Shaving my Sister Penny


Shaving My Sister
By: Dingo8UrBaby

A Penny and David adventure

I remember it well, that warm August afternoon on a Friday. It was during my 12th season, that day when I went upstairs to use the bathroom and, even though I knew better, unthinking I opened the door and walked in without knocking. My older sister was in there, and I had just walked in on her.

I immediately froze at what I saw!She was sitting on the toilet, but the lid was closed so it was like a chair. She was wearing only a cute pink T-shirt that said "Lucky Penny" across her boobs. She had one naked foot up on the edge of the bath tub, and the other over against the cabinet which held the wash basin. So her legs were far apart and she was sitting there with her naked crotch wide open in front of me. I stood frozen for a moment, staring at her there. She was hairy there, much more than I was but then she was a couple of years older than me. She looked up, and said "way to walk in without knocking, you little perv!"I started to turn to flee, but she stopped me, saying "hey, mom and dad are gone for a while. . . you wanna stay and watch?"

"You'll just explode from curiosity if you don’t" she finished. I was not sure what I was supposed to see, I none the less stayed, standing in the open doorway. "Come in an close the door!" she said, "were you born in a barn?!"My mom always said that when I came in the house, and I really had no idea what it meant. But I did know it meant, close the door.


  So I did, with me on the inside. I couldn't take my eyes off my sister's privates!I'd never seen a girl there before. Oh sure, of course I'd seen her naked a few times, her developing boobs and her ass and all that, and she'd seen me lots of times. But never displayed like this!And, unashamedly looking at me looking at her, she slowly reached over to the cabinet (the one her foot was by), and picked up a pair of round-nosed scissors.

She reached down to herself, and with one hand covered her clit and the tender lips of her pussy (though I had no idea at the time that's what it all was) and began to carefully clip off the wispy dark hair she had there. The small tight curls fell away to the bare tile floor as she worked, her patch getting more bare as the small pile grew on the floor. "What are you doing?" I asked, and pausing in her work she looked up and said "what the hell do you think I'm doing? I'm getting rid of all the hair down there". Still watching her, transfixed, I asked "Why?" and then resuming her snipping she answered, "because that's what girls do". She switched hands, holding her stuff to the other side and clipping the black curlies on the other side.

Finally she was done with the scissors, and her special area was not only showing a thin stubble. She laid the scissors back on the counter, and picked up a pink disposable razor, and dad's can of Gillette shaving cream. I'd watched my dad use it lots of times, so I suddenly figured out what she was about to do next. And I was right. Squirting some of the white foam onto her fingers, she immediately began smoothing it all over herself down there. And then being careful as she could be, she began shaving the stubble.

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  She worked slowly, and I asked "does. . . does it hurt?"Without changing a thing she was doing, she said softly, "no, no it doesn't. It feels good". And then she was finished. She tossed the foam covered razor in the sink, and used a wet wash cloth to clean herself off.

She looked up at me, and giggled at the look on my face. "well how does it look?" she asked. And with my mouth dry and tongue feeling thick and heavy, I answered. . . . "beautiful. You look really beautiful there, Penney.



She smiled, and said "I'm gonna shave my legs now, you want to see that too?"I shook my head and said no, that I had something to do. I turned and opened the door, and then I left she noticed the little pre-teen bulge pushing against the front of the cotton shorts I had worn that day. She smiled again at that, and then alone in the little room she applied some foam to her left calf and started with a fresh razor, just above her delicate shapely ankle.

I went to my room after that and closed the door. As with the bathroom door and all others in the house, for safety (in case of fire my mom said) there was no lock on it, but my need was not to be denied. And the risk of being discovered just added to my excitement, as I undressed completely and laid down on my bed to pull on my eager, still-developing cock, until I fouled the small wad of Kleenex in my other hand. I had only recently outgrown the 'dry orgasm' and begun actually ejaculating, and I had decided that I really really liked it!

The next day at breakfast me and Penney sat at the table. She was having some dry toast and orange juice while I was enjoying a bowl of some over-sweetened kid cereal. Dad had left for an early golf tee time, and my mom had asked Penney if she could hang around and 'watch your brother' since she had a house to show across town. I was working on the last few spoons full of milk-dissolved sugar as mom went out the door, blew us kisses, and said she'd be back in a few hours. For a few seconds there was silence, and then Penney finished her OJ and said "I know what you went to your room and did yesterday".

I must have got a panicked look on my face, because she sat back and giggled, and said laughingly "oh don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong!Hell, I do it too. Everybody does. But. .

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  " she said, letting the conjunction hang for a moment, "after what I let you see, I'd expect you to let me watch you!"

My mind raced at the sudden concepts of her, girls, doing that too (how the heck would they do it!?) and that if everyone did it, that meant all my friends, and my dad and mom. . . no, it was just too much to fathom all at once!Then I realized she was talking again; "I mean, if you let me see you some time, I guess I'd let you be there when I do it. "Finding my voice, I asked her if she were serious, and she assured me she was. Then she said that considering we grew up together so far and have seen each other naked already, with our folks out of the house there was really no reason to wear clothes, if we didn't want to. She asked, "I mean, would you tell on me if I went all bare-naked?"I shook my head and said that no, I wouldn't say anything. She got up from the table and cleared our dishes into the sink, and then without a word she moved off toward the other room, gesturing with her hand for me to follow, her bare feet hardly making a sound against kitchen tile.

I followed her up the stairs and along the hallway, past the bathroom and the she turned and disappeared into her room. She was wearing a plain light blue tank top and simple mid-knee length skirt. She stopped at the side of her bed, and still facing away from me said "an you won't tell. . . right?"From where I stood just inside the door, I answered "right, I won't say a thing. I promise!" and with that she crossed her arms and grasping the bottom of her shirt, pulled it up and off over her head in a single, fluid movement.

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  Looking at pretty, bare back, she tossed the shirt on the bed and then turned to face me. She wore no bra, and I stood staring at her breasts, bared for me to see. She stood for a moment in only the skirt, and then asked "want me to keep going?"I'm sure I was staring with a goofy look on my face, because she giggled and then hooked her thumbs inside the elastic waist of the skirt and lowered it down past her hips, and let it drop to the floor.

She was wearing no panties! And I realized she'd been like that - all bare and no underwear - all morning at the breakfast table in front of our mom and dad!I wondered if either of them had known. She stood there now fully nude, shamelessly letting me see her without any embarrassment. She moved toward me, then turned sideways to get past me - her ass brushing my arm as she did - and moved into the hallway. She turned and headed toward my room, and I followed he in there. Now she stood at he foot mf my bed, and said "your turn!"

I hesitated, my shyness evident, so she said "here, let me help you" and she lifted my own T-shirt up and removed it over my head. "Go on!" she prompted, "take the shorts off. . come on, you have to. You promised"But I stood there. "I want to. . .

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  " I started "but I just can't". The real reason was that I was afraid I was going to get hard again if I did!But she wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, and so after a few moments of her standing there casually in front of me, I complied and joined her in her nudity. She smiled and told me how nice my body looked, and then taking my hand said "come on!" and out of my room and down the hall we went. I clearly remember the feeling of the wall-to-wall carpeting in the hallway as we walked, and the way her bare body looked as I followed only an arm's length behind. I smelled her perfume in the breeze we made as we walked. Her ass was perfect, and I wanted to touch it.

She looked back at me as we paused at the top of the steps, and she looked down at my privates. She told me to wait there, and she went on down. At the foot of the steps she turned and looked up at me, and said "now you come down". She watched me down there closely as I descended. Horrified, I felt the first tingles of an impending erection. It was starting to grow, and she grinned and said "well it's about time!" and then "I can't wait to see it all the way up". We walked through the house, going nowhere but just moving, walking through the rooms, and it was so strange to be doing that!I loved it, and was now fully erect from the excitement. Penney turned and leaning back against the kitchen counter, gazed at me - at it - and commented again how cool it looked. I had surreptitiously reached down and pulled the skin back, since of course it felt really weird and uncomfortable to have it be hard, and the skin still up over the head.

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  Penney then told me that she liked to see it that way, with the sensitive, delicate end all exposed and vulnerable. And suddenly, I felt very aroused and wanted to touch it like I had in my room that day I'd seen her shave.

"Come on" she said, standing up away from the counter, "Let's go back upstairs! You lead this time" and as we climbed the treads, I could feel her looking at my butt. I glanced back and she was lightly touching her left breast, brushing the hard little nubbin of her so very pink nipple with her finger tips.

Going back in my bedroom, she put her hands on me and guided me onto the bed, and thenjoined me on the bedspread, sitting cross-legged so once again, I could see everything between her legs. She aided me in laying down on my back, and then she said "now do it. I want to see you do it!"With the combination of arousal, excitement at the fun of being naked and all, and the nervousness at what we were doing, I was now almost painfully hard. The skin was full back and the head was a much darker red, almost purple, than I had ever seen it. And it was screaming for attention!And so tentatively, after another encouragement or two from my sister, there watching me and equally nude and fully exposed for me to look at and beat off to, I reached down tentatively and slowly began making myself feel good, as she watched.

"Slow down" she said, as I'd begun the typical speed whacking to get the good stuff to come shooting out as fast as possible. You need to learn to make it last" she said, "to enjoy getting there, as much as the fun part at the end. The journey is the best part of the fun!". I slowed my pumping, and looked into her eyes. "That's better" she soothed. She looked down and watched closely as I slowly stroked my young rod.

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  Her nipples were hard now too, and they jutted from her small pert mounds like impossibly pink little noses. She said "it's so pretty. "I looked at her quizzically, and she elaborated "your cock, David. It's so. . . . pretty!"I smiled at the complement. "Not all of them are" she continued, "some are all crooked and blood-veiny, but yours is really nice to look at. "

I looked again at her smooth, shaven snatch. "Who showed you how to shave it like that?"I asked. Looking up at me with the sudden change of topic, she said "Mom did. She does it too. Most all girls do". She reached down and lightly touched the little nubbin there.

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  She started, and gasped a bit as she did so, and began to work it in a slow circular motion with her finger tip. "This is how girls do it" she said, and I realized we were masturbating together now. I could feel my climax beginning to tingle down in my balls. "I like to watch you do that" I told her, and she arched her back in her own mounting pleasure which made her young firm breasts with their pink noses jut out at me even more. And for the first time I noticed just how damn CUTE my sister was. "Oh, Penny I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna happen!" I gasped, as the tingling turned to fire in my balls.

She opened her eyes, not mere slits misty with lust, and said "Do it on me. Squirt it all on me! Don't waste it!"and as the first wonderfully agonizing contractions began, I angled my shaft forward, and gasped "Oooohhh" as the first volley of pungent, pearlescent spew arced out across the small distance between us, and festooned itself across her breasts, and flat firm belly. As my orgasm continued, time stood still as my balls ached and the good feeling deep inside my pubes swelled even greater. I looked down at her own beautiful, mysterious crotch as I pumped my product upon her as she had asked. Then down further, at her cute toes - her feet tucked under those long legs as she sat Indian style - and the impossibly white, smooth insides of her naked thighs, where they joined that mystery spot I couldn't stop thinking about. Penny's head was thrown back now in her bliss, and suddenly she began trembling and convulsing slightly. She shuddered, and I watched the muscles beneath her perfect belly rippling rhythmically as she came. Somehow I knew that was shat she was doing, and I watched transfixed.

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  I had finished my own, and now my penis was wilting rapidly within my still fist. A single drop of white cum sat on the tip, as it retracted back within the foreskin like a scared turtle. After several seconds she finished cumming, and seemed to come back to reality as her eyes cleared, and her nipples relaxed. She said, grinning, "and that's how girls do it!"

We unfolded ourselves, and we both startled as we heard mom's car door close in the driveway, just beneath my window. Penny got up on unstable feet (I guess cumming hard has that effect on girls) and after a beat, she scampered out the door heading for her room to get dressed. Her naked body was gorgeous!I slipped on the same clothes I'd worn at breakfast, and heard the front door close. "Kids, I'm home!" his mother's voice sounded from the foyer. David went down the stairs, again taking note of the feel of the carpet and then the hard marble tile at the base of the stairs in entry way below. I went in the kitchen, where mom was pouring an iced tea. "Want one?" she offered?

I accepted a drink, for some reason I felt a bit dehydrated. I was taking the first sip when Penny came in all smiles and bounce, and greeted our mom hello. They had a little small talk about how the house showing had gone, while I noticed that Penn had also put on the same outfit from earlier. I thrilled a bit at the knowledge that she was all shaven bare and naked beneath the skirt. As she got herself a diet cola from the fridge, my sister gave me a grin and was that the tiniest little wink she threw me?Mom left he kitchen for the living room, and on her way by Penney reached down into my shorts, slipping her slender little wrist easily past the elastic band, and clutched my entire cock-and-balls in her surprisingly muscular grasp. Again, not tight enough to hurt, but almost.


  "You were FUN today" she whispered, and then just before releasing me "I can't wait to show you some other stuff" and then she too, was gone.

Other stuff?My mind reeled at what she could have meant!.

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