The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 13


Wednesday morning, Mike told Jessica that she would now be requiredto keep the benwa balls inside of her during lunch every day. . Mikestill didn't want to force too much on her until after finals hadconcluded. This was pretty light stuff, he thought, so no harm, nofoul. So before going out to the place she and Mike hungouteveryday, she went into a bathroom and inserted the balls inside ofher. Then Mike would have her remove them in front of him while hescreened off her body from possible discovery with his own. Jessicawas happy to have the balls inside of her because when she checkedup on the web what they were supposed to do, she saw that it wouldhelp her grip his cock tighter with her pubic muscle, which wouldincrease his pleasure because that is all she wanted to do, pleasehim.

When they arrived at Jessica's that day, Mike decided to just go forit. Obviously, privacy has been a huge problem for the teenage pairand he wanted to obtain some for them. While Jessica dove into herhomework, Mike went out to the living room, where Mrs. Hamada was. "Hi Jennifer," he said firmly. "Jennifer, you said a couple days agothat we had earned the privilege of being able to sleep togetherover Christmas. I also feel that we have earned the privilege ofbeing awarded privacy while we're here at your home. so you willgive that to us. " His heart was beating out of his chest waiting tosee if she would jump in his face for having the cheek to make thatdemand in her house, but he saw her eyes glaze over and she almostsighed as she gave her blessing to his command.

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Mrs. Hamada seemed to be getting more and more mentally gone andcompliant the more he issued orders for her. The wild card in allthis was Carl and Mike knew he had to have a light touch here sothat he not only didn't get his ass handed to him by a lividhusband, but ended up not getting Jennifer and losing Jessica,making his hand his only girlfriend again.

Mike returned to Jessica's room and shut the door. He dictated thatshe get naked while he became likewise. Jessica asked about her momperhaps blowing a gasket if she caught them. "Fucktoy is ordered toleave security matters to Master," Mike urged. She hesitantly losther attire and his beautiful Asian girlfriend was in her birthdaysuit. He plopped himself next to her and began telling her how muchhe loved her while taking his time admiring her face and body. "Fromnow on, until your father comes home and only when I am here withyou, fucktoy is not permitted to wear any clothing," he told her. That thought seemed to have an effect on her, as the look in hereyes became more distant as if her brain was launching itself for anintergalactic voyage. "Yes Master," she robotically consented. Toobad he didn't have his bag of goodies with him at the moment,though. Nonetheless, he was going to get a taste of her deliciousslit and moved down on the bed and licked and sucked her clit untilshe was cumming repeatedly. .

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   She tasted so good. She was so neat,prim and sweet smelling. Very much heaven sent in his mind. If hewere a painter or a poet she would be his muse.

He was erect and needed relief. so he parked his penis in her pussyand porked her in a divine bit of low brow alliteration, the wallsof her cunt clasping his pecker like it was a winning lotteryticket, with each pump of his hips sending them both incrementallytoward the height of pleasure until the wall holding their ecstasyback was finally and definitively breached in a rain of semen andhot, exaggerated breathing. He held her little body in his longarms, protecting her in this vulnerable moment and using thatdefense as yet another vehicle by which to show his affection forher.

He raised himself up and suggested that they get back to theirhomework. As much as he personally wanted to ravish this, at leastto him, aesthetically perfect and behaviorally elegant creaturewithout cessation in order to exorcize his own wanton lust, herhumanity compelled him to preserve her interests. His lust for hermother was another chapter in the age old battle between theepicurean and the glutton, especially in the heavy metal world whereexcess is equated with success. He ultimately made the judgment thatthe best way to approach this that would keep random craziness fromintervening was to leave Jennifer alone sexually while exploitingher submissive traits to aid his relationship with Jessica.

When he and Jessica were finished with their assignments, theycuddled and cooed at each other. Just before 5 p. m. and with herfather likely to arrive home within the next hour, they got dressedand Mike went home.

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Jessica and he screwed just about every weekday now and sometimesmanaged it on the weekends, too, as Mike was very gratified that hegot to play with his little Asian fucktoy basically whenever hewanted and her doing her homework or practicing guitar while Mike'scum slowly dripped out of her became second nature. Hecontinued to not make many stressful demands on Jessica other than thebenwa balls thing. At the end of January, they both sailed throughtheir finals and it showed in their report cards, as Jessica acedall of her classes and finished with a 4. 4 GPA (AP classes get anextra grade point each) while Mike posted a 3. 6. Mike's mom wasecstatic, calling Jennifer to tell her how much of a good influenceher daughter had been on her son and how that was Mike's best bestmarks since seventh grade.

The day of their last final, Mike took Jessica home as usual andwhile Jessica got naked, Mike went to Mrs. Hamada: "Jennifer, I sentyou an email  earlier with information on clothes I want you toorder for Jessica. I want you to send the order to my house. " Again,she initially wanted to resist, but her subconscious put the brakesto that impulse and she indicated her acquiescence to Mike's demand. "Good girl," Mike complimented as he went back to Jessica's room. Jennifer felt good when he recognized her obedience, but she didn'tknow why.

Ten days later, a large box was dropped on Mike's doorstep. "What isthis/" Mrs. Alyea asked him.

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   "It's Jennifer's Valentine's Daypresent mom," he told her.

When Valentine's Day came, which was on a Tuesday, Mike took her toa nail salon so she could have her toenails and fingernailsmanicured. Then they went back to Mike's house, where he had orderedan outcall masseuse to give both of them massages. After showering,he brought her to an excellent Japanese restaurant in an adjacenttown, where they dined on high quality sushi. Jessica was very happywith all this and had already considered it a day where she feltMike showed how much he cared for her. He took her home andpresented her with the box. Jessica opened it and found it packedwith various types of clothes and lingerie, many of them Cheongsam,also known as Qipao, the beautiful and sexy silk outfits that manyChinese women wore. He also had gotten through Jennifer more casualoutfits that he thought would look better on Jessica than what sheusually wore. Almost all of them required her to display her legs inone way or another. "As my fucktoy," Mike explained, "you're myqueen. I want you to start dressing like what someone of that statusdeserves. " She cried, of course, and they lingered for a while afterhe helped her take the box inside her house to her room. "Tomorrow,you will wear the white cheongsam with the little red floweraccents," he told her, "and white thigh high stockings and heelswith it, too, along with the matching lacy bra and panties. "

When she put it on the next morning before school, she was surprisedto see that the ankle length garment was slit all the way up to themiddle of her thigh. Mrs.

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   Hamada was over the moon at how gorgeousher daughter looked, the contrast with her black hair and dark browneyes adding to the color palette surrounding her. When Mike pickedher up he couldn't believe how classy and demure she appeared and heliked the fact that the slit in the skirt gave him easy access towhatever it was he wanted to grope. "How do you feel babe?" heasked. "Well, I'm not Chinese, but I like it, though I wonder if I'moverdressing for school. " "Yeah, I looked at Japanese and Koreanclothing, too, but it wasn't as sexy as the outfits I got for you. Ireally want to show you off to people and make them jealous," Mikeadmitted. "You look fucking spectacular, ip," he enthused.

The other thing was that because she was in a wheelchair the totalaesthetic effect of the Cheongsam was somewhat muted. The slitstechnically violated the school's dress code, but none of theteachers were going to touch that pc minefield because one can onlyimagine the controversy if they tried to get a handicapped Asiangirl to change her ethnic outfit. She attracted a lot of stares fromthe other girls as well as the boys in her classes because onedidn't see that kind of dress everyday in her mostly white suburbanSoCal enclave and she looked so hot in it. The non-Asian girlsresigned themselves to the fact that they can't carry that outfit. It is like when a white or black girl tries to wear a kimono. Itjust doesn't look right for some reason.

When they went to her house after school, Jessica reflexively beganto disrobe, but Mike stopped her and spent five minutes just takingher beauty in, snapping off several pictures on his cellphone. Hedidn't want her to become a cliche, though, so he told her thattomorrow she would wear leather pants, a white blouse, a black vestand black heels.


   Underneath he had her put on a leather bustierinstead of a bra and a leather thing.

That Saturday, he had a surprise for her. He drove her to the beachand they piled out of his car and he pushed her to the end of thepier. He crouched down in front of her and he pulled a slim leathercollar with an o-ring, which in turn had a little metal hearthanging from it, out of his bag. He snapped it on to her neck byclosing a hasp before saying to her, "Jessica Mi-ja Hamada, you arenow officially collared and are to wear this 24 hours a day as asymbol of your bondage to me except when you bathe. Your body andmind are now mine to use as I see fit and you will obey me withoutquestion. Does my little Asian fucktoy understand?" "Yes Master. I'mso happy to belong to you. I will serve you with all my heart," shepledged. She began to cry as their union was solemnified and he heldher, telling his newly minted slave that he was honored to have sucha beautiful, smart and talented servant at his disposal. She let outa long sigh like she was rocketing into subspace again. He allowedher to float around in her personal galaxy for a while as he watchedthe birds play on the water and the shoreline and listened to thecrash of the waves.

He took her back to his place. She was to tell everyone that thecollar was a choker and because she was given it by him she didn'twant to take if off due to the sentimental value. "Master, I'm sorrymy legs will prevent me from doing certain things for you," sheapologized.

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   "Fucktoy, there are other things you do that more thancompensate for it. All your Master can ask is that you make yourutmost effort to serve him. If you do that, your Master willcontinue to be honored to call you his slave. " 'I love you Master,"she whimpered. "I love you, too, fucktoy," he returned.  

"And Jessica, just so we get something straight here, I want you tohave fun with me. I may say I own you now, but I want to keep itenjoyable for both of us and you will not put unreasonable pressureon yourself to serve me, okay? We can still be together even if youdecide there will no longer be any kink in our relationship. Myfirst priority is you as a person because it is your basic qualitiesthat I fell in love with. So if you want to joke around, tease me,etc, that's okay. Just keep in mind that I prefer that yousubordinate yourself to me within the limits of your tolerance. Butthe kink itself isn't everything, you are. "

"Master, when I submit to you it just feels so right to me. Mynatural place is under your control and I feel loved and protectedwhen I'm with you. Thank you for telling me that you are firstconcerned with me as a human being and not as much as me being avessel for your desire for domination. I feel validated when you saythat and it only makes me love you more.

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Mike smiled and hugged her even tighter this time. "Pleaseunderstand, Jessica, that no matter what fucked up crap I try topull with you that my love for you is never in question. Pleaseremember that going forward. " "Yes Master," Jessica answered.

Monday, when Mike drove Jessica back home, he decided to add a newfeature to her bedroom. He unscrewed the plate shaped lightbulbcover hanging from her ceiling while standing on her bed and then hetook a power drill that he brought from home and bored two pilotholes into the ceiling beam, into which he inserted eye bolts. Then he screwed theeyebolts in. He put a length of rope through themand then pulled himself up with it to see how firmly the bolts held. No problems appeared to surface. And the lightbulb cover appeared asif it would conceal the bolts unless you were looking for them. Jessica was already naked, so he put her on her knees on the bed andthen bound her arms before looping the rope through the eyebolts andtying it off. Then he bound her breasts, blindfolded and gagged herand shackled her ankles together. He shoved a vibrating egg into herpussy and attached vibrating nipple clamps to her teats. He turnedthe vibrators on while he watched her reactions. Within fiveminutes, she was beginning to moan a lot and he jacked up the levelof vibrations to full, which really got a good resonance in herpussy going and a nice throbbing in her nipples.

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   Soon she wasraspily huffing and puffing and the frequency of those breaths wasincreasing before it became too much for her, as she let out achoked, mewling scream and her pubic muscles contracted hard toforce the orgasm up through her.

He stood up on the bed and pulled her gag off and jammed his rigidcock into her mouth, grabbing both sides of her head and ramming hisdick in and out as he liked. "Fuck slave, you have such a greatmouth," he said as he moaned his way closer to detonating his spunkbomb. "Fuck yeah, that's it, suck my dick slave, oh fuck oh fuckohhhhh" he histrionically urged, his cockhead burying itself in herthroat and then popping back out so she can inhale some air, hersaliva coating his cock. Faster and faster he went, reaming hislittle Asian fucktoy's mouth before he felt his balls tighten andthen his cock begin to void itself of his sperm into her waitingpiehole. She drank it down and then cleaned his cock off. Mike fellback on the bed and eyed his tied up girlfriend, her breasts wrappedin rope, after he had just skullfucked her. The vibrators bestowedanother orgasm on her and then he turned them off and untied herwhile also reclaiming the sex toys he used on her. He hadn't had thenipple rings locked on her in a while, so he put them back on her tokeep her nipples erect. He didn't have her anchored to the eyebolts too long, so she wasn't arm weary. He let her get dressed andthen they played guitar until it was time for him to go home.


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