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I was on the Internet last night just checking my emails and a new name popped up on my Buddy List. It showed that they were online so I jumped over to it and started a chat. We chatted for a few minutes and I found out it was a young girl, my first love. After about 15 or 20 minutes and our chat turning really sexual, with her leading the way, she popped up a cam request to me. Well! I’m always naked when I’m at home, but usually have my webcam zoomed in on me for a bust shot. That way if I forget and accept a cam chat I don’t pop up on their screen naked, without any warning. Not cool if it’s not expected by the other person. Anyway, I accepted the cam request and there we were on screen side by side and now in voice contact. She was very attractive, but looked really young. We continued the cam-chat and she was so very Hot. She was wearing a really thin see-through negligee top and as she moved around she was very intentionally flashed me her gorgeous, pert, cone shaped young teen tits with the cutest dark pink hard nipples. My cock responded immediately and it was as hard as a rock. She said she could tell I wasn’t wearing a shirt and asked if I was wearing anything else? I said I was not and she asked if she could see. I told her she looked awfully young and that concerned me. She said,          “Why? I thought dirty old men like you liked them really young? Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell anyone. This is my first time cam chatting and I was really hoping to find a dirty old pervert like you that I could sex chat with.

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   I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours and would you let me watch you beat off? I’ve always wanted to do that and with our cams going you can watch me play with myself too. How does that sound?”          I said that sounded great and she was right, I do like them young. I zoomed my webcam out and down until she had a full frontal view of my nakedness from my knees to the top of my head. My cock looked even bigger to me on the small screen, that she was also seeing, and it was already very visibly leaking a large amount of pre-cum. I could tell by the expression on her face that she liked what she was seeing and said,          “WOW! You have a gorgeous cock. And I guess I must be getting you excited because I can see you’re leaking pre-cum all over yourself. That is so hot. Do you always keep your whole package completely shaven like that? I really love the way that looks. It’s so smooth and clean looking. No pubic hair in your girlfriend’s mouth. (She giggled) Do you like to jackoff and if so how offend do you do it and would you please let me watch you do it?”          As I started to answer her she adjusted her webcam so I too had a full frontal view of her. She wasn’t wearing anything below her top and with her legs spread I could see the most beautiful young pussy I had ever seen. I really wanted to just dive in and plant a huge wet kiss right on it. I told her I loved to jackoff and do it at least once every day and am a total exhibitionist and love to have a young girl like her watch me do it. I told her about driving around in my car naked and letting young girls like her catch me beating my meat.

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   She said she wished I lived somewhere close to her so she could catch me doing that. I told her how gorgeous I thought she was and that I would love to watch her get herself off while she watched me. She said,          “That’s what I had in mind. You don’t think I’m going to let you have all the fun while I just watch you, do you? I’ve been fantasizing about this for a long time. My parents got me this webcam for my 14th birthday, two days ago, and this is the first time everyone has been gone so I could try this. I can tell you it is so much more exciting than I imagined. Honestly, I was hoping for someone younger, but you are a very attractive older man. I also love that your cock is circumcised too. I would never be with a guy that wasn’t. I really love the way your cock curves up and the head and your balls are so fat. I bet you have made lots of women very happy with it. If you don’t mind me asking, how big is it?”          I thanked her and admitted that I had been told a number of times, by women I had dated, that I did make them feel amazing. I said my cock was a little over 8 inches long, the shaft about 2 inches across and my cockhead was about 2 ½ inches across and about 7 inches around. As she said that was without a doubt the largest and nicest looking package she had ever seen, even on porn sites, she was slipping her top off so she too was completely naked.   She said,          “I am so horny right now.

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   Please zoom your cam back out so I can watch you jackoff. I want to see your face while you are watching me playing with my pussy. Oh! And please don’t turn your cam off as soon as you cum. I really want to stay and talk to you some more after we cum together.  Can you please do that for me? Also, I would really love to do this with you again, if you would like to. ”          I told her that sounded amazing and I would love to do that with her. I told her this whole situation had been a fantasy of mine too and I had imagined staying and chatting with a young girl with a big load of cum all over myself. I zoomed my cam back out like she had ask me to and started fondling my already very swollen and aching package. Her hand was already on her gorgeous young pussy and I could tell by the puffiness and glistening of its lips that she was very aroused too. I grabbed a small bottle of lube and added a small amount to the generous amount of pre-cum that already covered my cockhead. I wrapped my left hand around it and started slowly stroking up and down my manhood. She said she had never watched a man jack himself off before and it was way more exciting than she had imagined. She reached up to her computer desk and got an egg shaped corded vibrator and pushed a button on the control box and it sprang to life. She must have push the combo setting because I could hear it going through quite a few different vibrating modes. She touched it to her sweet young teen pussy and I thought she was going to jump out of her chair.

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   She said,         “I hope you are going to cum really soon because, with this vibrator on my pussy and watching you jacking off that gorgeous cock of yours, I can’t last more than a very few minutes and I want us to cum together. I can tell, by the expressions of pleasure you are getting on your face, that you really love to beat you meat and I really want to see you squirt your cum. ” I said,          “Looking at your gorgeous teen body and watching you playing with that magnificent pussy of yours has me hotter than I think I’ve ever been and I too can’t last much longer. ”          Just as I finished say that I felt that amazing tickling in my throbbing cockhead and felt it rush through my whole package. I felt my cum boiling up out of my balls and said out loud,          “OH! FUCK! I’M CUMING. ”           As my first rope of cum shot out of my pisshole I watched, on my computer screen, as her legs shot straight out in front of her as she held the vibrator tight against her clit and was working two fingers in and out of her sweet young vagina while she watched me squirting my cum all over my chest and stomach and shouted,          “OMG! I’M CUMING TOO. ”          Just as quickly as her legs had shot straight out she pulled them back up in the chair with her. She took her fingers out of her pussy but kept the vibrator on her clit. As I stopped squirting and my cum was now just oozing out of my cockhead I could see her whole body convulsing as orgasm after orgasm rushed through her. When we both stopped cuming she broke the silence first, as she snapped off the vibrator, and said,          “Holly Shit! That was way better than I had ever imagined. Watching you stroking your swollen cock and seeing your cockhead swell up even more as your cum started squirting out of it was just too amazing. Look at my little pussy. You have totally destroyed her. ”          She spread her legs and she was right. Her pussy lips were all red and swollen and her clit was still very visibly hard as a rock and sticking straight out where her pussy lips came together at the top.

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   There was a huge wet spot in her chair from where her girlly juices had flowed out when she came. She continued to lightly touch her tender young pussy as her body continued to respond with small jerking motions. I was still slowly stroking my still rock hard, cum soaked cock and said,          “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. When we came together I couldn’t take my eyes off of your sweet young body and what you were doing to your gorgeous pussy. I can’t remember when I’ve ever cummed that much. The muscles, deep in my cock, were straining so much, pumping out my cum, that it almost hurt. I am totally spent but my old cock is refusing to go down. ”          We sat naked and talked while lightly playing with ourselves for about another 20 minutes or so. I told her I would really love to meet her again for another cyber sex encounter if she would like and maybe we could dream up some really kinky things to do. She said that sounded fantastic and that I was an even nastier pervert than she first thought. Then she said she heard her parent’s car in the drive and had better go jump in the shower before they caught her naked on her webcam. She said,          “I’ll email you so we can setup our next date, if you still want to?”          I assured her I would be counting the seconds until I heard from her. (I will continue this story if she gets back to me. )


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