The UPS Man Cometh


Dorrie went about her day as usual, except this one was special. She’d gotten off early and she had gone home, showered and was sitting on the deck in her shorts and halter top catching a few late Summer rays. She was enjoying the feeling. Just as she settled in she heard the doorbell ring. She figured it was the gift her husband told her was coming via UPS. They’d argued yesterday and he was sending a gift to make up.

She rose from her lounge chair and headed through the kitchen to answer the front doorbell. She knew she’d have to sign for the package as her husband wanted to make sure she’d gotten his wooing gift to sway her forgive his asshole actions. She played along, wanting the gift, not sure about wanting the husband. She toddled off toward the door. She opened it to see the UPS man standing there smiling.

He was a medium tall young guy, average looking but muscular and to Dorrie, very sexy. He smiled and handed her the package and she signed for it. She looked at the muscular young man as sweat rolled down his brow. “Sure is hot this afternoon,” she said. He smiled and agreed.

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   “Bet you’ll be glad when this day is done,” she added. He smiled back and informed her, “You are my last stop of the day and I am going to chill after this delivery. ” Dorrie smiled her toothy grin at him and said “Want something cool to drink? You look like you’re about to roast. ” He agreed and thanked her. She stepped back, held the screen door for him and he went into the cool shade of the living room. “C’mon out back” Dorrie said. She led him to the kitchen and ushered him to sit at the table. She poured him a tall glass of iced tea.

The UPS driver thanked her and sipped his tea complimenting her on its taste. She wanted to compliment him on the bulge in his brown shorts. She made small talk with the driver. She’d seen him on numerous occasions, as she got many packages via UPS, so he was her “regular” driver as it were. She decided to see if he would deliver anything else.

She sat down across from him and smiled. “Mind if I ask you a rather blunt question?” she inquired.

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   He seemed taken aback, but smiled his acquiescence. “Well,” Dorrie began, “Have you ever fucked one of your package recipients?” He looked shocked and a bit scared so she figured in for a penny, in for a pound and went on.

“The package is a gift from my husband. We had a knock down dragout yesterday and he’s making up for it by wooing me with gifts. He is trying to convince me to forgive him. I am just hoping the gift included the hot young stud that delivered the package. ” The driver was stunned. She went on. “Look, I have to decide if I want to forgive him or not and there is one thing I need to do before I make that decision. I need another man to compare him to, if ya get my drift. So,” she smiled and rubbed his hand “Let’s do some compare and contrast, okay?” He was still looking scared, but he hadn’t run out the door so she pounced.

Dorrie stood and crossed to him and reached down and rubbed his crotch. “Ewwww,” she purred. “Another large package in here too, huh?” The driver’s bulge responded as one might expect. Dorrie stood, smiled again and dropped her halter top letting her generous tits leap from their confines.

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   The driver’s eyes bugged, but his smile was abundant. “Oh, I see you like!” she offered. He nodded. Dorrie then unsnapped her jeans shorts, slid down the zipper and slid them from her. She then dropped her thong and stood naked before this beautiful young stranger. His bulge was prominent now and she was pleased.

“Here Sweetie,” she smiled, “let me help you out of that sweaty uniform. He stood and she tore at his uniform top and when he was bare-chested she undid his pants and pushed them to his ankles. He stood naked, but for his black work shoes. Dorrie smiled at his growing cock. “Now that’s a nice package!” she exclaimed and she grabbed his arms and smashed her naked self against the sweaty young man. His cock was fairly large, thick and strong. She kissed him and rubbed his meat.

With no further seducing needed she sat on the breakfast nook table and opened her legs. He plunged into Dorrie and she cooed her delight.

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   Dorrie held onto his muscular back as he bucked in and out of her. She came over and over as this hot young man plowed her womanhood better than her husband ever could.

She rolled through orgasm after orgasm as the UPS driver delivered the package. He grunted and drove harder, pounding her as the table threatened to break under his efforts. He arched his back and seethed “Fuck, I’m cumming,” and he did. He filled Dorrie’s cunt with his seed and she came as she felt it leaking out of her and onto the table and floor. The driver pulled out, his cock glistening with her juices and his seed. Dorrie jumped from the table, fell to her knees and swallowed the half hard cock, cleaning it and driving him wild with post coital pleasure.

“Okay then,” Dorrie smiled as she let the strong young cock fall from her now cum filled mouth. She handed him his blouse and shorts and he dressed quickly. Dorrie stood naked before him and enjoyed her wanton sluttiness as he dressed rather sheepishly. He finished repairing his appearance and merely muttered “I better move the truck before someone gets suspicious and calls dispatch and they start looking for me. ” “Ahhh, that’s a good idea I think Hon,” Dorrie agreed.

She watched as he walked to the front door. “Hope you have more deliveries here,” she smiled as the driver crossed the threshold and back onto her front stoop.

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   “After all, my husband and I will argue again and he will send gift after gift to make up. ” The driver looked back, smiled and knowingly replied, “Well ma’am, if he does, I hope I am still on this route!” Dorrie smiled, blew him a kiss and he slammed the door and ran to his truck. She looked at the clock on the stove. It had been only 18 minutes since the doorbell had rung.

She smiled to herself and gathered up her clothes. She headed up the steps and thought Gee, these UPS guys really are quick and they sure do deliver the Hell out of the package. Then it dawned on her. Shame I didn’t ask his name. Oh well, she consoled herself, he’ll be back…they always come back for more, even her annoying husband.

Dorrie napped until her husband woke her when he got home from work. “Did ya get it?” She smiled and replied “I did, and it was lovely. ” Her husband smiled and knew it was all okay – he’d made up for his stupid actions and words. Dorrie smiled and added, “It was just what I needed!” a knowing smile crossing her face. “I could get spoiled getting deliveries like this!” she added. He smiled and patted himself on his back at his clever fix for his foolishness.

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   “I like spoiling you,” he unknowingly replied. “Me too!” she added.