My story - part 2


I head out of the gents

The lads are on the dancefloor. They've managed to get a couple of girls while I've been away. Two friends on a night out together, they don't know what trouble they've got themselves into. They both look quite hot, no more than 19 years old. One looks like a wannabe model - blond hair with dark streaks, fake tan, heavily made up, wearing one of those one-piece dresses that hugs to her body. The other one, a brunette, with a similar look.

I get involved. The lads soon hear about my little adventure in the gents. They seem well up for some of what I had. I'm grinding up against the blond's arse, she seems keen. Jack is in front of her, getting really close. Mo is feeling up the brunette. The others, Chris, Jamal and Joe all want a piece by the looks of things. I reckon it's going to be time to take this party somewhere else.

We head out the club, the girls with us, I don't think anyone asked them to come with us but they seem up for it. We head to Chris's apartment, he live's not far from the club.

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   A short walk, then up the stairs to his first floor apartment. Big, open-planned, lots of wood and glass, you get the idea. Someone has turned on Trace TV. More bottles of drink appear - vodka, WKDs, rum - the blond girl, Kim, has a bottle of WKD, the brunette, Holly, is drinking from a bottle of wine, it's almost empty.

Joe calls "Alright ladies, time to show us what you are made of"

It doesn't take much encouragement and they start to dance for us. They touch each other, rub their hands all over each other, and then they start to kiss.

We clap and cheer as we take in their erotic set.

Holly and Kim are really getting into it. Holly pushes down Kim's dress. Kim's tits appear. Holly starts to lick and kiss her way down Kim's neck and chest and starts sucking on her nipples. Pretty soon Kim's dress is on the floor.

Kim is stood in just a black thong and her heels. Holly has continued to kiss down her body and is now kissing Kim's cunt through her thong. Kim is running her hands through Holly's thick brown hair.

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   Kim is moaning with pleasure.

Mo gets up, downs the rest of Holly's wine - "Here, stick this up your cunt'

Holly pauses to take her pants off then proceeds to push the neck of the bottle up her twat. Meanwhile Kim has taken off her thong. She is still wearing her shoes. Holly returns to licking Kim's twat while masturbating herself with the wine bottle. More cheers.

This continues for a while, then Holly stops licking and pulls Kim down to the floor. They start kissing. Holly is still fully clothed.

"Take her clothes off" someone calls. Pretty soon Holly is stripped off. She clears a space on the coffee table and lies down on her back.

Kim gets between her legs and starts to lick. Holly moans and rubs her tits in pleasure. Kim picks up the bottle and sticks it up Holly's twat.

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   Holly is getting close to her orgasm. She arches her back and lets out a deep moan. "Fucccck"

Kim moves around and kisses Holly on the mouth.

"I think its time that you boys got involved. We aint doing any more, til we see what you boys have got"

I stand up and undo my trousers, pull them down. "Get on the table Kim" I pull down my boxers. My dick is hard and leaking precum.

Kim lies down on the table, her stilettoed feet in the air, I position myself between her legs and slide in. Looking up I see that Mo has done the same, removed his trousers and boxers and now has his cock in Kim's mouth.

"Go on lads!" that sounds like Chris. "Give it to her, the little slut"

Over on the sofa Holly is being spitroasted by Jamal and Jack.

"I want a go" I feel Joe's hand on my shoulder. I pull out and Joe slides in. Chris has replaced Jack in Holly's mouth. Jack is now positioned under Holly, sucking her tits.

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Soon Jamal pulls out and Jack sticks his dick in. I want a piece of the action. Back I go to Kim and push my cock in her face; she now has two in front of her - mine and Mo's. She tries to suck both. I pull off my shirt and so does Mo. We are both naked in front of her, dicks throbbing in her mouth. I turn and kiss him on the mouth. He kisses back. I pull away from him.

"Time to move" I say

I move over to Holly she is being fucked doggy-style by JAck while she sucks on Chris's massive cock. Jack pulls out of her cunt and I slide in. This girl is tight, really tight. Feels good. I start to slam my dick into her, slap her arse.

"Come on you bitch"

Holly is moaning like crazy, trying to keep up with me and Chris.

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Joe is now lying on the floor. Kim is riding him hard, his hand on her tits while she sucks off Mo and Jamal. The two of them are kissing each other, rubbing their toned teen bodies. I can feel the pressure building in my cock.

"Who wants bukake. " Thats me

Kim stops sucking, pulls herself off of Joe and lies down on the coffee table. She starts to masturbate herself.

"Fuck! I'm not ready" moans Joe

"Well fuck this slut for a bit"

Joe gets up, positions Holly on the edge of the sofa and ploughs into her, sucking on her tits.

The rest of us crowd around Kim, jerking our cocks.

I feel a hand on my cock it's Chris. I remove my hand, let him jerk me off, I kiss him hard on the mouth. With my free hand I reach down and massage his balls.

Chris groans, stiffens and shoots his load. His jizz lands on Kim's chin. Mo is the next to go, shooting load after load of spunk onto the sluts face.

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   Then me. I groan, my cum hitting Kim in the face. Next its Jamal - he choses his spot and spunks on her forehead.

"Get over here Joe" Mo calls.

Jack's breath goes shallow and he shoots his load straight down Kim's throat.

"Get out the way!"

Joe charges through. Just in time. He shoots over Kims' tits.

We cheer loudly. Another slut spunked.

"Holly! Get over here and lick this bitch clean!"

More cheers.

Obediently, she gets up, and starts to lick Kim clean. Kim is out of it as another orgasm sweeps over her body.

I pick up a beer, take a swig, watch the scene. I'm covered in sweat.

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   Could do with a shower. Wait til I get home I reckon.

I pull my jeans and shirt on. When I look back, Holly is laying passed out on top of Kim. She's out of it too. Chris is taking pictures of the carnage on his camera. They'll be on some forum in half an hour.

"Lads, I gotta go, I'm on the bus first thing tomorrow. " We've got a local away game tomorrow "See you later"

I can only imagine what they will get up to next. My mind is on tomorrow though.

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