RAPING MUM     PART TWO. . . This story follows on from Black Satin Slip. To give you a better understanding of this story it is better to read part one first.   The following week came and went, and so did the next. It had been almost three weeks since i had visited my sister. I just couldn't build up enough courage to go round and visit. What if Eddie was there ?. . . How would i react ?. . . I couldn't be sure i could face him and act natural without arousing any suspicion. Also, i had no idea how my sister was feeling about what had happened between us.

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   Would she even want me to visit again ?.   Some nights i would lay in bed and feel totally ashamed about what i had done to my sister. Other nights i would lay there and get so aroused thinking about it i would masturbate for hours. I would get the black satin slip and lay it out on my bed so i could look at it whilst masturbating with my sisters red satin knickers wrapped around my cock. Or sometimes i would lay on my bed and rub the satin slip all over my naked body. -----------------------  I sat watching the television with my mother on Friday night whilst she slowly got drunk on a bottle of vodka. My dad had gone down the pub to get out of the house after a blazing row with my mum.   "Are you going round to Kellys tomorrow to see Amy ?", asked my mum.   "Probably not", i replied.   "Kelly came round earlier in the week while you were at work. She said Amy was upset you hadn't been round to take her to the park the last two weeks", said mum.   "Did Kelly say anything else ?", i asked.   "About what ?. . .

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   Have you two fallen out again ?", asked my mum.   "No", i replied.   "Well something must be wrong. You go to visit Amy most weekends and suddenly you don't go for three weeks", replied my mum.   "Nothing is wrong. Just leave it", i said as i stood up and left the room.   I went upstairs to my room and left my mother to drink herself into a stupor. Ever since Kelly had left home seven years ago my mum and dad did nothing but fight and argue all the time. My dad would normally end up smashing something or storming out of the house to go to the pub. He wouldn't normally return until the early hours of the next morning or sometimes late the next day, depending on how much he had to drink. My mother would often sit and cry and drink herself unconscious with a bottle of vodka. Many times over the last few years i had carried my mother up to her room and put her to bed. I would normally remove her dress before putting her into bed. At 42 years old my mother was slightly over weight and had a fuller figure then my sister, which you would expect from an older woman. It was easy to see where Kelly had got her curves and large breasts from.

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   My mother often wore shiny nylon slips under her dress, more often than not they would be full slips but occasionally waist slips. They weren't as nice as proper satin slips but sometimes, depending on the slip, i still found them to be very sexy and arousing. I had learnt that when my mother was unconscious from drink there was no way she was going to wake up for several hours. On several occassions, after undressing my mother and laying her on her bed, i would fondle her tits for a while. A couple of times i got curious and sneaked a peak at my mothers pussy, but i had never gone any further than just look. This was very soon about to change, which i will tell you about later. ---------------------------   The following morning when i got up my mother was already up and about. I sat in the lounge watching the television alone whilst eating my breakfast cereal. My mum came into the room and announced she was going shopping with my sister and would be back in a few hours. A few hours past (I was still watching the tv) and my mother arrived back home carrying some shopping bags.   "Are you going to just sit there all day and do nothing ?", asked my mum.   "Probably", i said.   "Amy was asking if you were going to take her to the park today", said my mum. I looked up at my mother giving her an uninterested glare and said nothing.   "Look if you've fallen out with your sister it's not fair to take it out on Amy.

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   She really enjoys you taking her to the park, she looks forward to it", stated my mum.   "I told you i haven't fallen out with Kelly. Has Kelly said anything ?", i asked.   "No she hasn't", replied mum.   "There you go then, so stop going on about it. What did you buy ?", i asked pointing at the bags.   "Oh, just a couple of blouses and some lingerie. I only went to keep Kelly company but i decided to treat myself", said mum.   "Look, if Kelly is back at home now with Amy, i think i'll go round and see her", i said. Mum smiled. --------------------------   A short while later i arrived at my sisters house and rang the bell. Eddie answered the door with a very excited Amy in tow.   "Uncle Steve, Uncle Steve. Are we going to the park ?", shouted Amy jumping up at me.   I picked Amy up in my arms and nervously followed Eddie into the kitchen where my sister was making coffee.

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     "That was good timing. The kettles on, you want a coffee too ?", asked Eddie.   "Yeah sure", i replied.   "Then are going to the park ?", asked Amy.   "Yes we are going to the park", i replied.   "Mummy, mummy. Uncle Steve is taking me to the park", shouted an excited Amy.   I wasn't at all sure how i would react when i saw Eddie but Amy certainly had the desired effect of taking away my nerves and attracting everyones attention.   "Hey Steve, i don't mean to be rude, it's good to see you, but i got to get ready to go out. I'm going out with some work mates tonight. One of the guys from work is getting married and it's his stag do. I've got a two hour drive ahead of me to meet up with them, and i'll be staying overnight and returning in the morning. I wont be here when you get back from the park, so we will catch up later ok", said Eddie rushing out of the room.   "Phew, that wasn't so bad", i said quietly to myself. ------------------------------  A few hours later i returned from the park with Amy.

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   My sister was alone in the house. Not quite sure what to say to my sister i grew a little uneasy.   "Well i'll be off home then", i said to Kelly.   "You don't have to go do you ?", asked Kelly. "I was just going to give Amy her tea. You could stay for something to eat if you like".   "Yeahhhh !!!. . . Stay for tea uncle Steve", shouted Amy excitedly.   I agreed to stay. It was clear that Kelly was in no hurry to get rid of me, although i still felt a little awkward and unsure what to say to my sister. After tea was finished, Kelly said she had to bath Amy and put her to bed.   "You can watch the tv if you like. I wont be long.

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   Then we can talk", said Kelly.   "Talk ?. Talk about what ?", i asked nervously.   "Oh. I think we have plenty to talk about, don't you ?", she said. --------------------------------   I sat in the lounge waiting for almost an hour just channel-hopping on the tv before my sister reappeared. I looked up at Kelly and was almost knocked for six at her appearance. Stood before me was a stunning looking young lady, hair freshly washed, make up done, and elegantly dressed. Kelly gave me a twirl and asked how she looked.   "Holy fucking shit", i exclaimed. "WOW, you look fuckin' amazing", i told my sister. Kelly smiled very pleased that i liked her outfit.   "You like then ?", she asked.   "Like ?. I love it.

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   That blouse is absolutely gorgeous, and that skirt, wow. Look at that silky slip showing too. Kelly you look fantastic", i told her.   Kelly was wearing a long sleeved, teal coloured satin blouse, done up in the front with satin covered buttons, open to a vee at the neck with a long pointed collar, puffy sleeves done up with wide three button cuffs. It was semi fitted, loose but shaped at the waist to hug her figure. The blouse was worn over a long black satin pencil skirt, just below knee length with a long 18 inch slit up her left thigh, showing a lace trimmed silver satin slip underneath. Kelly walked back and forth across the lounge modelling her satin outfit for me. Her breasts jiggled under her shimmering blouse, and the silky satin slip was clearly on show as the slit in her tight fitting skirt opened up. My cock grew hard as i became aroused at the sight of my sexy sister putting on a show for me. I suddenly grew curious as to why my sister was all dressed up.   "Are you going out somewhere ?, did you want me to baby sit ?", i asked.   "No silly !!! This is for you ?", she said.   "For me ?", i said stunned.   "I went shopping this morning with mum and saw this. I thought of you and your satin fetish and decided to buy it to please you", Said Kelly.

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     "To please me ?". I liked the sound of that. My sexy sister wasn't at all angry or mad at me and i had no need to feel embarrassed at what had happened between us.   "So you aren't angry or embarrassed then ?", i asked Kelly.   "For what ?", asked Kelly.   "For what happened. For what i did to you ?", i said.   "Hell no. It was fantastic, i enjoyed every second of it", replied Kelly.   "Don't you feel a little ashamed ? after all, what we did was wrong. It was incest, it was illegal", i told Kelly.   "Well i'm not going to tell anyone if you don't Steve", said my sister. "Let me tell you something which might shock you", she continued. "When i was at school i wasn't very popular with the other girls, they bullied me and called me names. I got through school by giving the boys what they wanted and in return they protected me.

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   I lost my virginity at the age of 13. I got a reputation as the school bike and a slut. By the time i left school i had been fucked by over 20 boys and at least three teachers. I even had sex with a couple of my boyfriends fathers. In total, i've had sex with more than 30 partners and i can honestly say i have never been fucked the way you fucked me".   I wasn't totally shocked by my sisters confessions. I knew she had had alot of boyfriends when she was at school. I never really understood why she was so popular, she certainly wasn't the most attractive girl in school. Learning my sister had lost her virginity at the age of 13 came as no surprise. Eddie had actually confessed to me two years earlier, that he had been my sisters first boyfriend and had taken her virginity when he was 14, and that she was the second girl he had fucked. It seemed a little strange that they had got back together years later after leaving school and ended up marrying each other.   "So you enjoyed it then, what we did ?", i asked for desperate need of confirmation.   "Yes Steve, i enjoyed it. The way you fucked me was nothing short of amazing. I've thought of nothing else ever since.


  I've had orgasms just thinking about it. If wearing satin for you is what i have to do to get great sex, then it's a small price to pay as far as i'm concerned", said Kelly.   The feeling i had at that moment knowing i had given my sister the best sex ever was a feeling of great satisfaction and contentment.   "I wasn't at all sure how you felt about what had happened. I wasn't sure if you would want me round here anymore, or if you would even speak to me again when the reality of what happened had sunk in", i told my sister.   "Well i haven't dressed up like this for nothing. If you don't take me again soon i'm gonna scream", said Kelly.   "What ?. You want sex now ?", i asked unsure.   "I want you to take me like you did before. I want you inside me. I want to you to pound my pussy with your cock like a rabid animal", demanded Kelly.   I stood up and hugged Kelly. Sliding my hands up and down that lovely silky smooth satin blouse, carressing her breasts through the slinky material. My cock grew harder and my breathing grew heavier as i grew more aroused at the prospect of screwing my sister again.

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   My sister slumped into my arms and submitted to me totally. Kelly shut her eyes and let out a gentle moan of pleasure as i tweaked her nipples and rubbed my hand between her legs. The feeling of her satin blouse and skirt sliding over her smooth satin slip was so arousing to me. I knew at that moment i could do anything i wanted to my sister and she wouldn't stop me. I kept looking towards the door nervously. What if Amy was to get up and come down stairs unexpectedly ?. How would we explain to a young child what her mummy and uncle were doing to each other. I let go of my sister and stepped away suddenly. Kelly opened her eyes startled and looked around.   "What's wrong ?. why did you stop ?", she asked.   "I can't do this. I can't do it with Amy in the house", i told her.   "It's ok. She's asleep.

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   She wont get up", Kelly tried to reassure me.   "I just can't do it. You look so fuckin sexy and i want you so much, but i can't do it with Amy upstairs. What if she hears something and comes down. What would you tell a little girl ?. It's just too risky", i said.   "Eddies away tonight. We may not get another chance like this for a long time. Steve, i've been dreaming about this for the last three weeks. The way you made me feel when you fucked me last time was like nothing i've experienced before. Please. . . . I want you so bad", Kelly pleaded.

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     I stood admiring my sister in her teal satin blouse and black satin skirt. The sight of her lace trimmed silver satin slip showing beneath her skirt was driving me crazy. Her nipples were pressing against her slinky blouse making two little peaks. Never before had anyone dressed up for me to satisfy my sexual desires. How could i pass up a chance like this. This was everything i had ever desired and fantasized about. The fact that Kelly was my sister and it was wrong to want her just added to the thrill. Kelly knew i was extremely aroused and teased me by rubbing her hands over her blouse and making her nipples stand out more. She undid an extra button on her blouse to reveal the top of her satin slip. Then she lifted her skirt to show more of the silver satin slip under her skirt.   "Oh God !!!, don't do this to me", i begged.   My breathing was heavy and i had began sweating. My hard erect cock was straining to break free of the confines of my trousers. I desperately wanted to hold my sister, to rubbed my hands all over her curvaceous body, to feel the slinky smooth rippling satin she was dressed in. I just couldn't get the thought of Amy being upstairs out of my head.

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   Kelly moved in closer and placed her hand on my groin, gently rubbing up and down. She stared deep into my eyes inviting me to make a move on her. I felt my belt being unbuckled and my zip being undone. As Kelly undid my trousers and slid her hand down the front of my pants in search of my erection, i moved my lips closer towards hers. My sisters hand closed gently around my cock and began to stroke it back and forth. The feeling was like nothing i could ever do to myself with my own hand. I kissed my sister full on the lips and she reciprocated the kiss by parting her lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth. Kelly began to suck on my tongue as she continued to stroke my cock back and forth. Any second now i was going to submit to my desires to brutally fuck my sister like a wild animal. I looked over to the door once more and immediately thought of Amy.   "NO !!!!", i shouted.   I pushed my sister away. What the hell was i thinking. My sister was offering me everything i ever wanted and i was pushing her away. I was so confused.

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   I desperately wanted to fuck her but i couldn't. Not with my young niece so close by.   "I can't do this Kelly. I'm sorry", i said buckling up my belt.   I rushed out of the house with Kelly chasing me. As i got to my car, i looked back at Kelly standing in the street. What an amazing sight, to see my sister standing in the open air dressed in a satin blouse and skirt. The wind was strong and it blew through Kellys satin blouse making it ripple like waves, pushing the flimsy material into her chest and making her breasts more prominent. The street lights shone off her blouse making it shimmer in the dark. The long slit in her black satin skirt blew open at the front exposing her silver slip for anyone to see. I got in my car and drove away.
  I was feeling so frustrated and dissapointed at not fucking my sexy sister again. If i didn't find some way of relieving myself soon my balls felt like they were going to burst. I couldn't get the picture of my sister standing in the street dressed in a satin blouse and skirt out of my head. It was like a video on replay, playing over and over in my mind.

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   Her satin blouse fluttering about in the wind, her silky satin slip exposed to all as her skirt blew open. It was a memory i would never forget.
I drove around town and cruised the seafront for an hour or more. As i drove i admired all the attractive young ladies dressed up to go clubbing. I would often drive around at night at the weekends hoping to see some young lady dressed up in satin on her way to a night club. I had on several occasions in the past followed women after spotting them wearing a satin blouse or dress. I grew more and more anxious as i drove around looking for something i couldn't have, knowing my sister was at home offering me everything i desired.   I needed to get home quickly so i could masturbate and remove these sexual urges i was feeling. The way i felt at that moment i could easily succumb to my desires and end up raping i entered the lounge after arriving home i immediately knew something was wrong. The television was lying on the floor smashed into pieces. Ornaments were scattered around broken. The mirror on the wall was shattered into pieces. I noticed shopping bags and clothes on the sofa. There was a strong smell of alcohol in the air. My mother was slumped unconscious in an armchair.

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   I paused for a moment taking in my surroundings trying to put together what had happened. It seemed my mother was trying on the new clothes she had bought earlier that day when she went shopping with Kelly. There had obviously been quite an argument between my mum and dad as i had witnessed so many times in the past. I had not been there to calm the situation and things had got out of control. My dad had lost his temper and started smashing the place up, but i had never seen him cause so much damage like this before.
  My mother had turned to alcohol to drown her sorrows like so many times before and lay slumped in the armchair totally out of it. It was then my mind started to work overtime. The sight of my mother laying there unconscious in the new clothes she had been trying on made me aroused once more. She wore an identical satin blouse to the one i had seen Kelly wearing earlier, except it was a deep red colour. She also wore a matching red satin flared pleated skirt. The blouse was tucked inside the skirt making it look like a dress with a black belt around her waist. As my mother had slumped down into the chair passing into unconsciousness, her legs had spread apart and her skirt had risen up exposing her silky slip beneath. The slip was black satin with black lace trim and i could see about 8 inches of the exposed slip. I had never seen my mother wear a proper satin slip before and i was extremely turned on. I looked at the shopping bags and other clothes drapped over the sofa.

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   There was another identical blouse in royal blue satin with a matching pleated satin skirt. There was also another fullslip in white satin and a few pairs of large silky satin french knickers with matching camisoles.   My mother had indeed decided to treat herself that day and what a wonderful gift to herself, i thought. I knew then what i was about to do was very wrong, but i didn't care. I was alone in the house with my mother dressed in satin and my balls aching to be relieved. I quickly stripped off my clothes and stood in the middle of the lounge naked with a raging hard on. I knew i wouldn't be able to fit into one of my mothers blouses, but i reckoned i could probably squeeze into the slinky satin fullslip that laid so invitingly on the sofa. I stepped into the white satin fullslip and slid it up my body, carefully trying to get the thin delicate straps over my shoulders without snapping them. I rubbed my hands up and down my own body feeling the tight satin slip against my skin. I knew i probably looked ridiculous but it felt nice none the less.   I looked at my mother slump in the armchair admiring the lovely satin blouse and skirt she wore. I took hold of her arms and sat her up in the chair and gently shook her to see if she would wake. Her breasts bounced about under her blouse attracting my attention immediately. I shook her again, this time more vigourously just so i could see those large breasts bounce under her slinky satin blouse. I climbed around the back of my mother and sat in the chair behind her with my legs spread one either side of her and the tight satin slip pulled up around my waist.

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   I put my arms under my mothers arms and around her body and began squeezing those lovely big tits forcefully. I gave no thought to how much this would hurt her if she had been conscious as i pinched her nipples through the slinky satin blouse and twisted them hard.
  My only concern at that moment was for my own selfish pleasure, and i intended to do whatever i pleased to my mother. I pulled at the front of her blouse popping the buttons undone so i could put my hands inside and feel her silky slip. Suddenly i gave my mum an almighty shove forward launching her into the air and onto the floor. She hit the floor with a hard thud, sprawled out like a life size rag doll. If that didn't wake her then nothing would and i would be free to rape her. I climbed on top of my mothers body and rubbed myself over her, feeling the satin slip i was wearing slide over her satin blouse and skirt. My cock was raging hard and waiting to explode. I had no intention of wasting my cum tonight by masturbating into a tissue or my sisters silky knickers. I spread my mothers legs apart and knelt between them as i lifted her pleated satin skirt. The sight of my mothers new black satin slip was a delight to see. I took hold of my mothers satin blouse and tugged hard ripping it open to the waist band of her skirt so i could see the top of that lovely black satin full slip. I lifted the hem of the black slip and pushed it up around her waist exposing a pair of new silky black satin knickers.   "OH WOW", i said loud.

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     I wasted no time as i pushed my face into my mothers crotch and rubbed my face over her silky knickers smelling the aroma of her pussy. I pulled the gusset of her satin knickers aside exposing her pussy and began running my tongue up and down her pussy slit. Her pussy was dry and i knew i would not be able to penetrate her without some kind of lubrication. I knew there was a bottle of hand cream (mosturising lotion) in the kitchen and quickly retrieved it. I squirted the bottle of hand cream directly onto my mothers fanny and began working it into her pussy with my fingers. I then applied generous amounts of hand cream to my hard erect penis and spread it all over with my fist. Spreading my mothers legs apart and lifting them onto my shoulders i placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Then with one almighty shove i drove my cock deep inside her snatch and began pumping away. The sight of my mothers breasts bouncing back and forth under her black satin slip drove me wild as i pumped harder and faster forcing my cock inside her as deep as i could go.
  I couldn't have cared less at how much this would hurt her or if i was doing any damage to her. My only concern was to relieve my swollen balls and fill my mothers pussy with my sperm. I couldn't remember another time ever in my life that my balls had been so hard and swollen, not even when i fucked my sister. My balls were so hard and swollen to the point it was painful and i had to cum quickly or i would soon be in agony. Suddenly i shot my load of baby making cum inside my mothers snatch. I could feel my cock flooding my mothers pussy to the point it was oozing out as i kept thrusting my cock in and out.


   My cock slowly began to subside and i withdrew it from my mums pussy with a sigh of relief. The ache in my balls began to vanish somewhat, but i knew if i was to get them back to normal i would have to go again. I stood up and tried to remove the tight fitting satin slip from my sweat soaked body without damaging it. Then i stood admiring my mother laying on the floor unconscious in her shiny satin attire. ---------------------------   It seemed a little strange to me that my mother had never before worn satin, and yet on the same day both my sister and mother go shopping and buy identical satin blouses and sexy satin slips. I wondered if my sister had told my mum about my fetish for satin. My sister was very close to our mother and they were more like best friends than mother and daughter. I knew my sister had deliberately bought a new satin blouse and skirt to please me, she had said as much. I wondered if it were at all possible my own mother would have bought these new clothes to tease me, or maybe test me in some way. I started to feel horney again and my cock grew hard once more as i admired my mum in her satin blouse and skirt. "What a lovely shade of red", i thought to myself. My mothers pussy was leaking cum heavily onto her lovely black satin slip.   I knelt down on the floor and removed the belt around my mothers waist. Then i undid the zip on her skirt and pulled it down and removed it completely. Her satin blouse was open like a jacket revealing her lovely black satin full slip.

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   Although my mother was the same height as my sister, she had a much fuller but very shapely figure with larger breasts. The slip clung to my mothers body in all the right places showing off her curves. I lifted her up off the floor and placed her in the middle of the sofa in an upright seated position. I wanted to admire my mothers breasts in a more natural hanging position, rather than being spread out as she lay on her back. I pushed the satin blouse down off her shoulders and slid the thin straps of her silky slip to the sides to expose her breasts. My mothers nipples were large and protruding with areolas about an inch in diameter. I slapped her breasts on one side to make them bounce, then again on the other. I lifted the lacy hem of the lovely black satin slip and slid my hand up underneath and inside my mothers black satin knickers so i could finger fuck her pussy. At the same time i leant forward and suckled on her breasts.   THE FOLLOWING SECTION ALTHOUGH BASED ON TRUE EVENTS IS MOSTLY EXAGERATED. IT IS WRITTEN ENTIRELY FOR MY OWN PLEASURE.   It was my guess that my mum and dad hadn't had sex in a very long while, at least a few years, maybe more. I had at times in the past sneaked into my mothers bedroom to look through her lingerie at her shiny nylons slips. It was then that i discovered my mother owned a selection of sex toys to satisfy herself with. One toy in particular fascinated me, a twelve inch long, two and a half inch thick vibrator covered with nodules, which vibrated like a hammer drill.

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   It was far too big in my opinion to fit inside a woman. My curiosity was getting the better of me and i really wanted to see how far i could get this monster of a thing inside my mother. The very idea was making me horny and i wanted to fuck my mothers pussy once more before i abused it with such an instrument.
  I pulled my mother to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs wide apart so i could enter her once more. Soon i was thrusting my cock in and out of my mothers sopping wet pussy once again, squeezing her tits and brutally twisting her nipples. After i came inside my mothers cunt for a second time i rushed upstairs to her bedroom to search for the monster vibrator. I turned the thing on to make sure it was working ok. This thing vibrated so much i was doubtful whether or not my mother would remain unconscious. I changed the batteries for new ones so it would last for as long as possible before returning downstairs. I knelt between my mothers legs and tried to slide the vibrator inside my mothers pussy before switching it on. It was absolutely huge and very tight as i worked it inside my mothers cunt a little at a time, lubricating it as it went in. I eventually managed to get about eight inches of this giant probe inside my mothers pussy, stretching her wide open. I pulled her satin knickers over the end of the vibrator to hold it in place before switching it on.   "OH fuck", i exclaimed jumping back in horror, as the giant dildo began vibrating and humming loudly inside my mothers pussy. It seemed to be causing some distress to my mother as she seemed to regain semi consciousness.

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   My mother began to moan loudly and her body began to contort. I pulled the black satin knickers to one side and placed my hand around the end of the dildo and began thrusting it in and out of my mothers pussy with some force. She seemed to be in pain as i watched her face contort and her body writhe about. I was surprised and shocked at myself for getting some kind of sadistic pleasure out of torturing my own mother. I let go of the vibrator and let in work its own way out of my mothers pussy before dropping onto the floor, whilst doing so i stood back and masturbated trying to regain my erection. As my mum once again passed back into deep unconsciousness i felt the need to relieve myself one last time. I knelt over my mothers face and pulled her mouth open. As i held her jaw open with one hand i stroked my cock with the other, until i shot my load of cum inside my mothers mouth.   I left my mother exactly as she was and went for a shower before retiring to bed.
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