A wonderful haircut experience.


First of all I would like to thank everyone for reading the following story. It is my first story and would love feedback.

Setting: The local hair salon
Time: Tonight 11-17-10 at around 7:00 PM

I am sixteen years old and I am a junior in high school. I decided that I was going to get a haircut today, so after school at around 5:00 I drove to the local haircutting place to get it cut. I walk in and start to flirt with the cute blonde girl at the front desk. She takes my name and what kind of cut I want and says it will be around 15 minutes. Oh yeah, I should probably tell you about myself. I am 5'7'' about 135 LBS. I have straight brown hair and green eyes. I work out regularly, as well as I am a cyclist so I am in great shape with a pretty good body. Being only 16 I haven't had very much experience with sex, which changed tonight. Now back to the story:

The girl called my name and she escorted me to the chair where the other lady would come cut my hair. There was a choice of this old asian lady, this really chubby blonde girl in her late 30s, or this attractive brunette girl who was in her early 20s. I hoped I would get the brunette girl( I don't know her name so I will just call her Ashley). And it was my lucky night, I got ashley.

She first asked me about what I wanted to do with my hair, and I told her.

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   She then asked me about myself, and I said I am 16, go to (for privacy reasons I will not say) academy and I am a junior. I told her how play guitar as well as I am a cyclist and play lacrosse. She seemed pretty impressed. I then asked her about her, she said she finished cosmotology school this spring and now got a job here which is going pretty well. There was about 10 more minutes of small talk. I will now describe her, she must have been 5'5'' and 110 pounds, but not overly skinny. She had perky c cups but on the smaller side. She wore a low cut shirt that gave a great view. Also wore those skin tight "solo" pants where they go right into their but. She had a great ass.

During the haircut she was cutting the hair on the top of my head but near the front, and she was standing in front of me, and moved herself right inbetween my legs. She subtly bent over to get my bangs and gave me a quick seductive look and then looked up towards my hair. I just enjoyed it and looked down her shirt and saw her purple bra under her black tee shirt. Throughout the haircut, she kept giving me different views, once she even dropped her comb on my pants and gently brushed the inside of my leg close enough to my crotch that I knew it was on purpose.

It was nearing the end of the haircut and she said,” I have this really cool gel like product sample, but there are 4 different types with different scents.

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   They are out back, want to come choose one?” then to respond I said“Yeah, sure, that sounds great. ”

She led me back and there was a couple shelves with towels, some with gel, some shampoo etc.

Then she shocked me so much. . . .

She said “I knew you were looking down my shirt. . . ” “I could tell by how your dick was pressing against your jeans. . . ”

I was speechless and just stood there, blushing with nothing to say. She then asked if I had a girlfriend, I said no. She then said, have you ever kissed a girl, I said yes.

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She asked how far have you gone, I said, only making out and her feeling my six pack. She asked if I had a nice six pack, being a cyclist I did. Then she asked if I had ever touched a girls breasts, I said no but would like to sometime. She said close your eyes, and then when she said to open them she had just her teeshirt on but took her bra off. I could see her nipples almost tearing through the fabric. She said “give me your hand” I did and she took my finger and placed it on her boob next to her nipple and swerled it around it. I took my palm and felt her boob it was amazing, because it was the first time ever. It was undescribable. I pulled her shirt down a little so I could see more cleavage and started working both her tits with both of my hands and this went on for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t get enough of it. She said, have you ever had a blow job or hand job? I said, a girl has never seen my dick (besides my 13 year old sister, but that is a different story, comment on this if you want to hear it. ) She asked how big it was, and I said small. She said how small, I said only like 6 inches. She said can I see it?

She undid my belt and zipper and pulled my pants down to my ankle, then took her hand and put it around my hard dick and balls through my boxer briefs. It felt incredible.

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   She said “ works for me ! dont be ashamed!” I then pulled down my boxers and she said“ strip completely and lay down on this massage bed” ( it was also a massage parlor) She left the room and came back in a robe. I was under the covers on my stomach facing down. She pulled the covers and put them over my butt and started giving me a great massage on my neck and back, started moving to my legs, my calfs, my hamstrings and my butt. She then placed her hand inside my legs and grabbed my balls and massaged them really well. then said turn over, and I did, she said “ WOAH! somebody is excited!!” My dick was sticking straight up! I said, “ I have an idea” “ lets switch positions!” She said ok, and said leave and come back in 30 seconds. I came back and she was laying down and under the covers. I still hadn’t seen her naked yet so i was hard as a rock. I massaged her neck, and back and legs and butt a lot. I moved up and her ribs, then the sides of her boobs. She said, rub my pussy now! she handed me oil and i put it on it and she moaned. I rubbed her swollen lips. She said, thats enough after about 2 minutes. She turned over and I massaged her perfect tits. She came from me messing around with her tits. Then said “your turn!” I layed down on the bed and she moved on the side of it and began a blowjob of a life time.

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   I only lasted about 1 minute and a half and she swallowed my 3-4 spurts of cum. It was short, but good for my first time ever.

I wrote this up very quickly after it happened because I was very excited, but have a big history exam tomorrow to study for. Please email me at theblurhd@gmail. com for questions or comments.

Tell me what you think!

Thanks. .