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I was barely out of the shower and I heard Julie and Jennifer knocking at my back door. I wrapped a towel around my waste and opened the door. Jennifer came bouncing in first and said,    

            “You didn’t have to get all cleaned up for little ole us. That is unless you were really messy. (Giggles from both) Don’t get me wrong, I really like a man to be very clean all the time, and you smell just like a fresh shower. Do you know how sexy that is? Isn’t that sexy Julie?”    

I told them I was going to my room to get dressed and they could go get on the computer and that it was already on. As I headed into my room I purposefully left the door open. I didn’t think they would try to peek, but if they wanted to I wanted them to know I didn’t mind. I threw my towel on the bed and was now completely naked and moved over to my dresser to get a tee shirt and shorts. Mr. Cock, knowing the girls were only 10 feet away in the computer room, was already getting hard. Just then Julie’s voice came from my open door and she said,    

            “You know if you are going to run around your house naked while Jennifer and I are here, you should give us a little warning. (I had turned around facing her and my cock was now rock hard and standing straight out) I was just going to the bathroom and walked by your open door and saw you naked. What do you have to say for yourself? Were you planning this all along, you pedophile? You want to expose yourself to Jennifer and I don’t you? You dirty old pervert. Jennifer, come here. He’s naked and has a huge hard-on.

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I said I was sorry and didn’t realize anyone was going to come by my room before I got dressed. Then Jennifer was at the door too and said,    

            “Julie, you were right. He is a pedophile. Next he’ll try to get us to watch him jackoff. Well! You’re too late. We’ve already seen you. Gotcha!”    

Now both girls were laughing there asses off and came right into my room with me and sat on my bed and told me to go ahead and get dressed if I wanted to but as far as they were concerned I could always be naked whenever they were over. They then fessed up to spying on me while I was jacking off in my computer room earlier that day. I admitted that I had set it up and knew they were watching me and that was why I came so hard. Jennifer said she really liked Mr. Cock and didn’t know they got that big. She and Julie said they had seen a few boys at school but none of them were anywhere near that big. Jennifer said,    

“How big is your cock and I love the way you keep yourself all clean shaven down there? Are you as soft there as it looks?”    

I had just shaved my entire package and my ass that morning. The last woman I dated and I were really into oral anal so I always kept my ass clean shaven too. I told her my cock was just a little over 8 inches and my cockhead was just over 7 inches around, about 2 ½ inches across.

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   I stepped over to the bed right in front of her and said why didn’t she feel for herself and see how soft it was. With her and Julie sitting on the bed my screaming hard cock was level with their tits. Their young nipples were as hard as my cock and standing out in their thin tee shirts like headlights on a car. My poor cock was leaking pre-cum like crazy and a huge glob dripped down on Jennifer’s leg. She either ignored it or was so engrossed in my cock being less than a foot from her face she didn’t care. Jennifer spread her legs so I could get closer and reached her hands up to grab her prose. Julie said she would love to feel too if it was OK. I told them I was their own personal plaything and they could do anything they wanted to, to me.     

Both girls’ hands were all over me and one of Julie’s fingers even found its way up my asshole. A very wise girl for 15. I told Jennifer to be very careful so I didn’t mess up her tee shirt. She giggled and said that would be hard to explain to her mom when she found it in the laundry. When I was just seconds from squirting all over her I said we had to stop and they needed to get their homework done. I said if they didn’t their mom wouldn’t let them come over anymore. They both reluctantly agreed and as I looked down both girls had my pre-cum all over their hands and Jennifer leaned forward and kissed a huge glob of pre-cum right off my pisshole.

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The girls went back into the computer room and started on their homework and I got dressed. Talk about Blue Balls. To have two gorgeous young teen girls playing with my package and making them stop took more will power than I ever thought I had. Dressed in tight shorts and a tee shirt I walked into my computer room where the girls were. They were pissed that I was dressed. They said they thought I said I would be naked whenever they were over. I told them I wanted to but if I were naked they would want to play with my cock and balls and I wasn’t strong enough to resist that. I said they had to be strong for me and keep me from letting them have me for dinner.     

I watched TV for about an hour and then I heard Jennifer’s sweet young voice calling out to me and saying they were done with their homework and they wanted me to join them in my computer room. When I walked in they had cleared my computer chair for me and were sitting in chairs on either side of it. I wasn’t sure what they had in mind but I could guess. Julie said,    

“OK! We’re done with our homework now and we would like to see you naked again. Jennifer and I want you to jackoff for us again if you would like to. We talked about it and both of us really like watching you do it earlier. ” Jennifer said,    

“Yes! Only this time we want to be right here with you and maybe even touching you a little.

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   Would you like that? I know Julie and I would. When we saw you jacking off earlier that was the first time Julie and I have ever seen a man jack himself off and cum like you did. That was the hottest thing we’ve ever seen. Oh! Please say you’ll do it for us again. ”    

Now I knew I had died and gone to dirty old perverts heaven. I told them I couldn’t think of anything I would like to do more.

My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum again by the time I was naked and sitting in my computer chair between the two girls. Their young soft teen hands were all over my cock and balls almost as soon as I sat down. Jennifer said she hoped I didn’t mind them touching me again but I had such a gorgeous cock and balls that they just couldn’t keep their hands off me. I told them I couldn’t think of anything I would like more, but if they kept playing with me the way they were I wasn’t going to get a chance to jackoff for them because their soft hands were going to make me cum in just a few minutes. Julie said,    

“Would you mind if Jennifer and I made you cum? We’ve both done it for some of the boys at our school but never for an older man with a cock as nice as yours. Look Jennifer, my hand won’t even reach around his fat cockhead. I bet yours won’t either. Your cock is so huge I know I could never fit it into my tight little virgin pussy but I just can’t get enough of touching it. What about you Jennifer?”    

Jennifer agreed with Julie as they continued fondling my cock and balls.

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   By this time my entire cock and both the girl’s hands were covered in my pre-cum and I felt that all too familiar very intense tickling in my cockhead as the girls massaged it. I knew I couldn’t last much longer as I felt the tickling coursing down through my shaft, into my balls and finally my asshole. I felt my ass muscles tighten to push my cum out and said out loud,    


Julie pulled my cock over and aimed it her way and my first squirt went across her bare legs. Not to be out done Jennifer pulled it her way and took the second squirt across her bare legs too. I thought it was so cute that the girls kept fighting over which way my cock was going squirt my cum until they had a real mess everywhere. Then my cock stopped squirting and my cum just flowed out like a river all over the girls hands, down my shaft and balls and onto my computer chair. Both girls were breathing hard like they had been outside running. Both girls’ nipples were as hard as rocks on their gorgeous young teen titties. They kept stroking my cum soaked cock like they were in a trance and each pass their soft young hands made over my very sensitive cockhead caused my whole body to jerk uncontrollably.   When it became more than I could stand I reached down and grabbed the girls’ hands to stop them.     

They both looked up at me with a glazed over look in their eyes and Jennifer said almost in desperation,    

“OMG! That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I have to use your bathroom. My little pussy is on fire. ”    

Julie said hers was too and she was headed for my bedroom.

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   The bathroom was right next to my computer room and in just a few minutes I heard Jennifer’s squeal of joy as her orgasm hit her young body. In a few minutes they were both back with a damp wash cloth and a face towel and said they had made me make that mess so the least they could do is clean me up. Now I was in heaven again. I told them next time I would like them to let me watch them Jill themselves off. After all, turnabout is fair play. They both said they would have to think about that because they had never done that in front of anyone before, especially a dirty old pervert like me. (Giggles)    

(To be continued)



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