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It was the middle of March and the weather was beautiful in sunny Florida.
I quickly parked my car and made my way into my high school. I was happily surprised my teacher didn’t say anything as I walked into my first class ten minutes late. I sat down quietly and started to read my literature book when I noticed a boy sitting across from me. No one ever sat there before so I looked up at him, curious as to see who it was. He had wavy, brown hair that came down right above his dark blue eyes. He was defiantly a hottie. When he finally noticed I was looking at him he smiled, slightly showing his perfect, white teeth. I tried not to blush and smiled back, looking back down at my book.
The bell rang and class was dismissed. As I gathered my things I heard an unfamiliar voice.
“hey…I’m Josh” I looked up to see the blued eyed cutie starring at me with a wide smile on his face.
“Claire” I said with a smile. “Are you new here”?
“yeah, I just moved her from Texas” he said, staying at my pace as we walked out the classroom.
“wow, that’s cool. Do you like it here so far”?
“I love it here.

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   I can’t wait to check out the beaches. How long have you lived here”? he asked
“born and raised” I said flashing him a smile
“really…well maybe you can show my around sometime”
I smiled again “I would be happy to. When are you free”?
“I’m free tonight” he said sounding unsure.
I blushed. “Yeah sure. I don’t have anything goin on tonight”
“awesome. Do you want me to pick you up or something”?
I giggled “um sure. Give me your number, I’ll text you my address. ”
“nice” he said smiling. “see you later”
“see ya” I said
As soon as I got home I ran up stairs and looked through my closet until I found exactly what I was looking for. I put on my black strapless shirt that fit tight enough to show my perfect curves. I paired it with my favorite white shorts. The shortest pair of shorts I own. I straightened my hair and touched up my makeup. While I was finishing getting ready my phone rang.

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   It was my mom. I answered.
“hey mom”
“hey sweetie. Can you watch your brother tonight until your father gets home?”
“I actually have plans tonight mom. Cant you just come home”?
“no I cant sweetie, I have to stay late tonight. You can have ur friends over at the house and order pizza if you’d like. I would really appreciate if you did this for me though”
“alright ill do it”
“thanks so much Claire. Ill see you later tonight. Love you”
“love you too”
I hung up the phone. Irritated. I walked to my brothers room to see him playing video games.
“do me a favor and stay in this room the entire time my friend is here. ”
“whatever” he said completely into his game.
I rolled my eyes and shut his door. I texted josh that I have to babysit and we decided that we would just hang out at my house.

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About two hours later I finally heard a knock on the door. I quickly primped myself in the mirror and ran down stairs to find him standing at my front door. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a black t shirt. He looked amazingly gorgeous.
“come in” I said smiling back at him
“so what are we doing miss Claire?” he said with a flirty voice
“I was thinking a scary movie and some popcorn”
“Sounds great” he said excited
We sat on the couch together, watching the movie. About 20 minutes into the movie I finally got the nerve to make a move. I gently laid my head on his shoulder and he rapped his arm around me, sending a chill down my spine. His fingers slowly ran back and forth on my waist, this turned me on so I decided to put my hand on his leg. I slowly worked my way up his leg, rubbing him softly, until I found where his dick was. I could feel through his jeans that it was hard. He took that as his cue and brought his lips down to mine, kissing my gently. As I stroked his hard dick he started to kiss me more passionately. He took off my shorts and slightly rubbed his fingers on my clit. Instantly making me wet.
I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard dick.

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   I softly started to suck his 6 inch shaft and he started to fuck me with his two fingers. I moaned with pleasure as I sucked him off. Finally he took of my shirt and my bra. He squeezed my 34c breasts and sucked on both of them. Making my nipples nice and hard.
I took off his shirt and kissed his chest and abs. He gently grabbed my head and lead it back down to his cock. I sucked him until he stopped me and I rapped my leg around him. He guided his rock hard prick into my wet pussy and we started to fuck. His dick felt amazing in my tight pussy and I tried not to scream. After fucking for a while he was about to cum. I made my way back to his dick, sucking on it the best I could. He let out a moan and I felt his hot cum squirt all over the inside of my throat and mouth.
I swallowed all of it, licked my lips and sucked him a few more times. I moved back up to his lips and kissed him gently.

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   He stroked my cheek and said “you’re amazing. Thanks for showing me around”
“anytime” I said smiling

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