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Meet Katie, the cheerleader,the school flirt, and the best cock tease around. For months, she's hada crush on the sexiest teacher in school: Mr. Verin. Tall, muscular,great hear, and sexy eyes under his silver rimmed glasses. Katie went into his class as usual, got out her flute, and played Yankee doodle. "Katie, stop" He commanded in his deep baritone voice. she kept on playing funny songs like 'Largo' and 'Tighten up', making everybody act wild. "Katie, I'll see you after school" Mr. Verin barked "Yes sir" she replied in her most innocent, but sexy voice.
After class, Katie undid her top a bit, revealing some of her 34D boobs, she played in her hair a bit, and smiled, waiting for Mr. Verin.
"OK, Katie, look, I don't need you disrupting my class with your sudden outbursts of music" He started sternly "Oh, loosen up David! Everyone knows your other side!" Katie shot back, playing in her hair again. "What other side?" He asked suspiciously. "C'mon! Everybody in 2ND period knows you fucked Ms. Winston" Katie made her way over to him. She got on her knees, to his already open legs, and said, "And now I want to see what it's like" Blushing, Mr.

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  Verin tried to push her away "Young lady, I am 26 and you're 15. I'm not about to lose my job over some cute little teenager" He said firmly "Oh, don't worry 'bout that" She pulled his dick out of his pants "K. . . Krisie. . . . stop. . . . please!" He begged as she began to take his 12 inch member in her teenage mouth. She enjoyed twisting her tongue on his pole, and swallowing every drop of cum that he shot out
In just a matter of minutes, Mr. Verin had Katie on his desk, ramming his cock in her with one hand over her mouth.

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   The muffled screams made him blow his load faster every time. Then, he turned her around and did her in the ass,making her bite his finger. "Damn! Be careful!" He pulled his hand away and letting her scream "Yes! Fuck Yes! Go harder! HARDER!" One last time, they both came, and Mr. Verin licked Katie clean as the same for Katie "Can we do that again?" She asked with her best baby voice "Depends"Mr,Verin replied "On what?" Katie asked "Well, you've been a bad girl,"He smiled kissing her.

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