The Pool Boy


Nudity has always been a passion of mine. Not just an interest but a passion. Since I could remember I was always most comfortable when I was unclothed. Some of my favorite personal times as a kid was bath time. I could just lay in the tub totally nude and relax without the restrictions or necessary social obstruction of wearing clothes. Now I’m not really a revealing type of person. I don’t get my kicks off wearing skimpy clothing. I do have the body to pull it off, but I was always the t-shirt and blue jeans type of girl. But when alone or in the right circumstances, I was definitely happiest when it was all off. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. (No pants either) And that led me to my most memorable sexual experience of all time. There was something about the day. Hard to explain but it was calm. It was perfect. The sun was setting soon and the day was just completely comfortable. I was in my backyard, on my own now and doing very well for myself.

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   School proved to be my rise as I took in the advice of my elders. Education was important if you wanted to have a good life they would say and I bought it. So now as a young executive in my accounting firm I was living as they said I would. A large house, larger than I really needed to be honest, in a fantastic city. Backyard included swimming pool, hot tub, covered bar area, and state of the art barbeque area which was another passion of mine. I guess you could say I had it made. But I was never what you would say the romantic type. I didn’t need a man I thought. I was kind of a tom boy. And that was just fine with me. I had boyfriends, but they always ended up being something that I feared. Needy assholes just to keep it short. And I was always happiest when by myself or with a few close friends. But by myself meant no clothes. Everyday after work I would strip my clothes immediately after entering the front door.

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   Lock the deadbolt and take it off. I loved my body and I loved the feel. It wasn’t really sexual, though maybe slightly, but it was real to me. And then usually to the back yard. A privacy fence meant I could feel the sun on my entire body. I could feel the water totally engulf me without restraint. It was my zen to be sure. Then one day it happened. I had never been an exhibitionist. Not in the least or so I thought. I had the privacy fence and the surrounding land that kept me isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. It wasn’t even a thought. But my financial situation allowed me to hire people to care for my house, etc. . And my pool boy came in and changed everything for me, opening a whole new world.

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  I was sitting in my hot tub that special night relaxing. It was a Friday and I had a workless weekend ahead. I had stripped down as usual and was just in total relaxation when the gate to my fence swung open. My pool boy, Julio, came walking in as if he owned the place and I immediately covered my breasts, which being so large was hard to do. Julio did not even see me and began to scan the vegetation on the sides of the fence as if trying to decide what to do first. There had obviously been some mistake I thought and then it hit me. I had told him that I would be out of town this particular weekend as I thought I would be. But that had changed and I had forgotten to tell him. It wasn’t his fault. He had told me he would come and do some work on my yard and pool and I had simply forgotten about it. I decided I better let him know his services could wait. “Julio, I forgot to tell you that I would be home after all this weekend” I said. He was startled at first, obviously not knowing anyone would be in the yard. I could see the surprise on his face. I could also see something more.

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   Julio was a handsome young man with rippling muscles and warming dark skin. He was not wearing a shirt and his skin was glistening with the swear a hot summer day produced. Something inside me tingled as I saw the sexy surprise in his eyes to my words. Something startlingly sexy in his vulnerability, and my demeanor took on a different approach. Almost without my prompting. I unfolded my arms as he focused, and let my large breasts reveal themselves. Even arching my back to let my nipples emerge from the top of the water. He looked puzzled of course, and then amazed, which I definitely liked. My body responded as I began to rise from the hot tub. My body reacting as if on its own and not under my control. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but you can continue if you like. ” I said, changing my mind in one quick sentence and stepping out of the tub and onto the concrete side of the pool side. I was fully revealing myself to another person in a non-romantic setting and it was turning me on. My dark wet hair flowed down my back and I fully revealed my naked body to him as I unconsciously walked toward him, awaiting his response. “I’m sorry Ms.

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   Thompson. ” He finally said. He was staring at my huge tanned breasts even as he apologized. “Quite alright. ” I commented. “It was entirely my fault and I should have called. Would you like a drink? I’m about to make myself a margarita and it would be no trouble making two. ” I responded as I kept my chest high and walked toward the bar area. “If you don’t mind. ” He said, slowly advancing toward me. I could see a growing desire in his eyes and his movement. It was a look of total focus as I could see he was intently staring at my naked body, running his eyes up and down as he advanced slowly. I could feel my skin tingle with growing excitement not knowing what I was doing at all or what was about to transpire, but loving every minute. I realized that I loved revealing myself to him. It was very liberating.

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   Some might feel submissive in a similar circumstance, but I felt a level of power that I hadn’t quite felt before. I felt in charge. But I was wrong to a point. As I turned my focus more toward working the blender, I hadn’t noticed how close Julio had gotten. His touch on my shoulder startled me as I spun around to find him so close that my breasts slightly rubbed his chest as I turned. I looked right into his eyes and saw pure passion. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as my actions would lead someone to believe that it was an invitation for sex. But I hadn’t really seen it that way until now. I was just having fun, enjoying the moment and until that moment I really didn’t know what the outcome would be. I guess I thought he might feel uncomfortable and awkward and I would have some fun, but now I could see that Julio was a determined man when he saw something he wanted. And that something was me. I was speechless and wasn’t sure what to do or say so I simply froze and waited for him to speak. But he was in no mood for talk. I looked down his ripped body to see that the front of his loose-fitting shorts was protruding. A massive erection was the culprit and it was not something to be taken lightly.

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   This man was gigantic I could see, and it intimidated me quite a lot. He then slowly leaned in and gave me a kiss, running both his hands up the sides of my body and cradling my breasts as he parted my lips with his tongue. Then he swooped me up in his arms and began to carry me into the house. I was his after that and I was ill-prepared for what was to come. I hadn’t been with a man in quite a while. Since my grad-student days I had really been single, other that a few dates with a couple of guys, and I had learned the pleasures of masturbation was enough at the time. But that, to my pleasure, was about to change. As soon as he set me on the couch, I went for his shorts band. I needed his cock and even wondered how I had gone so long without one. When I pulled his shorts down, it revealed before me the largest cock I had ever seen! It must have been twelve inches long and so thick that I could barely wrap my hand all the way around it at the base, though I tried. I went into a sort of erotic trance just holding his member and taking its massive size in with my widely opened eyes as much as possible. His cock pulsated with my touch, and already I could see some precum beginning to wet the slit of his cock’s head. It looked good. Delicious in fact. And I decided I must have a sample.

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   I let my lips part and gave a lick with my tongue from the sensitive underside of his cock’s tip, up through the slit and then pulled slowly away, allowing the sticky semen to string from my tongue to his cock as I slowly pulled away. He moaned deeply and his cock pulsated hard, allowing for more of the sticky juices to appear and slide down the saliva coated parts where my tongue had been. His balls were huge and I figured he was a man who could deliver when his orgasm hits. And I wanted to pleasure him like I’d never pleasured a man before. This was just the beginning I thought. I hoped anyway. I looked up at him and his eyes were almost glassy with erotic focus. He was sensitive to every touch I gave and even more so when I began to lick his shaft up and down, coating it with the lubrication of my saliva. His precum was thickening almost to the point that for a moment I thought he was actually about to explode his full orgasm. But it was just the reaction to my touches. After a few more seconds, I took his cock’s head fully into my mouth and began to add pressure and suction with my mouth. This was causing him to begin to tremble and moan as he put his hands in my hair, keeping reasonable pressure on his cock and ensuring that I was not just teasing anymore. He needed to cum and he had full intentions of cumming in my mouth. That was ok with me as I quickened my pace, adding more suction and taking a few more inches of his cock inside my mouth until I could feel him at the back of my throat. Then he jerked a little as his body went tight and his sounds ended abruptly.

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   I knew this was it and I steadied myself, working his cock the best I could with my tongue. When the orgasm was imminent I pulled back just a little and began to feel a steady warm flow of this juices onto my tongue. I braced myself a little thinking this was going to be very intense, and I was right in my assumption. With a loud yell from Julio, the first large blast caused him to buck so hard that he actually inadvertently pulled away from my mouth and I opened my eyes to see a large rope of cum blast from his cock and fly over my head, landing with a spat somewhere on the tile floor behind me. I was shocked to see how much there was! But he somehow regained himself just for a moment. Long enough to quickly guide his cock back into my gapping mouth before the second spurt flooded me. It was so forceful that some of his cum flew from the edges of my lips before I could get them fully wrapped back around his shaft. Then came the third, then the fourth, then the fifth and so on. Each jerk of his cock seemed to produce more semen than the last and I had to begin to swallow even before he had finished, to ensure there be no more spills. I wanted to savor it all but it turned into a dash. I must have swallowed three times before he finally finished, almost collapsing on top of me catching himself on my shoulders. His cum was delicious just as I had imagined. And I was content that I had pleasured him like few, if any, had. He finally turned and practically fell onto the couch beside me. He seemed exhausted, but only for a few moments.

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   He turned to me and smiled contentedly, reaching with a finger to collect a little of his white cum that I had missed on the corner of my mouth. He then took his finger and placed it gently at my lips until I took it into my mouth and swallowed the last drop from his finger. He quickly leaned over and kissed me afterwards, passionately and lovingly, before he began to take his kissed down my neck to my chest. He took turns licking and sucking each of my sensitive nipples and then fully opening his mouth to take as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. Sucking one and then the other more and more rapidly. His cock was on my thigh, pressing hard, and I was beginning to soak with anticipation as he then began downward again, toward my aching pussy, positioning himself between my legs. The first flick of his tongue hit my clit and sent an erotic shiver down my spine as my body tensed and my throat moaned. In a flash he began to lick all over my slit, taking special aim at my clit in rapid succession. To my surprise I felt a building that I rarely had ever felt. A real actual orgasm was building strong in my loins. I could feel the intense feelings from my knees to my stomach and I began to shake. Then it hit and I almost came off the couch in my screams of pleasure. I was bucking harder and cumming harder than I had ever even dreamed possible. To my surprise and delight he held his lips and tongue tightly onto my clip as my pussy exploded with dripping wet cum. This seemed like it lasted forever, but probably was only a matter of seconds until my clit became too sensitive and I had to beg him to stop.


   He was reluctant, but finally pulled away and allowed me to tremble on the couch in my ecstacy, cupping my cunt until the sensitivity subsided. It was magical. I had just given a man the best blowjob in history in my gushing opinion, and now I had just received the best head a woman could ever receive. But something more was needed still. Julio didn’t wait too long as I was still coming down from my orgasm when I felt him rise up a little and reposition himself between my spread legs. I opened my eyes to see him pointing his engorged cock at the opening of my ready pussy. I had doubts though I said nothing. In fact, there had really been no words since I asked him about the margarita. But I wasn’t about to back out now. The doubts had nothing to do with having intercourse with Julio. At that moment I don’t think I have ever wanted anything more in my life. My doubts were whether or not his cock would actually fit in my pussy! It would be the largest thing ever to penetrate my body, but I was determined to not give up no matter what. His cock’s head fit in fairly easily, though it was already stretching my pussy. Then came the first shove that caused me to yell out in pain and ecstacy, but I didn’t dare say stop. He paused with concern but could see I was all right as he gave another push.

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   This time about half of his cock slit roughly in and I felt tears well in my eyes as I again shouted obscenely in pain. This time he paused longer as I regained my composure as much as possible. But I gave him an approving nod of my head as he gave another great push. This time I almost woke the dead for sure, crying now but still not wanting to give up. Three quarters of his cock as inside my aching pussy and he didn’t pause this time. He began to give short strokes, increasing with time as my pussy got used to the size of his massive erection. It was feeling very good after a few more seconds and I asked him to fuck me harder as I tried to fuck back as hard as I dared. This caused him to speed his thrusts as his cock was gliding now in and out of my soaking pussy fairly easily. As easily as could be expected I guess. I could tell he was about to explode again after a few seconds and I asked him to fill my pussy with his cream. My whorish choice of words were adding to his pleasure as he began to tremble like he had before filling my mouth earlier. When he came, he began to pump his hips and cock ferociously into my pussy and I knew he was fully inside me, causing me to scream out in passion. We were both screaming at the top of our lungs when I felt his gushing cock begin to fill my pussy with his semen. He came even harder than before it seemed as I could feel some of our combined cum spurting out the tight corners of my pussy. There was a huge mess by the time he finally finished and collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies trembling together.

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   After he finally caught his breath and rose, letting his softening cock to escape my pussy with a dull pop, an avalanche of white cum poured from my pussy and onto the couch. I had never been so completely satisfied and sexually happy in all my life. After that he asked for that margarita. I laughed and said that I guessed we could both use a drink. I got a couple of towels first and cleaned myself as best I could. I gave him one to do the same before he got dressed again. I had no intentions of getting dressed as I loved the feel of our drying juices on my body. I would just let the hot tub clean me in a few minutes I figured. After all, a pool boy need dirty pools to clean. Then we toasted each other and exchanged a few words assuring ourselves that we had both had the most amazing sex of our lives. I made him promise to come back the next day and gave him a challenge. He could fuck my mouth and my pussy we had just proven. But could he fuck my ass? I presented the challenge, assuring him that I thought I could do it. He had his doubts but said he enjoyed a good challenge before he left. When he was gone I immediately got up and went inside to my bedroom.

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   I decided the hot tub could wait a little while. I had a huge black dildo that a friend of mine had given me as a prank gift on my college graduation day. I can’t say it was bigger than Julio’s cock, but it was definitely comparable. I had kept it though I had never dared used it. But now, I had to. If Julio was going to fuck my ass I figured I’d better prepare myself and this dildo would be a great start. .