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well i lost it i picked her up and carried her to her bed and pulled her shorts off to reveal the prettiest shaved pussy i have ever seen stiil wet with pussy juice i licked my lips and started taking off my clothes she started to rub her pussy saying oh god dad i can't believe we are doing this i said you will believe in a minute , when i finally releasedd my cock all 6 inches of it she gasped not because of it;s lenghth but mu girth she said oh please fuck me ! i said not yet you little tease and grabbed her hair and brought my cock to her mouth and said you know what to do. . and did she ever from the second her lips wrapped around and i felt her tongue start to lick i thought i was gonna cum right then but i didn't she kept going down further and further till her nose was touching my belly id hold her head there for a second each time telling oh yea baby girl suck daddy's cock and she did and licked my balls and asked if she was a good girl i said yes and positioned her to rub her ass and pussy while she ate my cock . . . i started getting my fingers in her pussy that was dripping wet and began to smack her ass cheeks i would hear a muffled squeal and she would jump each time but not as much as when i smacked one cheek and then invadded her asshole with a finger at the same time she came again releasing my cock long enough to scream out yes ohhhhh gooodddddddd yes finger my asshole!!!

at that point i could not wait anymore i had to fuck her i pushed her on her back spread her legs wide and pushed my cock nto her pussy i have never felt any pussy so tight and wet i started pumping in and out hard but slow building up speed and force she kept saying god yes fuck me dad i said not dad daddy bitch you are my baby girl now beg daddy! yes daddy give me that cock it was only a few more thrust and she came again spraying all over us as she lay under me breathing heavy i rolled her over on her belly and entered her pussy and slowly pumped get her wound up again and talking in her ear asking her you like this baby? yes daddy! want more of daddy's cock ? oh god yes daddy! good girl i say just as her breathin g starts getting harder i pulled out and pushed it right in to her assholeshe started to scream and tried to move but i held her down and told her she was totally daddy's bitch now and to be still and get used to it a few more strokes and she was moaning begging daddys to fuck her ass that's all i needed to here and begab poer fucking this beautiful bitch in her ass and i came god did i cum so much i filled her asshole with hit sticky jizz she wimpered everytime she felt it spam , i kissed her face and neck and slipped out of her ass and laid next to her holding her close and placed gentle kisses on her lips and told her how good a daddy's girl she was and she swore to be mine forever. . .

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