My teacher was my first.

Short Sex

i was staying behind for supported study one night and missed the bus home and didnt have any money for the pay bus so i went to ask my teacher if i could use the depertments phone to call and ask my mum2 come pick me up as i had no oney in my phone. He said there was no need for that and that he would give me a lift home. i know it was wrong but i said ok.

so we got out of the school and i got in his car I wish i hadnt. he started driving but then he pulled into an empty car park it was about 18:00.

then he asked me Why i was always so quite in his class? i replied I dont know. then he put his hand on my leg and say well we will have to find away to make you talk. i pushed his hand away but he placed it back this time on my inner thigh i let out a gasp. then he un did my seatbelt and pulled me towards him. but he just said relax i know i should have ran but i just sat then he undid my trousers and put his hand down my pants i let out a litttle scream he started rubbing my clit. I was enjoying it even though i know it was wrong. he told me to get out of the car and stand. so i did then he came out and pulled me towards the woods. i was scared but also excited i could fell my panties getting wet then he sat down on a bench and made me knell in front of him he took his cock out and put it in my mouth it was so big and hard . after i did that for 5minutes he pushed me to the ground and pulled off my trousers and pants then he put his trobbing cock in my tight virgin pussy. i gasped but relised i was enjoying it and so was he.

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   then he dumped his load in me. when he was finished he got up and put his cock awy then he pulled me up and started rubbing my breasts as he walked me back to his car. i was shocked at what had just happened. he told me this was between us and noone was to ever find out i agreed and he started driving. He dropped me off at my hous and left.

the next day at school it was as though it never happened. x

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