my gorgeous boyfriend pt 2


allmost a second after i put my cardi down he pounced over and picked me up like a baby and snogged me to within an inch of my life! when we finished i hopped down and dragged him to his room where i pushed him on the bed and pinned him down. i kissed him on both sides of his cheeks and worked my way down from his neck to his chest where 1 by 1 i undid the buttons of his shirt. and as i started to lick his torso a bulge started to form in his pants. i sat on his dick and told him to take off my top, he did it with pleasure. now my boobs where staring hungrily in his face and he leaned forward and started to nibble and suck both breasts i was moaning loudly but knowbody was home apart from us two. after he finished nibbling he swung me around so i was pinned "oh you are so sexy, i cant wait to. . . well you will find out. " he gave me a wink and yanked my shorts off. "blime. . . " he cut me off with another kiss and sed "you naughty girl wearing those thongs eh!" and pulled them off too reaviling my perfectly shaved pussy and just as he went to plunge his face into my wet cunt i pushed him away and he fell off the bed. i howled with laughter but then he stood up and sed "omg you bitch why did you do that?!" i snickered and crouched down on all fours then i smiled at him evily and he took a step back. Then i sprang at him.

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   launching myself off the bed and landing right infront of him to pull both his pants and his boxers down. he stood there with a jawdropping look and gasped "amazing!" then i jumped up and pushed him belly first on the bed and slowly ran my tongue up his back, sending chills down his spine until he couldnt take it no more. he turned around and stood up infront of me so i had a rock hard 8 incher staring me in the face. "abbie look up!" as i did i saw he was sticking the v up at me as i was saying oy, he plunged his dick into my mouth making me gag abit but i got used to it and started bobbing up down faster. . . . ! and faster. . ! more in pt 3!.

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