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Danny and Sam went to Sams house and they started watching a movie.
The night went on and they were starting to get tired. Danny and Sam were cuddled together watching a romance movie. Danny and Sam were secretly dating for over three months now. Danny looked down at Sam and smiled.

Sam, Danny said

Danny leaned forward and kissed Sam on the lips. After the kiss Sam said in a whisper tone, I love you Danny. She got sat up and saw Danny looking at her lovingly and smiling. I love you too, Sammy. Sam blushed at the secret nickname that her boyfriend would call her when they were alone.

He then kissed her again, this time more passionately. Sam felt Danny slip his tongue into her mouth. He moved it around and it was driving her crazy. She returned the kiss and they embraced each other very closely.
After a minute or two they broke their kiss to catch their breath. They were breathing heavily, but would not let go of each other.

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Wow, Danny finally said. That was-

I know, Sam interrupted.

She kissed him and the next thing they were laying on the coach in the furry of passion. Sam could feel Danny running his hand under her shirt, and trailing kisses all the way down to her neck.

Sam moaned as she felt Danny kissing and gently nipping her sensitive neck. She felt Dannys hands about to lift her shirt.

Wait, Sam said. Danny stopped and looked into his girlfriends eyes.

Im sorry Sam. I shouldnt have let it get this far. ill-

Sam placed her hand over his mouth before he could finish. She smiled and said, Its not that. I was going to say is that I think we might be more comfortable in my bed.

But wont your grandmother hear us?

Shes a deep sleeper. A bomb could go off next door, and she wouldnt even budge.

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Danny smiled, then got up, and grabbed Sams hand to help her off the couch. They then ran up stairs, still holding each others hands.

Once they reached Sams room, they immediately started making out like crazy. By the time they reached the bed they had already shed off their shoes, socks, shirts and at some point Sam lost her hair tie, letting her hair fall.

Danny kissed her again and worked his way down to her neck, then gently down to her shoulders. Sam was moaning his name, and he finally trailed his kisses down to her purple bra. He stopped for a moment and looked up at Sams face. She looked at him and nodded with approval. Danny reached behind her back and carefully unhooked her bra, revealing two perfect size C cup breasts.

She instinctively covered her breasts in embarrassment. Danny chuckled in slight amusement. He cupped Sams chin so she can look at him in his eyes. Its alright Sam, Danny said, Youll always be perfectly beautiful to me. She smiled at him in adoration.

He let go of her chin and she allowed him to move her arms to her side.

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   He gazed at her perky breasts and thought, what could he have done to deserve such a perfect gothic angel.
He leaned towards one of her breasts.

He used a small portion of his frost breath over her nipples, causing them to harden, as well as making Sam gasp in surprise. She never considered that Danny would use his powers. She moaned his name as he started licking one of her breasts while massaging her other breast.

She felt Danny move his other hand down to her skirt. She felt Danny grip her skirt and before she knew it, Danny used his powers to make her skirt intangible, removing it. He then slipped his hand down her panties and started massaging her clit. Sam felt like she was in heaven, moaned even louder. Danny continued to both sucking and massaging her breasts while fingering her clit until Sam finally made a high pitched scream from her first orgasm.

He took his hand out from her clit and used his powers to remove the last article of clothing she had, leaving her completely exposed to him.
They waited a few minutes for Sam to catch her breath as Danny was staring at her in gorgeous body, sparkling from her sweat in the moonlight. Sam looked over at Danny. Danny, one of us is overdress and Im pretty sure that its not me. Danny moved back and removed his jeans, revealing his blue boxers, forming a big tent.

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Now it was Dannys turn to blush in embarrassment. She used her hand to motion him to come to her. He complied and crawled towards her on her queen size bed. She started kissing him and she lowered her hand down to his boxers. She removed them slowly and revealed his harden member. Danny and Sam hugged each other very closely, comforting one another. Still holding her, he lowered her gently on her back.

He slowly positioned himself, and looked into his loves eyes.

Are you sure about this Sam?

She grabbed Dannys head and kissed him passionately. Im ready. Just do it quickly. Its my first time
Its our first time.
Sam smiled and embraced him. In one quick motion, Danny broke her hymen, taking her virginity. Sam tightened her embrace in the pain.

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Danny stayed like that for a few moments, waiting for her to become familiar with him. He started moving a little, allowing his love to feel some pleasure. Looking into Dannys eyes, she rocked her hips, sending her lover some pleasure, as well as telling him she was ready. He moved almost completely out of her and slammed back into her. He started pounding her slowly, as Sam lifted her hips to allow entrance to be easier for her lover.

As he quickened his pace, she arched her back as she was feeling her oncoming orgasm coming closer and closer after each and every pounding she took. They were moaning each others names and were holding onto each other like their lives depended on it. In a matter of moments Danny felt Sam release, causing his own orgasm. Danny collapsed onto Sam while they breathed heavily, catching their breath from their lovemaking.

He turned over off her, lying on his side facing his lover, in his arms. Sam looked contently and exhaustingly at Danny. Finally after a minute Sam snuggled as close as she could to her lovers embrace while he held her securely without hurting her. Danny said in a tired voice, I love you, my beautiful dark angel. She smiled and said, I love you too, my handsome Adonis.

After a few seconds, they fell into a deep content slumber.

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The alarm clock went off at 7:00am, awakening the two lovers from their slumber. Danny looked down and saw Sam cuddling up closer to him. He responded by giving her a kiss on her head. The two were in complete bliss as they snuggled with one another.

Danny knew he had to get up right away. He and Sam still had school and Sams grandmother would probably be awake by now. Yet he couldnt bring himself to let go of his lover. He felt he needed to keep constant physical contact or he might not live.

As if feeling the same thing as her boyfriend, Sam tightened her embrace to him and cuddled closer to him. She loved the feeling of closeness to him and she felt as if the world might end if she let go. She also knew the risk of sleeping in but she couldnt get her arms to agree with her. Finally she looked up into Dannys beautiful blue eyes, seeing them mirror her adoring expression.

Morning, Sammy he said to her.

Good morning Danny.

Last night was absolutely amazing.

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Your amazing Danny.

They shared a passionate kiss when suddenly Danny felt something under the sheets. Sam was rubbing her hand against his already harden member. Sam looked at Danny seductively, Hm, seems that someone still needs some more satisfaction. Dannys blush got deeper red and said, Sam, your grandma is probably awake by now, and we really have to get to school soon. Sam then put on a pity look saying, You mean you dont want me now. Danny just couldnt resist that look and started kissing her.

Once they broke away, he looked at Sam, There will never be a day when I dont want you. In one quick motion, Danny flipped them over so he was on top, getting ready to repeat there performance from last night. He started kissing her neck, moving down, he then lay down and placed his tongue inside her throbbing pussy.

Ah. . Ahhh. . AHHHH DANNY! Oh my god! That feels great! she screamed.

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   She threw her head back, as his tongue delve deeper and deeper inside of her.

Danny! Danny! Make me cum, MAKE ME CUMMMMMMM! screamed Sam as her juices flowed out of her, which Danny gladly lapped up. He looked up at her; her hair was all over the place, she was breathing heavily and beads of sweat were dripping off her body.

Danny, give it to me now, I need to feel you inside of me, Sam begged with her eyes.

Danny got on top of her and positioned himself at her entrance, Are you ready, he asked, she replied with only a nod. He then slowly pushed himself inside of her, since he had obviously already had dealt with her hymen, it didnt feel that painful as Danny slowly started to thrust in and out.

Sam gasped, Oh my god, I. . I can feel you inside me! Harder! Faster Danny!, she moaned, as Danny started fucking her faster and harder, which made her moan even more.

Danny felt something boil deep inside him, as did Sam. Danny laid his head on her shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around him.

Im gonna cum, said Danny

Yes Danny. . yes cum in me, said Sam and with one final thrust Danny released his seed inside of her making her scream in ecstasy. Danny slowly pulled himself out of her and lay next to her; she then laid her head on his chest.

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That was amazing Danny, I love you so much, said Sam as she gave him a kiss.

I love you too Sam, said Danny.

Wow, youve came twice and youre still hard, said Sam as she got on top of him, Im gonna make you feel so good Danny, she said as she slid herself down on him and started riding like crazy, they both started to moan like mad, as Danny grab hold of Sams breasts which were bouncing up and down and started caressing them.

Ugnh Danny. . so close. . almost there, said Sam who was reaching another orgasm.

Me too, lets cum together, said Danny and after a few more thrusts, the came at the same time. Sam collapsed on Dannys chest, he ran his fingers through her hair as the got their breath back.

Knock Knock Knock

Sam, are you up yet, they herd Sams grandma through the door.
(2 Hours and one climbing out the upstairs window later. . . )

They walked through the halls holding hands,

He looked at her seeing how beautiful she looked, still carrying the morning afterglow.

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   Danny suddenly felt his ghost sense go off, but before he could react, he and his girlfriend glowed red. They suddenly felt very hot, and they saw reflected in their eyes, lust. Before either of them knew it, they were making out like anything. They had their hands all over each other and were kissing with such passion.

Wait Danny, said Sam, weve got lessons in five minutes. . .

Damn your right, said Danny, ill meet you here as soon as 5th period is over, quickly he kissed Sams soft supple lips and sped off down the hall. . .

P. E. dragged on for ages, then finally once everyone else had left

Danny went to take a shower.

As Tucker walked down the hall, he ran into Sam.

Hey Sam, where are you going? he asked.



Im heading to my locker before class, she said. Wheres Danny?

Hes taking a shower. He had quite a work up.

Alright. ill see you at history.

See ya, and Tucker went to lunch.
Sam stopped at her locker and picked up her books. She blushed, imagining Danny in the shower. His glistening body all wet, with water dripping down his form. Suddenly, once more, she glowed red. She couldnt help but feel like she needed him to touch her.

Sam felt confused and strangely turned on, shed only yesterday lost her virginity with her best friend, and now. . . she couldnt get enough.

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  . .

While all this was happening, Danny was enjoying his shower. He was very shy when it came to his body, which is why he always waited until everyone was gone, to rinse off the hard days workout after gym. He still wondered how he was able to get naked in front of Sam last night. He glowed red and felt like he needed Sam to be there. His member shot up, and he was in a sexual trance, reliving the night before. He started using his hand along his member, imagining Sam pleasuring him. He ran his hand faster until he finally released, but it still did not satisfy him. He leaned against the tile wall, frustrated.

You know, if you needed an outlet for your frustration, you could have told me

Danny turned his head to see his lover standing in the showers, naked as the day she was born.

Sam, why are you here? he said, trying to hold some restraint.
Using a seductive tone, she only said two words, Take me. And that was the end of whatever inhibitions he had. He grabbed Sams arm and pulled her into the spraying warm water.

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   They made out like crazy, with their tongues in a wrestling match for dominance. Once they broke apart, Danny started kissing Sam from her face to her neck to her shoulders to her breasts. He started sucking and massaging her breasts while fingering her clit like he did last night. She felt pressure build up in her until finally she came for her lover.

Before Danny could do anything, he saw his lover on her knees, massaging his member. She started going closer to it. Sam, what are you doing? Sam said, I think its my turn to give you some pleasure. She stroked her hand on his member, and then she started running her tongue around it. Danny was in complete ecstasy. He never felt this kind of pleasure.

Sam engulfed his member in her mouth. Danny could feel his orgasm about to peak. Sam you should probably stop before I- but it was too late and he released into her mouth. She coughed. Sam, Im sorry.

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   She looked up at him saying, Its OK Danny. Then he said, I dont know if I can satisfy you right now after that. Sam then got up and smirked saying, Oh really.
She then kissed him deeply and in no time he was hard again. He pushed her back to the tiled wall. Once they caught their breath Sam said, Danny, Im ready. She spread her legs to give him easy access. In one swift motion he entered her. She then wrapped her legs around his waist as he started pounding her. Sam was holding onto him tightly, hoping he could hold her up. Danny knew they should be quieter so they dont get caught. To keep their moans to a low volume he covered Sams mouth with his own.

Finally after 10 minutes of intense fucking with one final push, he released into her as she came and they felt completely spent. They collapsed on the ground, still holding one another.
Danny, I need more of you.

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  . . I feel like if I dont have you inside me again Im gonna die Sam moaned
Listen Ive got allot of work to do, meet me in the usual place in the park. . . said Danny with a wink
Danny ran through the park to a nice familiar part. He knew this area quite well. It was the place where he and Sam shared their first kiss, or as they called it at the time, their fake out make out. He became tangible again and looked around. He didnt know why, but he knew Sam was there, somewhere. Suddenly he felt two very familiar hands wrap around him. Hey Danny, his lover whispered, its about time you showed up. He then turned around her and they shared a long needed kiss.

Danny laid Sam on the soft grass. Their clothes were long gone and forgotten.

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   He loved seeing her skin shine in the moonlight. It reflected her gothic beauty. Danny started kissing her lips in full passion, Sam returning the favor. He started kissing her cheek and then her ear and gave it a little bite.

Sam was in ecstasy, as Danny started sucking on her neck. He then moved down, licking his tongue between her breasts and continued until he reached her second lips. He then started licking up and down slowly. Sam was in absolute heaven as her lover licked her cunt. He lifted her legs up to gain better access. After what felt like hours, Sam finally came for Danny.

Danny crawled back up towards Sam. She knew he was just as eager as she was, but she wanted control this time. Using all her strength, she rolled them over so she was on top this time. Danny was caught off guard and Sam smiled down at him saying, I think you deserve a break. Danny smiled, and Sam leaned down and kissed him.

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   She then got into position, hovering herself over Dannys member. She slowly lowered herself onto his member. She could feel him in her. Finally he was fully in her.

She waited a minute or two, just to enjoy the pleasure of him in her and to torment him a little. She lifted herself up and then pounded herself onto her love. She began a rhythm, going up and down, enjoying the opportunity to pleasure her lover.

Danny was moaning as he felt Sam began to speed up. He sat up slightly, joining her in their love rhythm as she started increasing her pace. After five minutes, the two lovebirds were almost at their peek. Sam was moving at top speed, as Danny grabbed her breasts and massaged them, trying to keep up. Finally Sam slammed down and one last time, as she climaxed, triggering her lovers climax as well. She arched her back as she screamed in pleasure, while Danny moaned.

After a few seconds, Sam collapsed onto Danny as he laid there in exhaustion.
He hugged her close and she lifted her head to look at him.

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   They started feeling sad that they gave into their pleasure. Danny was about to speak but once again they both glowed red once more. Danny looked at Sam, her eyes reflecting the lust he had for her.
His member hardened once more and he flipped her so she was beneath him.
Then he said, I hope youre ready for round two.

To Be continued. . . .

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