Good Girl At Heart: Lexi's Adventures...part 1


My eyes had been watching her all evening.   She had the been the object of my admiration this whole weekend, and tonight I was sure that I would make her mine.
Usually getting girls had never been a problem for me.   I was five foot eleven with an athletic built from the sports I did year round.   I had dark hair that complimented my deep brown eyes.   Hopefully, these features would play a role in helping me get Lexi.
Lexi was only fourteen, making me two years her senior.   She danced across the room with a group of friends.   Her developing figure, with her 32B breasts and gorgeous ass was well shown in her tight pink tank top and short jean skirt.   Her dark hair flowed over her sholders to the middle of her back.   Her hazel eyes sparkled with a gleam of innocence.   Her body moved with the music in such a sexy way, only adding to my fantasies of how the night would go.
One of my friends elbowed me in the side, obviously noticing where my attention was.   The mood of the music changed to that of a slow dance, and he told that this was my chance.   I made my over to her, and like in old time movies, extended my hand and asked "If she would like to share this dance"  She giggled and put her arms around my shoulders as we swayed with the music.
"Hi, I'm Lexi.

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  " she said, in an adorable voice.
"Mike," I said, as though I didn't know of her.
We continued talk, and she explained that she was a cheerleader and a gymnast, and lived not too far from where I did.   The slow song came to an end and a faster, night-club-style one began.   She went back to dancing in a circle with her friends. But this time, I had no intentions of being left out of the fun.  
I came up behind her and brought my pelvis up to meet her grinding hips.   A little smile flashed across her face.   She picked up pace and worked her tight ass in small circles around my bulging cock.   It could easily be seen this was not her first time engaging in freak dancing.   We continued for a couple other songs.   Her moves became creative, and she would occasionally bend over, giving me a clear glimpse of her small, pink, thong.   My seven inch cock grew and grew with each motion to a point where I could barely take it.    
"Want to step outside?" I whispered to her.   She nodded and took my hand as we made it to the door.

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    The crisp evening sky brought beauty and serenity from the dark, tacky, swirling lights, setting of the dance.
"I love this place," She said, gazing up at the skies.   'Ive gone to this camp for six years, and this past summer was my last. "  Our hands still joined, we walked away from there, exploring the beauties that this place had to hold.   Only I had other intentions.   We made it to the beach.   I had never remembered it to be this beatiful, but the serenity of the night had brought along all new feelings.   She layed down in the sand, once again gazing up at the stars.   I layed beside her and put my arm around her.
"What are you looking at?" I whispered.
"Just the sky again.   It's just so beautiful," she explained.
"Not as beautiful as you," I lustuflly whispered.   Our eyes met in a piercing gaze.   It was at that moment   I knew I had to make my move or watch Lexi leave on the bus, knowing I had missed my chance.

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    I moved my lips in to hers, as hers met mine.   I parted her lips with my tongue.   Our tongues met and swirled in a beautiful dance of lust.   The kiss that began slow picked up with more passion.   I rolled her on top of me.   My hands roamed over her fine body, finding their way to her small but pert breasts.   I rubbed them up and down, and my hands worked their way up her shirt.   i rolled the nipple between my fingers, and small moan released from her.   Her response led me to take the others in my hand, gently pinching the nipple while I caressed the other one.   I broke our kiss, even though her mouth still begged for more.   Seeing nobody was around, I pulled her pink tank top over her head, giving me the view of her perfect breasts in just a lacy bra.   She assisted me in unbuckling it, and in a voice that was no longer cute and innocent, but sexy and naughty whispered "I'm all yours. "
My mouth took in her right tit as her hand carressed the left.   I rolled my tongue over it, and took the nipple in my mouth, sucking it like a breast feeding baby.   She squirmed and released a gasp of pleasure.

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    My tongue flicked rapdily over its erect meal.   I pinched ever so slightly in my teeth, and she moaned even louder.   I could tell she too was not ready to leave it just at second base.
 I kissed down her flat stomach to right above where her skirt began.   "Are you ready?" I whispered.   She nodded.   I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down, along with her small pink thong over her small hips.   What I saw was the most beautiful pussy.   It had sparse, fine pubic hair, and glistening pink lips.   I traced my hands over her toned upper thies.   I reached the treasure chest, and inserted my index finger into her hot, tight, love hole.   She let out a quick moan, and then moved her hips to further meet my finger.   This was by the the tightest pussy I had ever come to know.   I moved my finger in and out, picking up pace more and more.   Her hips continued to move in to meet finger.

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    She moaned louder and louder with each motion.   I removed my finger, but I was by no means finished.   My lips followed at first the same route my hands did along her thys.   My gentle kisses made their way to her hungry pussy.   I kissed along its inner lips, separating it ever so much.   My tongue became more greedy for her juices, tracing its outlines, swirling around her hole, and eventually reaching that oh so sensitive clit.   I traced my tongue over it and felt her small body twitch.   Her breathing increased and gasps and moans escaped her lips.
"Yes, right there" she screamed.   I sucked at it and nibbled it until she couldn't take it anymore.
"I'm cumming" she yelled.   A massive orgasm overtook her.   As it subsided, she lay down, panting.   "I guess its your turn," she whispered.   
Her small hands worked at my belt buckle.

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    She slowly pulled down my boxers.   The slow rate tortured me, but filled me with anticipation.   As I was exposed, my fully erect cock sprang to life.   She wrapped her small hands around its width and lightly kissed the tip.
At that moment, a booming voice over a megaphone shouted "lights out!".   Lexi quickly gathered her clothes, dressing in a hurry, avoiding eye contact.   She ran off without even saying goodbye, as though we were merely aquaintances.   Something told me that as we boarded the buses the next morning, Lexi would act as though nothing happened.   But only her and I would know what truly happened and of the pleasure shared at the beach that night.