River Rape


The river flowed down the hills. Spattering over rocks with a rushing sound as the blue and white waves splashed the riverside. On the white sand next to this river sat Amy. Her black hair was let down, and she tilted her head back to let the hot sun beat down on her as she lay.
Her skin was a golden tan, which helped to show her long sinewy muscles. Her hair was black and wavy, framing her thin face. Her chest was small and perky, her body tight and gorgeous. Her jean shorts showed off her long legs and her tank top hinted at the fact that she was slightly underweight.
She liked coming here. It was peaceful by this river. The rocks stretched out into he water, allowing one to step into the river and only get ones feet wet until getting more toward the center when it bottomed out.
Today, unbeknownst to Amy, there were others enjoying the view. Two men, years older than Amy, with bulging fat and grimy long hair, were peering through the surrounding trees at the damsel. The two men were disgusting creatures, and their eyes looked upon the nineteen year old with lust. Their fat bellies protruded outwards, covering their fat, sweaty cocks. The only clothes they wore were overalls, stinking in grime.


It didn’t take long for these two men to decide that this beautiful, innocent woman needed to be violated. So the monsters struck up a fast pace toward the riverside, and Amy. Upon arrival, the crunching of sand beneath their bare feet alerted Amy to their approach. She turned her head and immediately retreated slightly as she saw their revolting physique and hygiene.
“What’re you doin’ ‘round here you pretty little thang?” The one with long curly hair asked.
“I like it when ladies like yourself come down here to sunbathe. ” The bald one said.
Curly agreed, “ Yeah, especially when they go nude right?” His eyes roamed Amy’s figure. “That what you were gunna do little miss?”
Amy shook her head. Her eyes had widened with fear. These men were not good, she could tell.
“I’m just gunna go…” Amy began, straightening up to leave. But Bald grabbed her thin arm, immediately taking control.
“Now miss you got no right to rob us of our show. ” He grinned,” it’d be damn rude.

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  ” Amy immediately began to hold back tears.
“Oh look here, she’s gunna cry!” Bald said laughing.
“Little cunt, let’s give her a reason to cry. ” Curly replied. He reached up and slipped off the straps of his overalls. His clothes fell away. Stepping out, Amy saw his hairy, fat belly, and his big, fat, sweaty, pungent cock. Curly grabbed Amy’s hair roughly, pulling her head back, allowing Bald to follow suit.
“Now sweetie,” Curly said, pushing her toward the water. “ Join us. ” Amy did not move, tears rolled down her cheeks, her knees shook. She was frozen in fear.
“Slut. ” Bald murmured. He grabbed Amy by the belt of her pants and pulled down.

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In a moment, Amy’s glisteningly golden legs and beautifully shaven crotch were exposed. Amy immediately took off, but the pants were still around her ankles, causing her to fall. She was now openly sobbing as Bald grabbed her face and slapped her roughly. He then tore her tank top from her body. Leaving her naked and bent over like a crying dog.
Curly grabbed her womanly hips and dug his filthy nails in, His cock swelling up. Bald knelt before Amy’s quivering mouth, and violently shoved his cock down her throat. Curly pressed his dick against Amy’s tightened vagina. He smiled.
“This is just gunna hurt more for you now. ” He said. He then forced his way in. Amy managed a gurgle of pain through the revolting cock in her throat. Then, at once, both men began fucking her. As Curly’s cock went into Amy’s pussy deeper and deeper, Bald fucked her face.

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   Amy felt as if their dicks would meet in the middle with every thrust. Her tears of pain and fear increased and her legs grew weaker as they brutally fucked her. Both men were yelling and moaning. She felt the slap of Curly’s hand on her rounded ass.
“That’s it slut!” He yelled. He brought his hand down again and again, reddening and bruising her buttocks. His cock pulsed as it went in and out as he plowed her tight twat. His fat cock spreading her vaginal walls and causing friction burn. Bald’s dick went down farther with every plunge into her throat. Amy began gagging on it. Her saliva seeped from her mouth mixed with pre-cum. Some coated her breasts. Tears, cum, and saliva made her front half look soaking wet. Her back half was red from abuse.
Suddenly, Curly extracted his cock and shoved it in a new hole.

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   Amy’s virgin asshole screamed as a massive dick slammed inside it. Amy screamed and cried harder. Then, Bald pulled out. As Amy gasped for air, Bald sprayed his seed all over her face and into her mouth. Amy sat up, coughing up cum onto her tits, and simultaneously taking Curly’s dick in deeper. She screamed in pain, wetness and cum covering her face and tits. One of her eyes burned as thick cum dripped into it. Curly grabbed her throat, using it to help him fuck Amy harder and harder, until he swelled inside her and began to cum. The first spray went into Amy’s ass. He pushed her face into the sand, and pulled out, spraying onto her lower back and ass. Now Amy’s cum drenched face had sand stuck to it. She felt dazed, and didn’t hear the two men discuss what to do next.
Then there were hands on her again. As Curly and Bald flipped her over, they smacked her tits and ass more. Suddenly, Curly’s cock was in her pussy as she straddled him reverse cowgirl.

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   As she began to fight, he grabbed her neck and tits to hold her as a laughing Bald entered her ass from behind. The men began to pound her holes as one. Bald shoved his fingers in her mouth, muffling Amy’s screams. Both her holes took the punishment of the fat cocks.
Amy began to fade in energy, loosening her holes, she began to simply take the fucking. She let the men have their fun. Soon, she felt Curly cum in her vagina. Undoubtedly impregnating her. His sperm was hot, and she could feel it deep inside her. His cum was seeping out of her ass from last time he fucked her and onto her cunt from Bald’s fucking. As Bald began to cum, he grabbed her and put her on her back as Curly watched. H sprayed all over her stomach, laughing more.
Amy, covered all over in cum, saliva, spit, and sand lay there. Exhausted and tingling with pain, she slowly passed out, and the men moved on.

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