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The club was full of very sexually active females. Some of course were there with their partners, most were there for the flirt & the tease, but then there were the slut’s that he loved – The one’s that wanted to do one thing and one thing only - Fuck for the sheer hell of it!Mark, who was thirsty from all the provocative dancing he was doing with the flirtatious types that were dotted all over the hot, sweaty club, decided to go and get a drink. After doing the usual hand signals to his friend’s gesturing if they wanted another drink he started to battle his way through the sea of people to get to the highly overpriced bar. After a 5 minute battle through all the hot, sweaty bodies, he reached the bar and encountered the next battle – The shout for drink’s moment! All the telltale signs were there – The money in their hands, the unresponsive shouting to see who can get the attention the most, the women with their cleavage showing to the barman to entice them to come that way etc. However, one lady caught the eye of Mark. A shy redhead who was just calmly standing at the end of the bar, getting pushed out the way by all the burly men and catty women who were willing to fight for their drinks. Mark decided that, not only would he impress her by offering her to buy her drinks, but he could possibly use his charm to get his end away. Thinking this, he fought his way through the boisterous entanglement of arms, money and cleavage to find that the shy, sexy women had simply disappeared. He couldn’t believe it! He had just fought through all of this to not only lose his place in the queue, but to also lose sight of one of the sexiest people in the club. After queuing for several minutes and getting bottles of chilled Bud for him and his friend’s, he once again fought his way through the sea of sweaty bodies and entangled limbs of the flirty and the teasing. He could have sworn that he had caught sight of the redhead several times on his journey back to his friend’s, but he could never confirm it as the lights of the club would always get in the way by shining directly into his eye’s at the most impromptu moment!Mark arrived to find his friend’s looking as if they were in a deep conversation that looked on the brink of becoming serious. Mark passed the bottle of Bud to his best mate Kenny, who took the bottle as second nature and asked Mark, “Have you seen her?” to which Mark replied, “Seen who?” At this moment Kenny starts laughing and said “The redhead!” This shocked Mark and of course intrigued him at the same time. “What redhead”, he replied, trying not to sound too eager to find out the answer. “The one that came up and asked if YOU were here”, butted in his other friend Tom. “She did what?” Mark blurted out before he even had a chance to play it cool. “So you do know who she is” says Tom, “That will be £25 please”, turning to Kenny, following up the previous bet that had been made on Mark’s response.

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  At this point Mark was confused. He didn’t know who she was; he would have remembered someone so sexy. He was puzzled as to how she knew who his friends were, explained easily enough, he thought, by watching who he was talking too mainly throughout the evening. It was the fact that she knew his name was the part that really bothered, yet excited, him. Just as he was about to question his friend’s for more information he felt a tap on his shoulder. As he turned around he knew, or most certainly hoped, that he knew who it was. Sure enough, standing in front of him was the cutest, most voluptuous redhead he had ever seen in his life!She had to be around 5’ 5”, a size 10 waist and easily a 34C chest size. And he could tell by her soft white freckly skin that she was a NATURAL redhead. “Although she could certainly prove it to him, if she wanted”, he thought to himself. “Yes”, Mark asked, trying to play it casual. “Hey”, the sexual goddess replied. “I’m M—“, he started to say when Sam placed her index finger on his lips, shushing him, and grabbing his wrist, dragging him towards the dance floor, much to the awe and envy of his friends. Arriving on the dance floor with so many thoughts running through his mind, and so many blood cells racing through his veins in his groin, he was quite surprised for her to stop and place her lips on his. Of course, he was not going to turn this down - The most sensual women in the club, wanting him, so much that she came and hunted him down! “Hell No” he thought. Standing under the heat of the light’s and encompassed by sweaty bodies in every direction he turned, he returned her kiss by holding her hard against his chest and probing her mouth with his tongue; something that was returned by hers in its entirety.

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  After breaking the kiss long enough to come up for air he questioned her, “Who are you?”, “How did you know my name?”, “Why me?” Questions that were greeted by a smile and a laugh by the redhead that had snatched him away from his search for pussy to this moment of excitement that caused the throbbing in his pants!“I’m Sam, I overheard, I want you to fuck me in so many ways that it makes me wet thinking about it!” she returned in answer to his blurted and exasperated questions. “You have a problem with that?”“Hell No!” Mark replied, not believing his luck. With that answer Sam grabbed his wrist and dragged him towards the exit of the club. It was outside where Mark got the best look at Sam. She wore a short mini skirt that made her legs look delectable and her ass even better. She wore a tight crop top that made her 34C tits look so large and sexy on her white freckly body, not to mention making her nipples strain to escape through the material. Of course it was here that Mark got his best look at her shoulder length curly red hair; a fetish that he had wasted many hours looking at over the Internet. Stuck in the alluring sight of her sexual body Mark was suddenly thrown against a wall by Sam in an abrupt manner, something that he had never encountered from a female before. Just as quickly as she had thrown him against the wall, she had thrown herself against him and started kissing him in such a sexual manner that Mark nearly hardened there and then!Mark was overcome with so much sexual excitement that he nearly forgot to return Sam’s favourable kissing with a kiss of his own. This was soon rectified as he slid his tongue into her wet, warm mouth. They were both breathing very deeply by this stage, and it wasn’t long before Sam placed her hand on his throbbing 7” cock, which was hard as nails by this stage. Mark returned the favour by cupping one of her succulent breasts in his firm hands, grabbing it gently and letting his fingers slide down to her erect nipple, tweaking it slightly between his thumb and forefinger, warranting a deep groan from Sam. Mark couldn’t hold back any further and had to get what he had come out for in the first place, some pussy! He slid his hand down from Sam’s breast down to her crotch. He lifted her skirt up in such a rough manner that Sam loved it even more than she had imagined this predicament whilst she was in the club. He cupped her moist pussy with his entire hand and squeezed and lifted her slightly, an act that got the response of his cock being set free from his pants by her quick removal of the buttons on the front his jeans and dropping them round his ankles.

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  Sam crouched to her knees, staying balanced on her high heels, and took Mark’s 7” throbbing cock in her hand, holding the overly large head inches from her mouth. Despite Mark’s best efforts to get it as close to her perfectly formed lips he could not get that cock of his into her succulent mouth. Sam stayed in the same position, holding Mark’s thick cock in her hand looking into his eyes whilst breathing her hot and horny breath onto his cock. She took the tip of her tongue and decided to play with him, something which she didn’t want to do because she could think of nothing better than being fucked senseless by his love muscle. Regardless of her need’s she wanted to tease this man beyond the brink and make him fuck her harder than she had ever encountered. Using the tip of her tongue Sam licked the base of Mark’s cock slowly, right up to his large head, making him squirm and let out a warranted “Fuck” from his lips. She wrapped her voluptuous lips around the tip of his cock and took the head into her mouth and sucked gently. Mark couldn’t believe his luck; here he was getting sucked off by his redheaded fantasy goddess. He placed his hand on the back of her head and gently persuaded her to take a little bit more in her mouth. As Sam took a couple more inches into her mouth it wasn’t long before she had his whole 7” deep in her throat, expertly sucking and slurping!. With this feeling exciting Mark beyond believe he had not noticed he was fucking her mouth with such vigour and energy, something which turned on Sam so much whilst she rubbed her pussy through her drenched knickers!Mark was on the brink of blowing his cum down this women’s throat that he had only met 20 minute’s earlier when Sam suddenly released his cock form her mouth with a load “pop” and stood up. Sam pressed herself against Mark and turned him around forcing herself up against the wall, something which he helped with by pressing himself hard against her. Mark knew this was the moment that he had been waiting for since first seeing Sam; a chance to fuck her beyond all her dreams! He lifted her up against the wall and slid his tongue deep into her mouth, with which she returned the favour. With their tongues locked in battle, swirling round in the exchange of bodily fluids, Sam dipped her hand down between them and pulled her soaked knickers to the side of her quivering pussy. When she lifted her hand back up she slid her juice covered fingers into Mark’s mouth, something that surprised him but nevertheless took without question.

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  Mark could feel the heat emanating from Sam’s dripping pussy on the tip of his cock. Whilst keeping her held up against the wall by her superb, tight buttocks he expertly rubbed the tip of his cock against her soaking pussy. Sam let out a deep groan, something that made Mark tense his cock hard and slide it deep into her all the way to the hilt of his large 7” cock. Sam nearly passed out at how tight it made her pussy feel; Mark had just nearly stretched her pussy beyond recognition and all she could think of was “MORE!”. He slid his cock out right to the tip slowly and then slid the whole length back into her with such speed and force that her back flew up the wall, not to mention the load groan that escaped her mouth, “oooooooh!”Mark intensified the speed of his thrusts in speed and force and was already gathering a sweat. Sam was at the point of screaming down the alleyway by the feeling of his 7” cock deep into her pussy. The best she could do to stop screaming was to wrap her legs around his waist and bury her head into his neck, sucking hard!Mark reacted to the pain on his neck by thrusting into Sam harder and deeper than he thought was possible. This caused her to throw her head back and let out the loudest “FUCKK” that he had heard a women make. As much as Sam enjoyed this fucking, it was too much for her 34C breasts! The crop top and strapless bra that held her magnificent breast’s firmly in place gave in and let her tit’s spill out over the top of them, causing them to rise up and down in front of Mark’s face. Sam, out of instinct, cupped them firmly whilst continuing to groan loudly as Mark continued to engorge her pussy with his 7” monster!“Fuck Me Harder”, Sam screamed. “I’m gonna cum so hard, its unreal!”“Feed me your tits!” Mark replied whilst fucking her harder than he thought he could. With this Sam fed one of her pointy inch long nipples to Mark’s mouth, something that took some skill with her flying up and down at the pure power of his magnificent thrusts!Mark latched onto her nipple and sucked as hard as he could on it. “Oooooooh, fuck me!” Sam replied whilst Mark was bringing her to the point of a crunching orgasm. “Fuck me harder, you bastard, I need to cum over your cock so badly”, Sam screamed, enticing Mark to tense his cock and bring the veins of his cock to their largest whilst he continued to fuck her tight pussy. Mark knew Sam was close to having the biggest orgasm of her life.

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   He could feel her pussy muscles clamping down on his cock with every deep thrust that he gave her. She was taking all his cock and getting her nipples sucked so hard! How could she hold out so long?Sam suddenly gripped Mark by his waist with her legs and arched her whole back…“FUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE, I’M CUMMING!!!!!”With each thrust of Mark’s cock inside her Sam kept cumming and cumming hard. He kept the thrusting in and out of her dripping pussy and despite her pussy not being able to take much more he kept thrusting his 7” monster in and out of her in a frantic fashion that sent her over the edge once more. He couldn’t believe it, a Double Orgasm!Much to Sam’s excitement she could not contain herself…“OMG, I’m cumming so hard, fuck me faster! oooooooooooo”, Sam’s orgasm lasted much longer than her first one. It drenched her pussy beyond belief. Mark however was near his own orgasm!“I want you to cum all over my tit’s Mark; let me suck you till you cum on my tits!” panted Sam. With that he dropped Sam and forced her head down onto his cock. He was rock hard by this stage, his veins in the side of his cock were enlarged and Sam couldn’t believe how she had managed to take his cock without hurting. She sucked on his cock as hard as she could, deep-throating as much of it as possible, but the sheer size of his cock made her gag several times. Mark was beyond the point of caring, it was his turn to cum! And with that he removed his cock from Sam’s mouth and shot a massive thick load of cum across her tits. He couldn’t believe how much cum he had worked up in his balls!“Fucking hell” he screamed. “You like that slut!?”“Oh yes!!!”, replied Sam holding her tit’s and licking her nipples whilst shot after shot of Mark’s cum covered her tits and tongue with his hot sticky load. Sam tried to swallow as much of his love fluid as she could, but most of it hit her magnificent tit’s and she had to resort to licking the remainder of his cum off them whilst he was shaking the last of his cum on her tits. They were both tired by this stage. Not only had they been fucking for over an hour, but the club had since emptied out and neither of them had noticed the passers by at the end of the alleyway who had just witnessed the climactic end to Marks Night Out!.