Virginal (Chapter 1)


Keeley rolled her eyes, just like she had done on every prior occasion. Matt knew he was being turned down once again and inwardly got a little more annoyed. Upping himself from the bed, he pulled up and fastened up his shorts, then made for the bathroom.

“Must we go through this every time” she shouted, as Matt delicately put his hair back to it’s original, immaculately styled position.

“You know why I get annoyed Kee! Well, not annoyed, but frustrated. It feels like it’s been the same routine for the last 4 months. You say you’re ready every time and then……well……nothing!”

“Don’t start this with me Matthew!”. Keeley was becoming visibly irate. She only called Matt by his full name when he was on the wrong side of her. “You always say you’ll wait and then when I want to stop, you give me the silent treatment. I’m not leading you on in any way either, so don’t throw that at me, just in case you were about to!”

“I wasn’t going to say a thing”, said a distracted voice from behind the bathroom door, his mind already wandering to another girl entirely. He was thinking whether or not she would be free later tonight?

“That’s my point. I’ve always told you that when I feel ‘IT’, I will know and I haven’t reached that point yet”.

Matt suddenly shot back into the room.

“So tell me Kee, what is ‘IT’ exactly? Take tonight for example, we’ve kissed for what seems like an eternity and you give me soft little moans throughout. You had no hesitation in getting my cock out and playing with it.

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   You let me touch you and I can feel how wet you are, which to me means you are enjoying it. Then all of a sudden you clam up and it HAS to stop”. Matt couldn’t help place emphasis at the end of his rant.

“Please don’t Matt. When we do all those things, believe me, I am definitely turned on. I know enough about my own emotions to know that when you get hard, I want to do things to it that I’ve never done. I want to play out the scenes from porn movies and satisfy you like those girls satisfy the men. I want t…. ”

Matt cut her off abruptly!! “You want to what? Listen to yourself, you’re a fucking hypocrit. If you want to do all of those things, then why aren’t you? You’re 18 now, not a young girl and you’re allowed to do as you please, as am I! I should be able to tear off those panties and show you what a good time really is, not all of this pandering around on the bed, touchy feely crap”

Keeley started to cry! “Please leave Matt, you do this every time and I can’t do it anymore. I thought you understood”

With that, Matt grunted loudly and made for his shoes. He then collected his jacket and went, a muffled “Goodbye” was barely audible as the door slammed behind him.

Keeley knew he would be back; He always came back; “He’ll call later tonight and apologise” she thought.
She grabbed a tissue from the box on the bedside table and wiped the tears away.

Dismayed once more by Matt and his eagerness to take her virginity, she sat for a few minutes contemplating the course of events that may have taken place if she had allowed him to strip her naked and make love to her that night.

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   It didn’t take long to get aroused again and she needed to calm down, so she reached under the bed and pulled out a vibrator.
It hummed pleasantly when turned on and that excited Keeley, she liked to be in control of sexual matters, or more specifically her own enjoyment of them.

She laid back on the bed and sucked the vibrator whilst thinking of Matt’ rock hard 8″ cock. She slid it down her body until it rested against her clit. It would stay there until she came.

That’s how Keeley liked it; Nothing ever went inside her. .

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