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Mind Control

"I can't take it anymore!" Eric, the 5'7" 108 pound 18 year old yelled to his ceiling fan. It was a hot day and he was irritable. "Everything always breaks! The stupid fan, my X-box, and I swear someone is stealing the remote batteries" He approached the TV feeling defeated by his own apartment "I wish things would just turn on when I wanted them to" He lets his clenched fist fall onto the TV. ~CHHHHHHH!!!~ White light filled the room as the classic polar bear in a snowstorm showed on the screen before finding a channel ~Whoo! That's hot girls! Don't stop!~ Two 20ish year old girls with definitely D+ Cups were making out while water poured onto them and their white shirts ~We'll come back to them a bit later, but first Girls in space!~ His favorite Girls Gone Wild infomercial. . . of course. "Sweet! But wait. . . i haven't had cable since gas went up. . " Confused he slumps back into his lounge chair, the legs instantly kick up. "Whoa!" He says as he flies back reclining more than he expected. He inspected the side handle, still down. "Creepy.

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  . I must be delusional. . I should eat something" Leaving the chair up and TV on he walks over to fridge and opens it only to be greeted by a large blast of cold wind and a bright light at the top of the fridge. He shuts it instantly. "M. . man w. . What’s going on h. . here?" He says as the rubs his upper arms to get warm again. "I'll go take a walk, yeah! Clear my head! Yeah, that's what I need. . " He walks out of his apartment and down the narrow hallway muttering "why am I talking to myself anyway.

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  . . " and out the door .

"For once I’m glad it's hot" He stretches, his hand grazing a street light that begins glowing full blast, hardly noticeable at this time of day though. "What's going on here?" He goes to scratch his head then stops and brings his hand back down to look at at. "Better not. . . " He walks down the busy sidewalk, his hands in his pockets. "Dam, I’m still kinda hard from that GGW commercial. . it’s been awhile hasn't it" He muses to no one. He feels something hit his elbow. He turns to see your classic tall curvy little thing in a tank shorts combo.  "Sorry about that" he says with a light smile "Oh! umm.

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  . " Her face started getting red and she bites her lower lip "its okay! Umm, bye!" She was breathing hard even before she hurried off. Odd, he only felt a light brush, she couldn't have been walking fast, let alone running. . While still looking back at the girl he runs into something. . hard! He falls down hearing a small "Oof!" And a book hit the concrete.

He rubs his head then looks up to see what he hit. Before him sits a beautiful college freshmen he's seen around his school. Her silky brown hair trailed down to her perfect C cup breasts, his eyes followed her tight shirt with 2 pink sprinkled cupcakes on it where her chest is down her petite figure. She landed on her ass leaning back with her knees up granting an easy view into her open cotton white skirt housing a small pair of light blue panties with a bear on the front. Her name was Amber, if he remembered right. . Two quick hands pushed the skirt down "Y. .


  you didn't see anything did you?" Her bright pink blushing face was almost to much to bear. "N. . no! Nothing!" except that wet bear he though to himself "Sorry for running into you! I wasn't watching where I was going and. . " "N. . no!" She objected "It was my fault, I was reading and. . " The book in question was open on the floor showing a couple in doggy style on one page and military on the other. It made him raise an eyebrow.  She quickly snatches it up. "You're amber right? I'm Eric" He stands up and offers her his hand. "Amanda actually" She takes his hand. So much for getting the name right.

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  . . distracted by his thought he pulls her up a little to swiftly, the force pulls their bodies together. Her eyes go wide and the moment she in his arms she kisses him. He is too stunned by the kiss to react and she takes total command of him, opening his mouth with her lips and forcing her tongue inside exploring his mouth. 'This is amazing! She'd never shown interest in me before! Or any guy, she was un-obtainable and here she is making out with me! And reaching for my. . . ' He stops her hand and breaks the kiss "Umm Amanda don't you think. . " "Let me have it!" She says pleadingly "huh?" "Please! I want it. I NEED it. I need YOU!" Her eyes half closed never seem to fully open and her breathing is heavy "Amanda! Are you okay? Get a grip!" He holds her by the shoulders but her small body easily wiggles out of it and knocks him off balance to the concrete sidewalk and plants heavy wanting kisses on his cheek and neck. It was amazing how fast she was moving, he barely had time to react as she slides her hands under his shirt feeling up his abs and chest taking his shirt off as she moves upward. She kisses his exposed body moving down increasingly fast moaning now after every few kisses.

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   He sits up and grabs her by the shoulders again, this time with a tighter grip. "Amanda! Stop" "But Why!?" She whines reaching for him "Cuz you're attracting a crowd. . " Several onlookers have formed a circle. Some with faces hidden parental hands, some with looks of disgust, some with intrigue, some with scandal and some with embarrassment. "Please baby! I want you now!" She wriggles free and clings to him. An annoyed older woman approaches them, he tries to back away along the floor with the unwavering grasp of the girl wonder. "Young man! Don't you have any manners! You are in public!" She gives him a swift smack to the head and stands upright again her arms crossed.  It didn't take long before her arms loosen and her eyes get softer "Oh crap. . " He mutters to himself with an eye roll. "Why umm. . excuse me! You two love birds have fun! Sorry for hitting you. " Her flush face recedes into the crowd as they look on with amazement.

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   He backs up more feeling behind him. He touches a wall and falls through backward with partner in tow.

The automatic doors close behind them. He looks around recognizing a popular nightclub "Why does a nightclub have automatic doors. . ?" Tinted windows line the outside of the building so the onlookers have trouble seeing and many of them are trying to open the door, some leave and more follow their lead. "Okay Amanda its safe now. I think we should. . " He looks away from the window and down to her. "When did you get my pants undone!?" Is what he would have liked to say. He got to about 'you' before she slid her mouth onto his stiff member stifling his sentence with a moan of his own….

To be Contnued… that is, if I get good comments ;D