Mum and Dad...


Im 13 years old, i live in Kent in England. It's calm and theres barely any talk on sex ever, heck i only found out about having a good wank about a year ago!Although forget about all that, thats for another time. . . "ok, time to switch off. . . " my mum said, she seemed happier than usual although i didnt think of it until later. . . "aw come on! its 9:30. . . " i said. . "you need an eary nigt for school!" "fine.

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  . . " i turned off the tv, waited for my mum to leave then pulled by boxes down and stroked my dick as fast as i could. . . Damn i wanted sex so bad! I wanted to stik my dick right into a virgin girl my ages cunt. . . I had been wanking for about 1/2 an hour (couldn't seem to cum) when suddenly i heard a low groan, it seemed to be comming from downstairs. . . . I thought it was my imagination but then i began hearing,"h yes!yes! fuck,yes!fuck me harder. . .

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  " I quietly left my room and crept down the stairs, my dick extremly hard and begenning to drip with pre-cum. The door was 1/2 open. . . I looked in. . My mum was lying on the floor in a sexy lacey red bra and thong. . . "wow, i thought. . . i never knew my mum could look so hot!" On top of her my dad lay there riding in and out exposing 3inches of his dick each time. . .

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   My dick was begging for it now, i quickly but quietly began stroking my self,fast! "OH GOD YES, OH FUCK INSIDE ME!" my mum wa screaming, suddenly my dad got off her and she squirted everywhere. . . This was to much for me, i shot my load, my jizz firing everywhere, some of it hit my parents. . . They turned around and quickly hid, i ran back up to my room and wankd more. . . I never thought the same of my mum again. . the end. . This is my first story, please review it. note it is also 100% fictional.

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