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We are in a hotel and you tell me I've been a bad boy. You stand in the middle of the room and you tell me to undress you, i pull you're top off slowly, then i unclasp you're bra. You start rubbing you're tits, you pull on you're nipples making them nice and hard. I bite my lip, I wanna lick and suck on them so bad. You wag your finger at me and flash a sexy look, and tell me that they aren't for me just yet. You tell me to slide your pants down. I slide them down and reveal some sexy black lace boy shorts.

I'm on my knees right in front of your pussy and you start rubbing you're pussy through you're panties. You get your panties soaking wet. You tell me to undress and sit right near the edge of the bed. You climb on the bed and start rubbing all over your body. You lay on your back with your legs in the air. You start sliding your panties off, you slowly slide them off your hips. You lift your ass in the air and slowly slide them off. Then you spread your legs and show me your sexy little pussy. Its already nice and wet.

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   I bite my lip and am about to jump out of the chair, cuz i want to bury my face in your pussy. You tell me to sit there and watch and i cant touch myself just yet. You start rubbing your clit, moaning cuz you love people watching you. You slide your fingers in your pussy, getting them all nice and wet. You come over to me and rub your juices on my lips, then kiss me so you can taste. You put your soaking wet panties in my face for me too smell and taste. You grab your glass toy and lay back and slowly slide it into your pussy. My dick is so hard just watching you play with yourself.

You start pounding your pussy with your toy, and right when you cum you pull your toy out and you cum over and over, your cum gushing all over the sheets. There is a massive puddle of your cum on the sheets and you grab my hard dick and guide me over to your cum and make me lick it all up. While I'm licking it up, you slowly stroke my hard cock teasing me. You push me on my back on the bed, you squat down with your pussy right in front of my face. You tell me I can slowly strokemy massive cock, but I'm not allowed to cum just yet. You start playing with your glass toy right in my face. You can tell that you're driving me crazy and you gets you even hotter knowing that I want you so bad.

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   You start pounding your pussy and you come a second time gushing all over my chest and face. You rub it all over my chest and face, then sit on my face telling me to lick your pussy clean. I start sucking on your clit and you start grinding your pussy telling me to get it all. I make you cum, and you gush in my mouth telling me not to miss a drop. It tastes so good. You tell me to get up and drool your cum in your mouth and all over your tits. And you rub it all over your tits.

You squat over me again, this time facing away from me and tell me to lick your sweet little ass. I circle my tongue around your ass and slowly slide my tongue in, it tastes so good that I start going crazy sliding my tongue in and out of your ass. You start drooling all over my cock making it all nice and wet. Then you slide a black cock ring on it. I instantly get rock hard and you start stroking my cock while I lick your ass. Then you start deep throating my cock. It feels so good as my cock hits the back of your throat and take it all. It feels amazing, and caught up in the middle I accidentally cum right in your mouth.

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   You turn around and kiss me with all my cum in your mouth spitting itinto mine. Then you tell me I'm in trouble and have to be punished. You grab a bottle of lube and lube up your fingers. You tell me I'm not allowed to rub my cock until you tell me i can. Then you slowly slide a finger in my ass. You slide it all the way in, let me get used to it and then you start pounding my ass with your finger. Then you slowly add another finger and start fucking my ass with 2 fingers. My cock is rock hard at this point and you tell me i can rub my dick again, but my punishment isn't over yet. You go into the bathroom for a minute and come out with a strap-on. You tell me now its time for your punishment. You lube it up and put it right at my ass. Then you slowly slide it all the way deep in my ass.

You slowly slide it out till just the tip is in my ass. You start really pounding my ass while i jack off. It feels so good with you fucking my ass and rubbing my dick.

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   After a few minutes I start to get close to cumming, you tell me to stop jacking off and you stop with the strap-on in my ass for a minute. Then you start fucking my ass again and jacking off. I get close a couple more times and we stop before I cum. Then you pull out and take off the strap-on and tell me its time to for you to feel my hard dick inside you. I lay down and you get on top straddling me. You start riding my dick, bouncing up and down. And you cum again gushing all over my stomach and dick. You get on all fours and tell me to fuck your ass. I push the head of my dick in your ass and you moan in pleasure. You tell me to fuck your ass nice a hard, while you slide your toy in your pussy. I can feel you fucking your pussy with your toy on the base of my cock, it feels so fucking good. You start pounding your pussy while I fuck your ass and you cum again screaming and gushing, completely soaking the entire bed. I pull out of your ass and suck the tip of my dick while I rub my cock and I tell you I'm close to cumming. You tell me to just stick the tip of my dick in your pussy and cum inside of you. I cum so hard inside you, a huge load of hot cum inside your pussy.

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   You get up and straddle my face and make me lick you clean.
Licking up all my hot sticky cum from inside your pussy. When I've licked up all the cum you get up and kiss me deeply tasting both of our cum on my tongue.