Malia and Sasha


Malia and Sasha

On my first day of work, Mr. Cris Comerford (White House Executive Chef) told me all the rules and regulations I was to follow. I try my best to do my job as an assistant in the kitchen – peeling food, washing dishes, clearing tables were some of my duties. I did everything Mr. Comerford told me, but I made one single costly mistake.

One day, after one month on the job, I was assign to night shift duties. It was midnight, and I went into the kitchen and I caught Barrack’s younger daughter stealing food from the refrigerator. She looked scared but she still managed to ask me my name. I told her that I was the one who caught her, so I would be the one asking the questions. Sasha’s looked changed from scared to defiant, but she kept quiet. I asked her “what would you like to eat?” this seems to have surprise her for she did not answer me, so I suggested her a Banana Split and she just nodded.

I served Sasha her Banana Split. She ate and talked at the same time; telling me about the awful “healthy food” (she quoted with her two fingers) her mother made her eat- broccoli, carrots, spinach, etc. I gave her more food to take and asked her if she were to be caught, would her father punish her. She smiled and said, “The most powerful man on earth has one weakness” and with a mischievous looked on her face, she said “me!”, and we both lol very hard.

A couple of days after I met Sasha, I also met her older sister.

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  I was assigned to clear the dishes on the diner, and Malia was doing her nails with her two feet on the table. She was wearing very short shorts, and I noticed that I could see her underwear from where I was standing. She had pink panties and from its corner there were a couple hairs sticking out. She noticed me but she kept doing her nails. When she finished, she stood up and said to me that I was either very brave or very dumb, and I could lose my job. Then she walked towards me and whispered in my ear, “I think you are very brave”; and she left the room with her two robot-like secret-service bodyguards.

A day or two after this incident, one of her bodyguards came looking for me; the bodyguard told me that Ms. Obama want it me to help her clean her bedroom, so I cluelessly followed him. I went in her room; it was very pink and decorated with all sorts of girly stuffs (dolls, music boxes, etc. ). I had a puking-looking looked on my face, so she immediately explained that she hated this room, that her mom decorated it. She then added, “Everybody treats me like a little girl, with so much respect, even the guys but you’re the first one who dare…”, and with a flick of her fingers she let her nightgown fall off her body. She was totally naked- smooth shiny dark skin and not quite yet developed. She grabs my right hand and directs me to her bed and before we get in it, she personally takes my clothes off, first my shirt, then my chefs’ pants and finally with her two hands she pulled down my underwear. She then giggled and explained that she had never seen a penis up closed.

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Once in bed, we started kissing, she seemed eager to proof that she knew what she was doing, but I knew that she was a novice. Her tongue was all over my mouth and her lips were trembling with excitement, and despite of it, I let her take the initiative for there was some sort of twisted-kinky thing to it that made the whole thing worth it. Then she kissed my neck, nipples and when she got to my dick, she excelled some air before swallowing it and she immediately retch and cough semen off her mouth. I tried to ask her if she was alright but she just jump on top of me, to cover her inexperience, and with some difficulties thrust my penis in her pussy. Malia’s face was awkward; she tried to hide the pain but it looked weirdly contorted, even funny. In spite of it, she kept rocking, pumping, making odd movements which were okay by me for these “special” moves kept my dick hard and I knew I wouldn’t cum as fast. She was breathing heavily and let out a couple of moans, and she hushed me up even though she was the one making all the erotic noises.

Suddenly, just before we came, we heard a little girl’s voice shout out “Malia, you are bleeding”, and I, startled by the whole ordeal, stood up looking for the source of the commotion. It was Sasha, and I splashed her with my cum, her face was cover by the sticky milk-like substance; she even swallowed some because she had her mouth open. After that, two secret-securities came in the room, and roughly pinned me down.

I was working on the kitchen of the American Embassy in Ethiopia, and all of a sudden I was reminiscing something that had happened two years ago. I was right in front of the most powerful man on earth, but he was powerless against me. I tapped his daughter, but he couldn’t put me in jail because the media would probably find out, and killing me would upset, maybe even traumatize, his daughter. Instead, he sent me to the remotest, most uncomfortable place he could think of, but I didn’t care; the most powerful man on earth had two weaknesses. .

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