The Crime The Criminaland The Victim Ch. 2

Erotic Poetry




Ch. 2  The Crime  pt. 1




Greg Mineras stared at the door handle as the police jiggled it working their pick into the lock, a knot formed in his throat and grew larger with every clank and twist and as his conviction exploded in his mind Greg shouted, “You can’t just barge into my house; I didn’t call you and I know you do not have probable cause for entry! I am calling my attorney as we speak and I have his home phone!” he paused and listened for the sounds that they were leaving. Panic was filling his mind as he listened the sound of their voices being drowned out by the echoes of Lincy’s warning, “we can’t tell them anything specific he will know… he will…! know.

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“You can’t call, your phone is dead; your work place called us saying they weren’t able to reach you, and that you have never been late, not once in fifteen years. ” The voice called back.


Greg’s mind blanked and the room spun has he leaned against the wall next to the door; thinking how could this be and as he looked through the curtains his mouth gaped from the shock at seeing daylight when not ten minutes ago he walked in from the dark night only to find another nightmare waiting. His stomach turned icy cold as he listened to one of the officers telling his partner, we have a verbal go-ahead to force the door. With fearful resignation Greg unlocked both locks and slumped into the hallway chair and sobbed as the certainty of the police presence and renewed involvement on the case will bring harm to his kidnapped wife. He thought as sure as the sun will rise the evil fucker knows the police are here and prayed for a slim possibility that maybe he knows I didn’t call them, as they rushed passed him and entered the main room.


A retching chill raced through Greg’s body as he heard the female police officer call, “We have a confirmed crime scene here, over. ” A loud crack sounded in Greg’s mind as if he could hear the whip as it lashed across the skin of his beloved. He could see her face twisting in pain as her skin blistered from the stinging willow limb, his own skin burned from the thought.

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“C. S. I. U.   squad is moving and the F. B. I. special agent will be notified. ” The radio squawked.


“Do we have to wait for them or can we question Mr. Mineras?” She snapped into the radio.

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“If he knows something anything yes. ”  Squawked the radio.


“I think EMS should be dispatched…” Greg could hear nothing more when the female detective went outside he was too tired and confused to care; all he knew his wife was gone, and it was his fault, he talked her into coming forward. His mind raced to recall what has been said and what could he say just to placate these meddlesome dolts and send them off to their donut shop and coffee clutch or traffic stops, or what ever it is these keystoners do.


“Mr. Mineras I’m detective John Green and she is Kimberly Clearson. We have just been assigned to the on going investigation, and lieutenant Clearson is the new lead detective assigned to your case we are both very sorry for your ordeal…” detective Green apologetically announced while Kimberly was outside talking on the radio.


“I want you all to leave, my wife is just out she’ll be right back. ” Greg shouted angrily and waved his arms in the air motioning towards the door, just then Kimberly Clearson entered the room.


“Yes I am sure your wife turned the furniture over broke the lamp and as she left threw her shirt and shoe into the middle of the room and went shopping,” Kimberly paused and her face softened as she put her hand on Greg’s shoulder and in a soothing voice, “Please let us do what little we can; your house is now a crime scene and we have to process it.

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   These guys no matter how good they are they always screw up and leave something…”


“Yes sure!” Greg grunted angrily and shrugged his shoulders shaking her hand off and then in staccatoed bursts added, “There isn’t any one here for you to shoot…! you can shoot me I don’t give a fuck…! and oh yes…! how many victims are there really…!? And how many of them stepped up…!? can you tell me exactly how long has this been going on…!? and for how much longer do we have to fear for our safety…!? My wife begged for you to protect us. ” His eyes beamed a hateful glare saying far more than he could with mere words.


“We don’t know how many victims there are, and I can’t tell you how many have stepped up, but Lincy was not alone with her bravery. I hate to tell you this but this bastard is good, and he does have us stumped for now, but he will drop the ball and we ‘will…!’ pick it up. We sent cars by on a regular basis ever since our interview. ” Detective Clearson assured sounding as sincere as she could.


“At least you are honest. ” Greg sighed and in a voice rife with disgust asked, “What have you done to make you qualified to head my case?”


“I’ve arrested two serial rapists and assisted with the arrest of a serial murderer…” She said with a ring of pride in her voice as she was cut off.


“You’re going to tell me it was solid crime scene analyses that cracked it?” Greg’s voice was ubiquitous with doubt as he interrupted and angrily added, “Spare me your track record I already know that very few of the serial what evers, are caught by police work mostly just plane blind luck!”


“You are right. ” the lieutenant acknowledged. “Greg think; have you noticed anything that didn’t belong?” lieutenant Clearson pried.


“No…! No…! I’m not talking!” Greg interrupted shouting loud enough to be heard on the other side of town and standing with a twisted face he added, “I didn’t call you…! I’m naw… au…!” and crumpled to the floor like a wet rag.


Kimberly grabbed her radio nervously saying, “We have a civi down. The husband just dropped!”


“We are three minutes from your location. ” Squawked the radio.

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“His pulse is rapid breathing seems shallow and his skin is cold and sweaty!” Kimberly broadcasted.


“Get his feet elevated and cover him up sounds like shock is setting in!” crackled the reply.


Kimberly and John quickly wrapped Greg in a blanket and put his feet on two pillows.


“Did he say anything?” John asked as they tucked the blanket under Greg.


“Nothing of value; basically told us to go fuck ourselves,” Kimberly said and sympathetically added, “He is as scared as she was, but still she remembered more than she let on and he knows more than he is saying. The other victim that went on vacation Jessy, the redhead she said the whole thing was a blank that she was drugged the whole time she was imprisoned. ” Kimberly paused as she looked around the front room deep in thought then asked, “Have we found her or her boyfriend yet? I’ll bet Mrs. Mineras was drugged too. ”


“We’re here. ” Popped the radio.

“Six years and what?” John muttered in disgust and then replied, “No. It’s just like they’ve fallen off the face of the earth. ”


“Look in that drawer by the coat rack maybe there is an address book with doctors names in it. ” directed Kimberly and thoughtfully added while surveying the room, “Kid napped; drugged, beaten, raped repeatedly, and imprisoned for months with several of them showing up seven or eight months pregnant. They all refuse to talk at first and then begrudgingly reveal bits and pieces of the story.

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“Yea that sums it up pretty much. Here we are,” John acknowledged and went on, “in case of emergencies; baby sitter, dentist, doctor… here we are Dr. Curtis, Fairview clinic the number is 1-424-215-4151, or in emergency call 1-424-215- 5588. ”


Just then the medics entered the doorway and their gurney banged against the last step triggering the wheels to fall and with a quick push down the wheels were relocked and as it neared Greg, Tina the lead medic directed, “Please stand back and let us in!” Both medics quickly went to work hooking Greg up to their electronic sensing devices.


“I got a pulse!” Tina called out adding, “it’s weak and irregular. ”


“Ninety-five over sixty and holding, sat eighty-nine ninety-three per. ” Added Harold.


“We have a possible CVA one eye stare fixed the other wondering, sending stats now and securing for transport. ” Tina snapped into her radio.


“Ox sat low increase oxygen and use mask. ” Crackled the radio.


“We have him on positive pressure mask at hundred percent. ” Replied Tina as they scrambled for the door.


“I’ll ride in with him you secure the scene and wait for CSIU. ” Ordered Kimberly and followed the medics to the bus.

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With a rattle and a bump the gurney was secured and the bus’s doors were slammed shut by Kimberly and they headed to the hospital. Greg regained consciousness intermittedly as the ambulance sped toward the hospital, he tried to speak but his mouth wouldn’t work.


“Your safe Mr. Mineras we’re taking you to the hospital now. ” Tina informed him and then asked, “Do you understand me? Just nod if you can’t speak. ” Greg nodded and then passed out. It seemed like a life time was passing as Greg kept drifting in and out of consciousness; because every time he came to he was still in the ambulance with it’s siren howling, and the dreaded cop sitting next to him, the medic checking this, that, and the other thing. Greg tried to move his arm to signal with his hand but it wouldn’t move; then the electronic devices would sound and things would go dark then nothing till he opened his eyes finding that he had floated to the top of the bus and was looking down on him self as the medic was trying desperately to revive him he was still mute as he tried to tell her that he was on the ceiling then an electric jolt hit him and the darkness enveloped him once again and he could look up into her face but only for a moment and then blackness and Lincy’s voice echoing their conversation when she returned from her first and last interrogation.


“I’m not going to tell them every thing; I told them that I was beaten, blindfolded, tied up and gagged.

I didn’t tell them about the other victims or the workers taking turns with us. ” She paused as her face twisted with disgust and with a fiery glare in her eyes as she breathlessly went on, “Or tell them about all the different potions he made me drink or about all the times he ‘stood…!’ there watching his dogs fuck me. ”


“Did you tell them that you thought you were being followed at times?” Greg pressured Lincy.


“Noowa…! I didn’t talk about that and just how is all that going to get him caught?” Lincy said exasperatedly and then her face turned red and sweat beaded on her forehead and her voice wavered from anguish to passion and back, and as she began to recount the anniversary party her eyes betrayed her just as her body was starting to sweat and the room filled with the scent of her arousal, her eyes turned soft and she rubbed the sofa quietly smiling as if musing over a wondrous memory.


A sharp bounce roused Greg from his nod in time to hear the buzzers, bells, and whistles going off. The medic was injecting one of the tubes with something and then started pounding on his chest.

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   The noises started to blend when another jolt shot through his body and he watched as the medic listened to his heartbeat. The lieutenant was still watching like a vulture; how he wished she would get bounced onto the road. Greg looked at the medic her mouth was moving, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying, and the darkness slowly crept in.




The end Ch. 2 The Crime pt. 1



Ch. 2  The Criminal pt. 1



Mort Dray’s head bobbed up as he caught his self starting to nod off as the drive stretched on, and the urge to sleep over took him. He shook his head trying to shake the sleep from his mind when Mort noticed a sign saying as he passed it gas, food, lodging next exit right one mile he thought, “Yes! Coffee… a break will work; I’m off the schedule, there is no need to rush into a car crash. ” pulled off and into the parking lot and then reminded him self, “We can’t do this after the grab. ”


Mort pleased to find such a pleasant female wait person so late or early as the situation dictates pouring him a cup of coffee, left a menu, and scurried off to her chores. He sipped the hot coffee, amazed at how good it tasted given how empty the place was and began relax, before he knew it he had drained the mug and was rubber necking for his waitress.


From his left he heard, “I see you looking around I’ll be right there. ” Mort turned towards the voice and there walking along the counter was the tall big boned heavy set woman headed his way, a broad smile on her thick pouty lips, and a full coffee pot in her hand. A quiet chuckle slipped from his mouth as he thought about Tiberius the biggest of his hounds and what a couple they would make.


In a sultry tone she asked, “What you laughing at?” and beamed a bright grin as she posed ready to pour the coffee.


“I’m not laughing I was taken aback by how good looking you are, and how much you remind me of a friend long since passed. ” Mort shot back as he set his cup on the counter. He noticed her name on the tag said Janet, and wondered how a woman as full bodied as she is didn’t show a bit of flab even in her round face.


“Well at least you didn’t call me an angel, idol, or a flower.


  â€ Janet commented dryly as she filled the mug and then filled another took a drink and smiled asking, “What brings you around these parts this late or early? If you don’t mind me being nosy. ”


“I have started a job two states over and I intend on consolidating some personnel. ” Mort replied pleased with his self for not lying.


Just then an older couple walked in and obviously tired from driving they too had the white line stare. Moe’s mouth watered when he caught a whiff of her sweaty underarms; his interest in this well endowed woman was whetted when he caught a glimpse of her unshaven armpit, and the large meaty nipples that sat on her full breasts, and how they bulged through her flannel shirt when they perked. He watched as she gave them menus and waited to take their order; and was amazed at how nice her demeanor was when she explained they could get the same things only cheaper if they ordered their food differently, and then vanished into the kitchen.


As Moe stared into his coffee he began to replay last weeks game…

“Hey guys what do you say to hearing about Moe’s surprise threefer before starting tonight’s mid game entertainment?” Ned asked and looked around the room to see how his suggestion was received.


“Yea Moe how about it!?” Ted, Jeb and Reb excitedly chimed in together.


“Well only if you guys promise not to shoot off your loads in your pets before giving Messy Missy a good dosing. ” Moe chortled as he spoke and then pushed his pets nose into his curly hairs stuffing his huge member all the way down her throat and held it there until she started to struggle for air and when her head bobbed up she was gagging violently and her face was twisted. All five of them laughed as Bessie coughed and panted catching her breath, and quickly went back to mouthing Moe’s organ.


“No problem!” The four of them replied as they sat back from the table, stretched and stood.


“Lets shuffle into the lounge and I will tell you the tale. ” Moe musically assured as he stood with precum dripping from his gland, and walked towards the doorway with his pet in tow, then stopped, grabbed a pair earphones and put them over her ears and directed, “Boys you can bring your pets too but you have to put the earphones on them before I start the story because I don’t want to take a chance and have them take the story beyond these walls. You wouldn’t do that would you my sweet little pups?” Moe asked as he looked at the women next to his buddies.

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“Nooo…! Never Father…! We promise not to tell any one ever!” Four of the five girls eagerly avowed, with Mort’s girl remaining silent because she didn’t hear the words only the noise Moe made when he talked. The men quickly complied to his request, covering their pet’s ears rendering them deaf as well as blind and into the lounge the group sauntered.


Lassie carried a potty pail groping her way around to everyone and let the men as well as their pets pee in it; then groped her way along the wall taking it to the door leading to the outside, and sat there quietly waiting for it to open. The hisses filled the room as the boys opened their beers, sat down and watched as Moe let Lassie out side, the room was so quiet that the music could be heard coming from the earphones, and a soft scratching at the door when Lassie wanted back in. The boys were soon seated in the chairs with their pets at their feet and their heads resting in their master’s laps.


Mort looked around the room lifted his beer and toasted, “To our tight little group may we last for years to come. ”


“Here, here.

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  â€ They chimed in unison and all of them took a long chug-a-lug from their bottles nearly draining them.


Moe belched, cleared his throat, and started the tale, “It wasn’t going to be a three-bagger I just wanted the one twenty-two year old she really pissed me off one day so I set out to teach her a lesson. ”


“What’d she do Moe?” Jeb interjected with a chuckle.


“The cunt was talking loudly on her fucking cell-phone!” Moe choked out and then added, “I even asked her politely to take it out side; but she just gave me that bitchy-cunt look and flipped me off!”


“Oooppss…! Gaaawwd damn That was a big mistake!” the four of them chimed and chuckled as they looked at each other and the breathing sex toys at their feet.


“Shit I just quietly finished my dinner, went outside and waited for her to leave.

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   Boys I started stalking her right then I had all my gear; I followed her to the liquor store, to her girlfriends place and yea she is a pussy licker, she stayed there for three and a half hours. I took a few pictures of both their cars and her friend’s place and pet cat; then followed her to her home, and waited for her to go to sleep. ” Mort paused as he slurped from his beer.


“I cruised her for the rest of the week; to the bakery, the café, all five restaurants, both girlfriends, and the three bars she hangs out in. You know most of the wait staff are sick of her even though she tips, and that’s because she is so rude to them. I skipped a week and started at what I figured was the mid point of her routine. ” Moe paused as he noisily slurped the last of his beer a gloating smile beamed from his face and he added, “I nailed it dead on; a bar called ‘Baby’s Pool’ nine forty-five in the PM the first week and this week was nine thirty, so I skipped to Friday and parked at her second girlfriend’s house and sure enough eleven thirty almost to the minute she drives up and the stupid cunt even parked behind my van. ” Moe paused as he watched Jeb stuff Tessy’s face onto his ass and fart.


“Ouh that was baaadah. ” Reb and Ted baaed while Ned laughed loudly as Tessy gagged a few dry heaves casting panicked looks about the room.


“Jeb…!” Moe shouted struggling to stifle his laugh and hide his smile and continued, “That’s going to cost you fifty to the next pot. ” And then he pulled one of the earphones from Bessie’s ear saying, “Remind me Jeb owes fifty to the next pot. ” As he stood he was quietly snickering and walked to Tessy freed an ear informing her, “Tessy honey I fined him fifty for that shitty thing he did. ” She smiled and gave his ass a squeeze in acknowledgment and tried to get a mouth full of cock while he was in reach. All five of them let out an uproariously loud round of laughter.


“Shit I’m surprised she is still upright! Christ Jeb has the shitiest farts I’ve ever had the misfortune to smell!” Ted roared out as he laughed.


Soon they quieted and chuckling Moe asked, “Who’s ready for more beer?”


“I’m dry, I’ll take another, me too, mine is warm. ” They all chimed out.

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Moe gave a wet tongue kiss to Tessy biting her lip firmly and shouted so she could hear through her headset, “We’re all thirsty, fetch us more beer. ” And gave her buttock a loud cracking swat with his hand.


“Oooo…! That felt good Father give me one on the other side please!” Tessy exclaimed as she bent over in anticipation. Another sharp slap rang out and Tessie groped her way to the fridge fetching the boys more beer. As she passed it out the boys were all either getting their dicks sucked or pounding their peters into their pets wet pussies grunting exaggeratedly.


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  • 5in">“Remember boys any one of us could get ole Messy Missy knocked up so save that first load. ” Moe admonished as he too pushed the full length of his cock down Bessie’s throat making her gag a little as her nose was pushed into his pubic hairs again but this time he let her up as soon as she tried to get up. Moe looked around and noticed that they were all looking at him and no longer humping the brains out of their pets so he started the story again.


    “Yea I had the appliance man disguise in full swing the washer box in front of her door and just like always she was late for her morning shift at the gym and when her door flung open I fired the first barrel of my beanbag gun squarely into her chest, right on the breast plate knocking her back on her heels and fired the second shot into her belly and dropping her to the floor gagging. ” He paused as he slurped his beer and went on.


    “I tell you boys I started creaming my pants as soon as I fired the first shot; my dick hurt so much I forgot to lock the door… “ah gain,’ and yanked her gym pants and panties down and stuffed my slippery hard dick right into her pussy, and shot off a load in two pumps. I had just pulled my pants up when her young friend happened through the open door; luckily I had the syringe ready to go so I slapped her sharply, stunning her and gave her part of the dose and gave the rest to the rude bitchy cunt, not quite enough to knock either of them out but enough to keep them quiet. I felt bad about giving Candy a black eye but you got to do what you got to do. ”


    “I had just finished tying the two of them up when her black girlfriend popped in; much to my surprise she had her own key so when she closed the door behind her and saw me she started to scream, well I had to give her a stroke on the cheek bone and another to her stomach, but shit all that did was wake her up and she started yelling louder. She shut up as soon as I bounced the third one on her jaw bone; but that is when I found out she was an amateur boxer and a good one too, hell she landed three to my face, then a good two to my stomach, and as she started her foot work gave another few pokes to my…” Moe stopped to catch his breath.


    “God damn…! Moe! a fighter.

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      â€ Jeb said his voice filled with amazement.


    “Shit Moe don’t stop now!” Ned and Ted chimed as they sat up in their chairs.


    “Some of those women boxers can be tough. ” Reb said adding his two cents worth, then remarking with a chuckle, “Shit I would’ve liked to seen your face Moe when she started fighting back. ”


    “I have to admit for a few seconds there I thought I was going to get knocked for a loop; because she planted another right, right, left to my jaw and all I could do was act like a swinging gate. ” Moe said and paused to clear his head gulp more of his beer then started his tale again. “She had some good foot work; and she wasn’t afraid to close with her opponent either, for awhile I couldn’t plant a single punch, but she had a weak left arm and she dropped it slightly when she used her right. I was getting nervous now she was doing all the hitting, dodging most of my pokes, and I was at the scene much longer than I had anticipated. I finely got my stride and started blocking her jabs and delivering a blow to the face each time, and then I let her see a shot with her right hand and when her left sagged I popped her a good one.

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       Her knees wobbled and both hands sagged just enough to see, and then I popped another left, left, right, and then a hard right and dropped her to the floor. ” Moe paused as he panted from the excitement of his near miss with capture, slurped more beer and took a deep breath and began to gloat as he mused over his accomplishment.


    “Well I finely got them all tied up and injected with enough juice to keep them quiet while I loaded them up. I was really nervous as I stowed them in the van because I was there so long like almost ten minutes longer than I wanted to be but when I got behind the wheel, and headed down the road I knew I had the grand prize, three for the price of one. There you have it all; I’ll wager Candy is going to propose to me tonight, Cocoa is still fighting we have two more rounds to complete the best of five and she is going to lose, and the bitch that started it, well she is still in isolation. She is going to break soon; I shoved the feeding hose down her throat yesterday, and started a slow drip of some of my potion… a round of very concentrated potion too. ”


    “What is the score?” Ned asked as he scratched his scrotum and stretched his shaft.


    “Cocoa has two rounds and I have one but that is going to change tomorrow night. ” Moe confidently exclaimed adding, “you all can watch the match.

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    “So you never planned that threefer?” Reb questioned.


    “Not for a second; it just happened. ” Moe confirmed.


    “She just popped in and started kicking the liven shit out of you?” Ted asked his voice rife with amazement.


    “God damn Ted I honestly thought I was going down!” Moe paused as he rubbed his face adding as he air boxed with his fists, “Had she spent more time on the heavy bag she might have taken me and I told her so. ”


    “And she is still fighting you for a walk?” Ned quizzed, “And she thinks she is going to win? And the bitch?”


    “Yea, and yea. ” Moe said smugly adding, “I let her take the first round then I took the second and gave her the third, and when I left I told her to practice good because we are going to play both rounds tomorrow night. The bitch well the day after I started the potion I had her strapped to the rack and thrown into the kennel; she still has some fight left in her but the potion has took hold and soon she will begging anyone or animal with a dick to mount and fuck her. ”


    “Shit Moe my nuts ache just thinking about her struggling to lay down and the rack holding her in the perfect position for a fucking. ” Jeb excitedly assured, as he rubbed his sack and then asked, “You think it will make her hairier like it did to Babs and most of the others?”


    “It is hard to say for sure,” Moe took a long chug from his beer, “Now your pet Fanny there it took in her fast, why her body hair started growing the first week and by the third week well she is well into changing, while others take a lot longer and still others it doesn’t do anything to. ”


    “All I know is that is a love potion. ” Ted interjected adding as he stroked his long hard shaft, “It not only makes them obedient but makes them hot; wet, and very fuckable!” and then he pushed Lassie’s face into the seat and rammed his cock into her loin grunting like an animal as he savagely pumped it in and out, stopping as the sweat formed on his back yanked it out turned towards the group panting saying, “No where can you find a woman that gets that wet that fast.

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      â€ And with his shiny wet hardon bobbing hoisted his beer to his mouth and noisily chugged it dry.



                                  End Ch. 1 The criminal pt. 1






     Ch. 2  The Victim pt.

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    As exhaustion caused by sleep deprivation over powered her mind Lincy drifted off into a sleep filled with horrifying visions of half animal half human beings carrying around dirty plastic jugs with tubes in their mouths and drinking Father’s potion. Her skin burned as she remembered the thrashings delivered by father and his cronies. Her vaginal muscles flexed and spasmed as she felt an invisible cock pistonning inside her, her back felt as though a hairy beast was upon her, and felt it’s tongue dancing in the depth of her throat. Though she could not see them but she could hear the sounds of animalistic sex; the slurping tongues, their guttural gruntings, the smell of dog sperm, and skin being slapped with hairy haunches. Along with the echoes of a thousand moaning sighs the vision of all of Father’s hired hands and the hounds that have mated with paraded through her mind.


    She briefly remembered the first time she was captured and imprisoned in a room like this one only it was lit and she could see pictures of her family members and their pets taped to the walls and the angry warnings, “I can get’em, I can get’em any time.

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      â€ Just the suggestion of harm to her loved ones and the brutality of her first beating was enough to instantly inspire an intense willingness to obey. When father ordered her to drink from that filthy tube the first time Lincy did so without hesitation. She wretched with every swallow as she sucked unctuous fluid into her mouth. The salty, sweet, gelatinous ooze coated her throat as it slid down, her body shuddered, and sweat rolled off in sheets.


    Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and held by one of the beasts while another shoved a tube down her throat and as her belly began to bloat she snapped from her sleep gasping in fear. The whelps that covered her dirty skin were burning and some of them were blistered and weeping. She thought, “How long have I been here now?” She tried to remember what her husband looked like and sobbed as she couldn’t even remember his name.


    Lincy lay there drifting in a half sleep hazy awareness of the screams coming from one of the women that chose to fight Father’s will and potion. She remembered watching through the peep hole as four men whipped her laughing the whole time, and tied her to a post and bench. It would let her move around stiff legged as it swiveled around the post, but would not let her cover her privates and forced her to stay on all fours. They all giggled like impish boys as they strapped her to it as well as laughing while they beat her some more with their whips.

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       Her loud hate filled ravings filled the air as the four of them took turns raping her. Lincy remembered how one of them asked for the bitch scent, and how loudly he laughed as he scooped up the gooey mess and then stuffed it into her. As they left their laughing could be heard over her cursing.


    The growling and barking of the hounds grew louder as they caught the scent and drew near. They fought amongst their selves for first rights; her ravings turned into fearfully loud screams as she struggled awkwardly bouncing her body in an effort to keep the hounds from mounting her. Then one of the hounds took a mouthful of hair another grabbed her ankle and like a pack of feeding animals holding their prey to the ground, they held her still legs splayed. Her screaming turned into shrill panic filled shrieks echoing throughout the barnyard. As the leader mounted she let out one long scream empting her lungs as he wrapped his front legs around her waist the first time and began feverishly grinding his hairy haunches against her buttocks. The afternoon air was filled with a loud grunting sound and then just a staccatoed series of grunts could be heard as the beast pounded his cock into her womb. Her cries and groans turned to fading moans as the attacks went on into the night; each of the hairy beasts in turn were relentlessly mounting her and shoving their huge cocks into her and spilling their seed. All Lincy could think of was the terrible ache deep in her groin and how badly she wanted to mate with any or all of the dogs in the kennel. Any male with a hard cock would do, but the scent of the dog sperm filled the air around her and was driving her mad with desire.


    Several loud metallic clangs rang as someone started drumming on the side of the box with metal bars or pipes wresting Lincy from a short and agitated nightmarish sleep into the hot metal box room. It felt like it was bouncing and spinning; a pounding headache raged, her lips swollen from being parched and her mouth was blistered as well. Lincy’s heart was racing, she couldn’t catch her breath, and deep in her groin was a terrible throbbing ache; not from needing to pee but from the nonstop desirous churning of her spasming vaginal muscles, her womb craved to be filled with a hard dick, and hot sperm. Her Bartholin fluids were seeping out and into her pubic hairs and slipping down her cheeks as she lay on the floor. Her skin yearned for any beast’s hot hairy body shuffling on her back so much so she could feel smell his breath and felt its heat blowing across her neck.


    She could barely hear someone calling out to her over the metallic echoes inside her mind, her throat was so pasty she couldn’t respond verbally, and just barely mustered the strength to slap the wall with her limp hand. As Lincy struggled to open her eyes her vision was blurry, the whole box was lit by the small open hatch in the big door, and as the noise in her ears quieted she recognized the voice calling to her as ‘Father’s…!’


    “You best be sticking your head through this hole or I gonna come in there and whip the liv’en shit out o’ you!” his voice growled. Lincy grunted loudly as she struggled for the opening and falling in her topsy tervy spinning world. She tried to call out when she got to her knees but her voice stuck in her throat and just as the chain rattled through the eye bolts she lunged for the opening, poking her head into the blinding afternoon sun, grunting and gasping, croaking, like a frog through her painfully parched throat.


    “Girl you did that just in time. ” Father growled as he put a chain around her neck. He gave her a few sharp slaps across her face with the back of his hands causing her knees to weaken, a thin line of blood to run from her blistered lip, her ears to ring, and then in a threatening tone warned, “You better not drink this I’m just gonna wash your mouth and t.