Picking Up the Wrong Girl


As he watched she slowed stopped and started looking in the window of a jewelry store. A Goth chick, Charlie thought. Those were usually good for an evening of fun. He had driven passed her and made a U-turn in the middle of the street and pulled up in front of the store where she was looking through the display in the window. Charlie couldn't see much from behind but the customers and sales people in the store had stopped to gawk at the person in the window looking at the jewelry. Charlie called out, "Excuse me miss, do you have the time?" As the woman turned to walk to the car several things flashed through Charlie's mind; too old, she looked to be at least his age, and probably a hooker. On closer inspection those tits had to be at least DD's and the nipples were standing out almost and inch, and there was nothing under that crop top but woman! Charlie felt a definite stirring in his groin as his cock started getting hard. Maybe older than what he was looking for but definitely a gorgeous babe! "6:35", the vision before him said looking at an expensive watch on her wrist. Looking into her brown eyes Charlie was at a loss for words for the first time in his life. "What's a babe like you doing out here?", he asked, sounding lame even to himself. Man he'd already blown this pickup, he thought. "Preying" she returned with a grin. 'Oh, God' flashed through Charlie's mind, 'a Jesus freak' "For someone just like you handsome", she continued. That stopped Charlie from the planned hurried exit. The deep brown eyes held him in place, and his smooth nature and used car salesman's training automatically took over. "So, what's your name?", he asked "Lamie", she replied After a few minutes of chatting Charlie casually asked, "So what would an evening with you cost me?" Lamie smiled an impish grin, "Oh I don't charge money, just cum!" At that Charlie felt his dick jerk in his pants, 'damn' he thought, 'this chic is too old but otherwise just what I've been wishing for!', "Let's head over to my place", he suggested almost on impulse.

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   With a hasty "Sure!" Lamie jumped into his car and Charlie pulled away. On the drive home Lamie put her hand on his lap slowly rubbing his hard cock. Charlie broke several speed limits headed home. He pulled into the driveway and jumped out to open the door to his home for Lamie. She sure seemed as eager as he did to get inside. As soon as they entered the house Lamie tossed her coat on the couch and turned melting into Charlie's arms, with her tongue sliding into his mouth in a passionate kiss. Charlie held on kissing her and letting his hands roam over the two mammoth mounds on Lamie's chest. The nipples were hard, as hard as he was and that added to his excited state. Her hands worked quickly at undoing the buttons on his shirt. As soon as she had his shirt open she started playing with his nipples as well. Lamie slowly dropped to a kneeling position, expertly undoing Charlie's belt and zipper. Her tongue flicked out testing the round head of his prick, before engulfing the whole thing in her mouth. Charlie felt lightning shoot through him as a talented tongue expertly massaged the head on his rock hard dick. Within minutes the sensations had built to a point of no return. Grabbing the hair of the beautiful fellatrix before him Charlie let fly with his load of sperm down the throat of Lamies bobbing head.

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   She swallowed every bit and cleaned his rod of every drop. Standing up Lamie removed her blouse and quickly began unzipping her boots. Charlie in a daze grabbed one boot and pulled almost falling over in his eagerness to help Lamie out of her clothes. In no time the two were totally naked and Charlie led her down the hall and into his bedroom. Climbing onto the bed Lamie attacked him grabbing his now flaccid manhood and nibbling his neck. Within minutes he was starting to get erect again. Wow, Charlie thought this is fantastic I haven't recovered in this short of time since I was eighteen! As soon as Charlie was hard Lamie swung her leg over him and settled herself down with his member impaling her. "Relax lover, I want to ride you" she whispered in his ear. At that moment Charlie didn't care, he could feel the tight sheath flexing around his cock. The slow movement of Lamie's hips and the rippling of her cuntal walls was again building the orgasmic sensations as he played with her firm breasts bobbing gently in front of him. The nipples were hard as he pulled and twisted them, almost masturbating them. Lamie arched her back and shuddered as a strong orgasm ripped through her body. Charlie could feel the juice from her wet cunt flood his groin. The sensation sent him over the edge exploding in the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. She kept riding him and achieved another shuddering climax.

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   Lamie trailed burning kisses from his lips down his neck, and across his chest. In the dark room Charlie couldn't see what was happening but he could feel those soft lips trailing fire across his body. Her hand found it's way down to his groin and she held his ball sack in the palm of her hand. Gently massaging his testicles. Her lips fastened on to his right nipple as her hand slowly gently massaged his balls. The combination of the massage and gentle suckling on his nipple seemed to pump life into his flaccid cock. "Damn woman, you are good!", Charlie exclaimed, as his hands worked their way through her luxurious hair. The soft skin of her back and the warmth of her breast pressed against him added to the erotic feelings coursing through his body. Charlie felt a finger slip down and gently massage the tight ring of his asshole. "I want you again lover", Lamie whispered relinquishing his nipple, "and I want more of your sweet cum!" Lamie's lips trailed down once again towards his cock, which by this time was again rising. Charlie was amazed. This woman was fantastic! God, she was beautiful, uninhibited, and a nymphomaniac! Besides three times in one evening? At his age? Amazing! He felt like a teenager again!By the time those lips had reached his dick it was half-hard and the excellent ministrations of her tongue and lips quickly finished the job of getting his cock hard again. Lamie flicked the tip of his cock the final time with that talented tongue and moved up his body quickly. "Fuck me", she begged, "Fuck me hard, now please. I want that fantastic cock of yours in me.

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  " Charlie rolled her over and ended up between her legs. He wanted that more than anything, to feel his cock pounding into her was his total goal and focus. As Charlie slid into her cuntal sheath he felt her legs wrap around him and he began moving in and out in the age-old rhythm. As Charlie pounded into Lamie he felt her start to move in counterpoint to him. "Cum in me, I want to feel it" Lamie purred in his ear. "I want your cum, all of it! I want to feel that nice big cock pouring cum into my pussy" The word spurred Charlie to fuck her faster and harder. He felt her shudder under him and knew that she had climaxed again. "Oh, yes! More, I want to be fucked more!" Lamie yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhh, yessssss!" as another orgasm overcame her. Charlie kept fucking into the sweet pussy, Lamie's orgasms were almost constant and the feeling of her climaxes coupled with her enjoinders kept Charlie's efforts at their hardest long after Charlie thought it possible. After what seemed like hours, he felt the familiar tingle in his groin and welcomed it. Fatigue had set in long ago, but he was driven by the need to empty his balls into her one more time. Lamie kept whispering into his ear, "Cum in me! I want it, please… I want to feel your cum in my pussy, give it to me!" When Charlie started to finally cum, he couldn't stop. Load after load shot from his hard cock. As he came Lamie kept her legs wrapped around him pulling him in to her as far as possible. Keeping him pulled tight into her as he drained himself.

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   Totally exhausted Charlie rolled off and lay in bed floating in a haze caused by the total relaxation that had been caused by the best sex of his life. With in minutes the relaxation and exhaustion caused Charlie to drop into a deep sleep. Charlie never heard Lamie get up and dressed as she slipped out the door. No one noticed the young teenage girl slipping out the door and down the street. Light poured in the window, striking Charlie's face, pulling him from his deep slumbers. As he rolled over in bed and discovered the empty space next to him with his hand. The immediate thought flashed through his mind, "damn, I didn't get a phone number, or address. How am I ever gonna find her again?" Glancing at the clock on the nightstand Charlie realized he was going to be late. Mr. Ames pet peeves was employees that didn't get to the dealership on time. Charlie pulled himself out of bed, every muscle and every joint hurt. Well Charlie mused to himself, that's to be expected, after last night, He shook his head with disbelief. On the nightstand was a business card. Charlie's heart leapt, she'd left him a card a way to contact her again! The card said, Lamia Butler, no phone and a hand written "I always get what I prey for" below the name. Charlie shook his head, "weird he thought to himself, doesn't make any sense".

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   Charlie put the back down on the nightstand and walked into the bathroom. After his morning constitutional and shower He pulled himself to the sink. Last night had evidently taken a greater toll than he had thought, maybe call in sick. As he passed the vanity, he glanced in the mirror and screamed. The image he saw in the mirror wasn't a 45 year old man, it was a 90 year old man. Shriveled and balding walking stooped over and shuffling along…. . .

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