Little fun at Family cabin


It was finally the weekend my family was going to our cabin by the lake. Just my parents, older brother Robb, his friend Jake, and me. I knew it was going to be boring so i invited my best friend Hannah. Hannah is one of the cutest girls in school. Well other than me. Every guy would die to be with us. My name is Allie. I'm 5'7, c cup boobs, firm ass, and skinny with hour glass figure. Hannah has pretty much he same type of body but she's only 5'4.  
I knew this weekend would be fun wih her around. It was finally time to leave for the lake. All the suff was packed and we headed out. My parents drove their car bu me and Hannah decided to ride with Robb and Jake. "Back seat chickas. " We didn't argue. It was still sorta early and cold so we brought a blanket.

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   I couldn't wait til we got there. Next thing I knew Hannah moved closer to me. I didn't think anything of it. Then i felt her hand on my thigh. It felt so warm. She kept rubbing higher and higher. It was getting me wet. She noticed that I was getting wet. She started me move her hand from my inner thigh to my stomach. She rubbed higher til she found my bra. It snaps in the front so she didn't have any trouble getting my bra undone. She started with my right nipple. Grabbing in, pinching it tugging it a little. The car stopped. I didn't want this to end.

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   It felt so good. It was getting me hornier. I looked out the window. We were only at a gas station. "Hey guys you want anything?" I was dazed. "Just get us something to drink. " Both Jake and Robb got out of the car, they headed inside. "God i've wanted you for so long. " She grabbed my face and started making out with me. Her lips were so soft. She undid her seat belt and got on top of me. she lifted my shirt up and started sucking on my nipples. Nibbling on one will massaging the other. "Oh god that feels so good" all of a sudden she got off of me and got back in her seat. My brothers were headed back to the car.

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   I pulled my shirt down and pulled the covers to my shoulders. They got back in the car and we got back on the road. Hannah moved her hand back to my thigh. She moved it to my crotch. She wispered to me "Pull down your pants. " I slowly undid my pants. Was I really doing this for my friend. I never thought that she was into me. I got my pants down to my knees. Her hand moved to my undies. She moved them to the side. She started to stick her finger in. She found my clit. It felt so good. She stopped rubbing my clit and moved down to my hole and started to stick a finger in.

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   She got a rhythme going. Than she stuck two fingers in. I stared moaning. It was a good thing Robb had the radio on. "Does that feel good. I bet it does. Are you gonna cum on my fingers. " "Yes, harder. Oh god that feels so good. I'm gonna cum. Go faster. " She went faster and harder. I felt my body start to shake. I was gonna cum. "Oh god" she pulled out and started rubbing my clit when i started to have my orgasim.

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   It was just in time too. We were pulling up to the cabin. She stopped once the car stopped. I pulled my pants up once Robb and Jake were out of the car. I went to open the door but Hannah stopped me. "Can't wait til later. I brought some toys for us to play with. " That made me anxious to see what we were gonna do later.


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