party cherry pop


This story is the account of how I lost my virginity
It happened at a party that was held at my friend’s house, it was after we finished high school and to celebrate the end of the exams and no more school.
When I arrived at the party some of my friends were all ready there but there was one person I didn’t know, I was introduced by my friend who told me her name was Mia she was about 5”5 with dark brown hair, b cup breasts and had that cute innocent look about her even though she was the same age as us.
As we got talking throughout the night apparently we had more and more of the same interests, after what seem like hours of talking, staring into each others eyes and quite a bit of beer and vodka she finally said “do want to take this somewhere quieter” as my heart and my crotch skipped a beat I replied with a very excitable “yes”. As we went upstairs to my friends spare room we fell into the bed wildly entwined and in a passionate kiss.
After minutes of kissing deeply and both our tongues fighting for control, we broke the kiss and she slide down to my waist and started to undo my jeans and belt, I could still hear the thumping music downstairs but I didn’t register it because in my head it was just the two of us and nothing else. As she pulled my cock out it was all ready to serve but she started to suck like a vacuum cleaner on it and it was pure ecstasy, after minutes of her head bobbing up and down on my cock like a yoyo I came all in her mouth, she kept sucking it up not wanting to waste a bit of that sweet juice.
As we stripped off our clothes she swung her leg over me and put the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy that was all ready dripping wet and clean shaved as she slid down on it I felt it hit a small thin wall and a second small push broke it with a small moan of pain and pleasure coming from mia.
I she pumped her body over mine in the cowgirl position she moaned and her pussy clenched a round my cock as she came many times finally she screamed out in ecstasy as we came together my cum exploding inside her finished it off as I pulled out it started to seep out of her sweet little pussy and run down the inside of her leg she then wrote her number on my arm in lipstick and we continued the party and I haven’t had such a good party since…
My fist story please leave comments

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