Italians part 2


            For the next few hours I sat there, flipping through the channels, not really watching them, and thinking about what had just happened.   I had just seen a 16 year old Italian chick masturbate in the shower, then turn around and blow me.   I was in a state of shock.   Cassandra had gone out somewhere earlier so it was just me at home.  

I decided to actually do something so I cleaned up the living room and put on a new change of clothes.   By the time I had done some chores it was around dinner.   When Cassandra got home she gave me a little smile and that was the only mention of it for the rest of the day.   I got to bed around 3 not having a clue of what lay ahead.


I woke up at 12 and, again, everybody was out.  
“Jesus what can girls be doing at this hour”
I had breakfast and watched some TV.  

Jen and Maria showed up around 10 and I found that Cassandra was spending the night somewhere.  
“Hey Kevin how was your day?”  Jen, my sister, asked.  
“Oh same old, you know woke up around 12 had cereal and watched TV”
“The same as you do every day then?” Maria asked.
I shrugged and told them I was going to shower.   AS I left I heard them start talking about the clothes they bought and wanted to go up stairs to try them on.   I started thinking about how it didn’t make sense that they were trying on clothes at home instead of at the store.

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After I finished with my shower I was trying to make up my mind between telling my friend of what happened yesterday or not, and I decided I better not and do it all later.   I went over and turned on the computer, I had a huge stash of downloads on the computer, some was porn which I kept in a special password protected file but the rest was just movies and other games. One video was special to me and the disc didn’t seem to be around.   I knew that Jen had watched a few of my porno’s on DVD, believe it or not, and I assumed it would be up in her room.   As I went up the stairs and heard whispering but didn’t take much notice.

I couldn’t get it out of my head that is a bit weird that Maria and Jen did everything together, the next day none the less; I always thought girls put on clothes immediately after they got home.   I was so involved in these thoughts that I didn’t think when I reached my sisters room, so I just barged right in to just be knocked on my ass for the third in tow days.   There was my sister bare ass naked, sitting on the bed squeezing Maria’s boobs.   Maria had her eyes closed and was wearing a pair of blue jean cut off’s that went about half way down her thigh, her white spaghetti strap was rolled up over her chest.

My sister froze staring at me then said something about her just seeing if the were big enough to fit into some top.   I was just dumbstruck staring at my sister’s chest.   I might as well tell you my sister is around 5’6” with a models body.   Her hair is about shoulder length and pure gold color.   Her ass is small and doesn’t stick out much but her tits are around a D cup and somehow can support them selves without the bra.  

But looking at them now I saw how her areola were quite big about and inch in diameter, with giant nipples reaching about half and inch.

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    Her whole body was perfectly tan form that day she spent with her friends.   I was so horny that I didn’t realize that my sister was yelling at me and telling me to go and collapse that tent.  

I turned redder than a tomato and turned, quickly leaving the room and the hottest site, aside from Cassandra.   I went downstairs to my room and just sat there, again, with my eyes closed envisioning that site.   After a little while my older sister came downstairs and sat next to me.   When I looked at her I saw she was now fully clothed in a blue halter top and matching blue running shorts.   We sat together in silence until she looked at me.  
“Do you think I’m hot?”
“Well its may be the first time you’ve seen me nude, but I know that you have been sneaking glances any chance you got”
It was true I had been watching her ass bounce around in her bikini, and those tits make the great leaps around her chest.   There were even a few times that I had actually thought about her naked tits surrounding my dick, slowly going up and down.   Until the white hot jizz flowed coating her tits.  
“Would you like to squeeze them?”  She turned and faced my pushing her chest out so these melons looked even bigger than before.
“Come on, I know you want to. ”  She reached down and grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs, I was lost at that moment.   I gripped them pulling up, down, out.   I had been only doing this for a few minutes when my sister started to moan.

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“Oh yeah squeeze my giant titties, squeeze like they are giant oranges that you need to get juice out of. ”

This really got me going I let go of her top and lifted up her shirt to get better excess, exposing the tits for a second time.   Her nipples were rock hard and I started an alternating pattern between nipple play and boob squeeze.   My cock was really uncomfortable in my pants but I didn’t want to let go of her tits to release it.   I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back while she bit her lower lip.  

“Oh yeah make me cum, make your slutty sister cum you fucking pervert. ”
I grabbed those nipples and pulled, pulled as hard as possible.
“Yes, yes oh fuck yes”
She grabbed my head and thrust it against her chest forcing a boob into my mouth.   I chewed the hard nipples and licked around the top.  
“Oh yes, fuck fuck fuck fucaaaaaaghhhhhh”
Her whole body stiffened and shook, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she screamed.   The whole orgasm lasted about 30 seconds before she collapsed onto the bed.   Sweat rolling off her tits and stomach.  

Looking down I now saw the huge wet spot on my bed.   It had soaked through her panties and shorts to spill all over my blankets.  
“Very well done there Kevin.

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I jumped and looked at the door; there standing framed in the door was Maria, just looking at us.
“How the fuck long have you been there?”
I yelled panic stricken, not sure what was going to happen next.  
“Long enough to know that Jen’s plan worked perfectly”
“What! What plan?” I asked in a more calm voice but still sounding frantic.
“Oh just the plan to get you into our pants. ”
With that Maria dropped her pants and threw her shirt over her head.  
“Yeah Kevin the three of us have been hatching a plan to get you laid, and us as well. ” Jen blurted out.
“The three of us?”
“Yeah Cassandra is in on it too.   It’s just that its been so long since I’ve had a good long cock, I mean there is only so long that your sister can eat me out before I need more. ” 
My eyes shot open “Wha-. ”
“sssshh, don’t interrupt, and from what your sister and Cassandra say you evidently are very gifted. ”
I looked at Jen.
“Hey it’s not that hard to tell; you’re hornier than a sixth grader who has just discovered himself. ”
At that I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the pressure, or the lack of blood operating my body at the moment, but I just passed out.

When I roused Maria and Jen were sitting next to me.

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“How long was I out?”
“Not long enough to make us dry out, if you know what I mean. ”
At that point I realized that I was completely naked and my cock was rock hard.
“Looks like were about to have a hell of a lot more fun. ” Maria grinned and licked her lips.

“But first Maria we must get him ready. ”  Jen gave me a wicked look
“Sit still and you will love it. ”
She then reached over me and tied my hands to the headboard.
“What are you doing?”
“Oh baby we cannot let you go pleasing your self and waste all the delicious cum on just your hand. ”
I was now in a sitting position; after they made sure that I could not move my arms they backed away and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Now it is time for you to watch our fun. ”  Jen said with an evil grin.  
Jen reached up and put her hand behind Maria’s head, stroking her hair.   Then Jen pulled her close and their lips touched.   Lightly at first, but then I was Jen’s tongue come out and start probing Maria’s mouth,  she opened her mouth and the light kiss turned into a full blown slut kiss.   There lips were meshing and I could see glimpses of their tongues dancing.

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    The stopped and parted with little bits of saliva hanging between their mouths, Jen the dropped her head and took Maria’s tits into her mouth, licking and biting the nipple.  

I looked on in awe as my sister sucked Maria’s olive colored tits, and the dark nipples.  
“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s soooo gooood.   Don’t stop. ”
But Jen did stop and looked into Maria’s eyes.   Then started to descend down Maria’s abs, licking every inch of her stomach.   She stopped just above the bare mound.   I noticed that Maria was completely shaved, not a single hair outlined her lips which I noticed were swollen and dripping liquid.  

Jen then drooped lower and started licking Mara’s lower thigh.   I was glad at this point that I had lowered my bed to ground level instead of being on stands, because now I could see every single bit of bout Jen and Maria.

Jen tongue circled around Maria’s thigh leaving trails that glistened in the light.   Maria was letting little moans of pleasure escape her mouth and her hands were pulling on those tiny nipples.

My dick was not so hard that, I swear, it grew another inch.   The pre-cum was completely covering my dick.   I wanted so badly, like nothing in my life, to reach out and start stroking but the bindings held my arms away.

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    The effort must have shown on my face because Jen noticed.
“Oh does is my little brother having trouble?”  With that she made Maria sit down facing me with her legs spread.   I could see the hairless pussy sopping wet, sticking out.   Maria placed her two fingers on either side and spread her twat until I could see all of its glory.   The little clit was sticking up above it all and I could see her little hole.   Jen reached over.
“Isn’t it nice Kevin?”  She then took one finger and stuck it right into the middle of Maria’s pussy.   Pushing it in and out with a slow rhythm.   Maria was moaning loader now and had returned her hand to her tits and were back to work on her nipples.   Jen took out her finger and stuck it into her mouth.  
“mmmmmm, want a taste Kevin. ”  I nodded vigorously, but alas Jen decided to tease me more.   She inserted two fingers in to Maria’s sopping cunt and resumed her rhythm.    Her other hand now was placed on Maria’s clit, making slow circles with it while pinching.  
“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH yeah, that’s so fucking good, don’t stop I’m so close.

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Jen then pulled out her two fingers and made Maria turn sideways.   She then crouched down and put Maria’s legs over her back.   I now could see a side view of Maria’s snatch, and Jen was now facing it.   Jen placed her face inches from the sopping snatch.   She stuck her tongue out and licked the length of Maria’s snatch; Maria shivered and stopped her work on her tits.    Jen started to fuck Maria with her tongue, going in and out, all the while I looked on, feeling the need to rub my cock and release the waiting sperm.   But the girls had other ideas, and were lost in their own orgasmic pleasure.   Jen was rubbing her pussy feverishly, still continuing to tongue fuck Maria.  
“Oh yes,  soo close, don’t stop I’m so close. ”

Stopped her oral pleasure and now bit down on the tiny clit, flicking it with her tongue, and shoving 4 fingers deep into Maria’s cunt.  
“Yes, yes, ohhhhhhhh, yess” 
Maria’s body convulsed uncontrollably, Jen shoved her face into her snatch attempting to lick as much juices up as possible.   Maria stopped shaking and pushed Jen away saying
“No more, no more it hurts, stop. ”
Reluctantly Jen lifted her face away, and licked off all her fingers and wiped off her face.   Maria sat against the wall catching her breath.  
“Now time for me to get some.

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With that Jen stood up and walked over to me, kneeled down and engulfed my prick into her mouth.   The feeling was amazing, she had barely begun and I could already feel the cum starting to reach dangerous levels.

Maria by this point had recovered and decided to return the favor to Jen.   She laid down on her stomach and stuck her face into Jens snatch.   Jen stopped sucking and took my prick out of her mouth to moan.   She then shoved my dick back into her mouth and started sucking faster.  

I could not believe what was happening; the Italian exchange student was eating out my sister while she gave me own of the best blowjobs.   I could feel her tongue swirling around my prick, and then she lowered her head even further and deep throated me.   I was amazed to see all 10 inches of my cock disappear into Jen’s mouth and Jen’s mouth hit my pelvis.  

“AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH, Jen if you keep that up I won’t last much longer. ”
I was sweating using all my willpower to hold back the inevitable flow of cum.   Jen took my prick out of her mouth and started jacking it while playing with my balls with her other hand.

“Good, I want your cum all over me. ”  She kept jacking my dick, giving and excellent hand job.   Then her eyes lit up and she stopped.

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    Jen scooted forward onto the mattress more and placed her tits on both sides of my prick.
“Yeah you want this don’t you” she said.

My cock was already slick, so it slid between her boobs with easy.   Maria was still working away on Jen’s pussy and the effects were beginning to tell.   Moans came from deep in Jen’s throat and I could feel it when she put the head of my cock in her mouth.  
I couldn’t take it any longer, Jens boobs felt even better than her mouth.
“Oh, Jen here it cums. ”  My dick exploded all over Jens face and tits,  long sticky ropes flew out landing on Jen’s face, hair, back, and all over her tits.   I came like never before and when the assault finally subsided Jen’s face and tits were completely covered.  

Jen started licking cum of her boobs, and rubbing it off her face with her fingers.   She ate every bit that was left on her, but I could tell she had other things on her mind.   The moans came more and more often.   Until she froze up, with a quick movement Jen flipped herself over so that her pussy was facing me.   I looked at her questionably, as Maria went back down rubbing Jens pussy.  
“Oh fuck yes, yes, I’m gonna cum.


“Yeah you dirty fucking slut, cum all over your horny little brother, show him what you can do. ”
I had no idea what was happening.
“Oh yes, here it comes. ” Jen froze up again, like before, and I learned what Maria had ment.   Hot liquid came streaming out of Jen’s cunt, landing all over my face and chest; some even flew over me and onto the carpet.   Wave after wave of hot juice came out and splattered all over me.   When Jen finally stopped, she collapsed and inhaled deeply.
“What the hell was that?” I stammered,
“ssshhsshh, taste her gift for you. ” 
I didn’t need much encouraging, I licked my lips and tasted her cum, and it had an amazing taste, rather sweet with a fruity taste.   I looked down at my chest and legs, I was completely soaked and I wanted more of Jen’s juice.   But Jen was obviously done for the time being.  
“What was that?” I asked again.
“Haven’t…you…ever…heard of…squirting?”  Jen stammered.
Admittedly I had but I always thought the girls just pissed everywhere; this led to a bad question.
“So you just pissed all over me then?”
“No you dumbass, a few women in the world are capable of spewing their cum great distances.

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I still didn’t understand but it sounded better than pee.   Jen finally caught her breath and sat up.  
“Well what do you think of your first time with the female species?”
“Actually, Jen, I already had and encounter with Cassandra, and it was equally amazing. ”
“What, she was supposed to wait until we made the first move!” Maria sounded pissed.
“Calm down Maria, we never said she couldn’t, we just said that it would be a good idea to let us make the first move. ”
The two girls seemed tired, and had all but forgotten me.
“Oh well. ” Maria yawned and Jen yawned also.
“Well looks like nap time for you two. ” I said.
“Well I guess I need to nap then. ”
“Yeah me too. ” 

Surprisingly I thought they would go upstairs, instead the both laid down on either side of me and put their arms over me.  
“Goodnight you too. ”
“Goodnight Maria, night Kevin.

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“Yeah night. ”

I laid there for the next few hours with two of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen, both sound asleep, with their legs across me.   I could feel the heat of their pussies and the pressure of their boobs.   I eventually nodded off, how I don’t know I had a raging hard-on the entire time, but I got to sleep.   The only thing on my mind was what would happen tomorrow.

Part 3 will come if well received, send comments to my email.
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