A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 18

Mind Control

Later that night, Evan laid in bed with Ryoko while he heard Robertslamming his cock into Yvonne in the adjoining room. Even thoughYvonne and Robert had been going out with each other for nigh on ayear now, it still felt odd to Evan to know that there was another man inside ofhis twin. He didn't hold any malice toward Robert, but he thoughtperhaps he was getting some of his own medicine considering howYvonne had tolerated, albeit under the spell of his flashlight, hisregular battering of Ryoko and Aolani's sacred gates with his fleshhammer.

Ryoko would cruise through her final year of high school, but notEvan and Yvonne. As college sophomores, their classes were more difficultand required a greater workload. Because of deadline pressures attached tothings like term papers and the greater amount of material coveredbefore tests, time seemed to fly by. Before they turned around, itwas Thanksgiving break and then the Christmas holiday and then finals forthe fall semester and then more work got piled on them during thespring term.

In the meantime, Evan and Ryoko were planning their May wedding. InMarch, Ryoko turned 18. She informed her parents that she wasgetting married to Evan. They weren't pleased at the sudden news,especially as Evan didn't ask permission from her dad to get hitchedto his daughter. They were nevertheless resigned to Ryoko's futurebeing in America and now that she was an adult she could do what shewanted under U. S. law (in Japan, the age of adulthood is 20). Because of their work obligations, her older brother and her fatherwouldn't be able to come to the wedding, but her mother would.

The first Saturday of the fifth month of that year, Ryoko wasbrought down the aisle of the church by her mother , her long blackhair hanging starkly over her white wedding gown.


   They said theirvows  and she was now Ryoko Reese. She would show off her $10,000wedding ring to her classmates Monday at school. They went to anearby hotel for the reception and then went home exhausted, drunkand full.

Robert spent the night with Yvonne in her room, something that Evanwanted him to do as comfort for her so that Ryoko and he could bealone on their wedding night.

The following Saturday, Evan woke Yvonne up and had a surprise forher: her own wedding dress. Her head swam for a bit as Ryoko helpedher put it on. Her and Evan's parents showed up and once Yvonne wasproperly attired for the occasion, they took her to a nearby chapel. Earlier in the month, Evan had confronted the presiding priest andordered him to officiate at the event he planned for his sisterafter shining his flashlight in his eyes when he had locked up. Evan was standing at the head of the aisle while his dad walkedYvonne toward it. The only people there other than the twins'immediate birth family were Ryoko and Aolani. The priest wentthrough the standard spiel and then finished with, "do you YvonneReese take this man as your spiritual husband, to love, honor andcherish so long as you shall live?" "I do," she intoned, her voicecracking as she began to cry. "Do you Evan Reese take this woman asyour spiritual wife, to love, honor and cherish as long as you shalllive?" "I do," he smiled. "You may now kiss the bride," the priestpermitted and Evan parted her veil and laid a soft, lingering kisson his sister.

When Evan and everybody returned to his house, there was cateredfood laid out and they duly stuffed themselves. That night, Aolanislept with Ryoko while the twins celebrated their connection inEvan's bed.

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   Evan had put a wedding ring on Yvonne's finger, but shehad to put it away the next morning. "You're a wonderful brother andhusband, Evan," she told him as she cried again. "And you're anamazing sister and wife," he finished. Then she smiled and sighed ashe pressed his cock into her pussy, eventually leaving his creamygift for her after he had made her orgasm. She went to sleep thatnight feeling sexually and emotionally satisfied.

After the semester ended, Ryoko and Evan honeymooned in Australia. Still, even as glad as he was to have Ryoko as his legal wife, therewas that pang of emptiness because his other half wasn't there. Whenhe arrived home after a very long flight, he hugged a nude Yvonne astightly as he could and passionately kissed her in front of hisnewlywed partner. Ryoko removed all of her clothes and she and Evanwent to bed to sleep off the jet lag. Yvonne then slid into bed nextto them when she was finally ready to doze off.

Now that Aolani had also graduated high school, Evan had her move inwith him, Ryoko and Yvonne. He also programmed Aolani in such a wayas to deepen both her lesbianism and love for Ryoko. Aolani'sresponsibility was to keep the livingroom, the hallway and thebathroom in it clean.

So Evan was king of his own castle  now with a harem he could use ona whim. Indeed, he was constantly hard with three naked femalesrunning around the house all day.

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   Scarcely a day went by when hewasn't sticking his cock into one or more of them. This was oftenprovoked by the sight of Aolani and Ryoko kissing and fiddling with eachother's body parts.

When school started in September, everybody could now pile into theminivan again and head en mass to their campus in the morning, whichthey hadn't been able to do for a couple of years. They all could dotheir studying and research together at the library. Robert was alsothere to cuddle and support Yvonne. Robert, Evan and Yvonne were allreally bogged down in work since they were juniors. Ryoko and Evan oftenwent out to his minivan to have a relaxing cuddle together in theparking lot just to break up the monotony and clear their heads. Yvonneand Robert often did the same thing, as did Ryoko and Aolani. Or Aolaniand Ryoko, if all they had to do was some reading, would get under thecovers of the mattress and relax in each other's arms while they perusedthe assigned materials. So it just wasn't a car, it was a kind ofrefuge.

On a cool, rainy and overcast day that November, Evan went to Hollywoodin the late afternoon and walked into the offices of one of the majorrecord companies and froze the receptionist with his penlight. Sheescorted him into the CEOs' office and Evan lit him up. Within the nexthalf hour, Evan became a youth consultant to the billion dollar firm for$50,000 a month. Then he did the same thing to another label up theblock. He was counting on the hazy accounting practices of these musicconglomerates to help cover his tracks.

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He also cased the movie studios, but it would have been too much of ahassle to penetrate those properties. He turned his minivan around andheaded home. $100,000 a month for about two hours work wasn't a badreturn on his time investment. With Yvonne's pending impregnation in ayear and a half, he wanted to start looking at setting down some rootsby owning a home.

The terrible weather continued over the ensuing days. The followingMonday, Evan checked out a leading swimwear company and, again, thesecurity was pretty free and easy. at their office He figured that sincehe was already in the neighborhood, he'd pull into their parking lot,make the receptionist his robot with his penlight and then do somethingsimilar to the company's CFO. That was another $50,000 per month in hisbank account. Evan thought he did well enough and opted to lay in theweeds afterward. However, once he, Yvonne and Robert had finished withtheir respective junior years, they went house hunting in an uppermiddle class community that was known for its excellent schools. He hadmillions in the bank by then and eventually purchased a two story, 4,000square foot five bedroom place in a gated community that had beenforeclosed on, so he snaked it for a good price indeed.

When they began their senior years, Evan and Yvonne were fully moved into the new abode. "So when do you want Robert to inseminate you?" Evaninquired. "Obviously, it's  going to have to be before the end of mylast semester of school, but I don't want to get pregnant too early orit might affect my studies," she stated. "Also, I don't want to startshowing until after Robert and I have broken up.

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  " "You think April mightbe a good time?" Evan asked. "Yeah, maybe in the middle or late part ofthe month. ": "When would you go off birth control?" "Boy, that's reallytricky. I might get knocked up within a month or it could take longer. It's hard to predict, especially since I've been on the pill for so manyyears. " "You want to go for late March?" "Yeah, I think that couldwork," she hoped. "I hope so, Yvonne. I can hardly wait to be a dad toyour kids. " "You'll be such a great father," she smiled. .