste too bad at all.

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   I was now very gently kissing her swollen pussy to slowly bring her down from her orgasm high kind of like walking a race horse to cool them down.

After about 10 minutes of her lying quietly and hard breathing she reached down and pulled me up to her and kissed me hard. Almost crying she said,

“I am so sorry I peed in your mouth. I had no control over anything at all. If you had said you wanted to fuck me right then I would have put your cock in my little pussy for you and given you my soul. When I realized what you were going to do to me I remembered all the times I had dreamed about it. But when you really got going on my pussy nothing I had ever imagined had prepared me for what happened to me. I lost control of everything including my ability to stop myself from peeing. I bet you won’t ever do that to me again. ” I said,

“Hey, just a few minutes ago I remember a young lady sucking the hell out of this old man’s cock and swallowing about a gallon of my cum. And besides, I thought your pee tasted pretty good. Oh! As sweet as your little pussy tasted I would drink a gallon of your pee just to kiss that sweet thing again. ”

She hugged me hard around the neck and whispered that she had never even thought about someone touching her butthole but she had cum really hard when I stuck my tongue in her there. She said when I was really sucking on her pussy her orgasms were coming so hard a fast that they were just a blur and she had no idea how many she had. She said we had better get dressed before Julie got home and she just hoped she could hide what had happened from her.

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The three of us had more good times but this is the last one for now unless the responses ask for more.



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