Kelsey and Jamantha prt 3: Joining In - His Fantasy



‘come on. We’ve been together all night. There's nothing new to see and we only have time for one shower, I giggle to Jamantha as I pull her to the shower. ‘but I don’t know’ Jamantha protested. Finally we got to the bathroom, I turned on the shower and left Jamantha to strip. I ran down the stairs and opened the door just as our other best friend, Greg, was reaching for the bell.

I stepped forwards, smiling and flung my arms around his neck. I moved in closer pressing my breast against his chest. For the first time ever I looked yup into his eyes and pashed him long and hard. When I pulled away Greg’s cock was at attention and he was smiling. ‘that’s the best way to be greeted’.

I grabbed his hands and pulled him upstairs to the bathroom, stripping along the way. Jamantha was already in the shower , rinsing shampoo from her hair when we got there. Greg looked intently at Jamantha’s breasts, which I must say looked even better than normal, covered in suds and glistening with water. I pushed Greg into the shower and gave him some soap to wash Jamantha’s back.


I watched as he moved his hands from her back round her stomach and into her pussy.

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   I watched as Greg's cock got harder and pressed up against Jamantha’s back and heard as her moans grow louder. I stepped forward and pashed Greg again pressing my breasts against Jamantha’s. I broke off the kiss and started stroke Jamantha’s breasts, I then leaned down and lick her right nipple. I sucked her right nipple until she had an orgasm, she screamed as she came all over Greg’s fingers.

I jumped out of the shower, soaking wet and got into the bath, picking up my hair bush as I went. I sat down with my legs over the side of the bath and started to pump my pussy with hair brush, slow at first then faster and faster. Soon the water turned off and Jamantha came out of the shower and sat next to me with brush in hand.

Her body was so tight and she was so horney it made me horney just watching her pound her fat pussy. Greg stood in front of us, jerking off expertly.

At some point me and Jamantha switched hair brushes and started pounding each others horney cunts. our free hands explored each others bodies. As my climaxÂdrew nearer I started pounding Jamantha harder and rougher, she did the same to me. We came at the same time, it lasted for ages. When it finally let up we just sat there gasping for breath, the brushes still in our pussies.

I lean over and kiss Jamantha’s neck, her hands massage my stomach.

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   ‘mmmm Kelsey’. Jamantha murmers as her tongue works on my ear. Greg is still jerking off so we stopped and watch him for a moment. ‘shot your load all over us. ’ I giggle as Greg's face contorts with pleasure.


Thick globes of cum shot from Greg's quivering cock, landing on our stomach and chests. Jamantha and I stand up and rub the cum all over each others bodies. Our pussies loosen as we get hornier and the brushes drop to the floor. Jamantha starts to lick my stomach and I squeeze her breasts. Jamantha licks the last bit of cum off my nipple as Greg walks out of the room. Jamantha moves to the end of the bath and lends against the wall. , giving me better access to her body. My tongue moves over her body, leaving only a drop on her belly button which I kiss off.

Greg walks back into the room as we are getting out of the bath. He rapes his arms around our waists and kisses Jamantha lightly on the fore head before pashing me hard, tongue gently parting my lips, massaging mine.

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   We walked back to my room where Greg had laid out the vibrator and plugs that we had used this morning. I felt like we had been ignoring Greg so Jamantha and I agreed that we would let him do what ever it was he wanted with us.

He made Jamantha get onto her hands and knees then laying me on top with my legs spread and breasts flat. Greg picked up the plugs and pushed on end up Jamantha’s ass and the other up mine, turning them on and leaving them there. By now we were used to having things up there so we didn’t have much pain. Greg then got the vibrator and with one quick push into my horney open cunt.

Greg mounted Jamantha doggy style while squeezing my breasts. Greg started to work slowly slipping his dick part way in then pulling it fully out. After a while he started to get faster and rougher. Each movement caused the vibrator to wriggle inside me. Jamantha and I moaned and Greg grunted with pleasure for a while before my pussy tightened around the vibrator and Jamantha Arched her back in orgasm. The room exploded in screams as we all came, ripples of pleasure courses through our bodies for a while.

When Greg has shrivelled he pulled out of Jamantha and helped as change places, our plugs still connecting us. He gently slides the vibrator out of my pussy and shoves it into Jamantha’s. he rams it in and out of her a few times before she starts purring, he then mounts me the same way he had with Jamantha.

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   He isn’t gently with me at all, just starts slamming in and out, fast and rough.

My pussy tightens around Greg's cock and I get onto my feet. Jamantha slides down my back so she is sitting part on my ass part on Greg's dick. I bounce my hips and my orgasm grows. My pussy has a vice grip on Greg’s dick as he shots his load in my pussy. He rapes his arms around me and starts pulling on my Breast so hard it fells as if he is trying to pull then off. ÂI scream in pain and pleasure as my juices run down my pussy and Greg’s dick mixing with Jamantha's.

Quarter of an hour later we are on my bed arms around each other. Greg laughs softly and pulls the plugs that still connect Jamantha and I out and whispers, ‘Well that’s my Fantasy lived out. ’ pulling me in for a kiss. ‘Now what about you two?’

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