Secret Rendezvous


To set the background a bit….

I am what you would call the typical 33 year old happily married woman with a loving husband. To spice up our sex life a little, my husband allows me to have online affairs. Oh, he has his rules of course. I am not allowed to have phone sex with them because everything has to stay strictly online, I cannot lie to him about them and have to tell him what I am doing and last, but not least, I am not allowed to meet them in person. That last rule is what set the stage for this very real and vivid dream I had about a guy that I had been having an online affair with for the last 5 years. I have come to care very deeply for him and he is much more important to me than I should have allowed.

That day I had been talking with my best friend and planning a trip with her to take a week away from my hectic life of work and family and have a much needed vacation. Later that evening, I spent some time online with my lover and told him all about the trip I was planning. When I went to bed, both the trip and this guy were on my mind. That night I had one of the most erotic dreams I have ever had.

Standing in the airport; I kiss my husband goodbye, tell him I love him and turn to board the plane for a nice week long vacation. As I take my seat on the plane, I smile at the thought of him thinking I have a direct flight and am spending the entire week with my friend. What he doesn’t know is that my lover and I planned a 24 hour layover in the town he lives in. While I would definitely miss my husband and feel guilty for betraying his trust, I couldn’t help but spend the entire flight thinking of nothing but finally meeting my online lover for the first time in person.

I step off the plane and there he is waiting for me.

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   He looks just like all the pictures he sent me, but I can see in his eyes that he is a little unsure about the situation, like he is waiting for me to make the first move. My heart does a little jump and a smile breaks out on my face as I run to him and throw my arms around him. As he puts his arms around me and his lips meet mine in a tentative kiss, I can feel the heat and nervous tension roll off his body. I reach my hands up and grab the back of his head pulling him closer. As our lips part and our tongues meet, I hear a soft sigh and feel some of the insecurities release from his body when he realizes that I am as happy to see him as he is to see me. My heart starts pounding rapidly and I feel a warmth start spreading through my body. After what feels like forever, we pull away and looking into each other’s eyes, I see complete acceptance. He takes my hand and we head out of the airport to his car. It has been a long flight and I am hungry so we decide to stop and have dinner at a nice quiet restaurant. As we sit across from each other at a small table, we can’t help but continually touch each other. Whether it is moving our feet to keep them touching or touching each other’s hands every so often. It is almost as if we have to make sure the other is real and this is really happening. We try to keep the conversation light because the longer we sit there and the more we touch, the more the sexual tension between us builds up. When the tension builds to a point that neither of us can stand anymore, we pay our bill and make the short drive to his house.

We barely make it in the door when he grabs my head and presses me up against the wall.


   I see the same burning desire that I feel, reflected in his eyes as he crushes his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around him and grab his shoulders pulling him even closer to me. He releases his hands from my head and runs them down my arms to my hips causing me to jump like a bolt of electricity shot through me. I gasp as he pushes me harder against the wall. As his hands reach down to cup my ass, I am sure he can feel the heat radiating from between my legs. He lifts my legs around his hips and I lock them behind him. I can feel his hardness straining against his jeans and I let out a soft moan as it twitches against me. Just when I don’t think I can take anymore, he lowers my feet back to the floor. He pulls his lips from mine and gives me a sly smile as I lean against the wall trying to catch my breath.

Once my breathing has slowed down a little and I have regained enough control to walk, he takes my hand and leads me down the hall. Instead of going into his bedroom, he turns and leads me into the bathroom. My body jolts as I feel his hands under my shirt, like ice against my burning skin, sliding up my sides and raising my arms to slip my shirt off. His fingers trail back down my arms as my shirt falls to the floor. Leaning in closer, he begins to kiss the hollow of my neck as his hands reach behind me to unclasp my bra and slide it off. He kisses his way down to my breasts and cups them in his hands.

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   I shudder as he takes first one, then the other, of my hard nipples into his mouth and flicks his tongue across them. My body feels like it is on fire and I can feel the blood rushing to my pussy causing my lips to swell. His hands travel from my breasts down to my waist. After unbuttoning my pants, his hands slide my jeans and panties to the floor as he trails kisses from my breasts to my navel. I reach down behind him and pull his shirt over his head and throw it on the floor. He kisses my body all the way back up to my throat as he stands up. His body quivers as I run my hands lightly down his chest to his waist. I unbutton his pants and slide my hands down his hips pushing his pants and boxers down, allowing them to fall on the floor. He kicks the clothes out of the way, steps up to me and taking my hand, leads me into the shower. Taking the wash cloth from the hook, I lather it up with soap. He stands there leaning against the shower wall with his head back as I begin to wash his body. I run the soapy cloth across his chest and over his shoulders working one side then the other. I continue to work the cloth over his body, all the time moving lower. His body jumps as I run the cloth across his cock with one hand and cup his balls with the other. As the water runs over his body washing away the soap, I put the wash cloth back on the hook.

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   Running my hands down his body I lower myself to my knees. I hear a sharp intake in breath when I take his hard cock into my hand and run my tongue across the tip. I look up to see him looking down at me and smiling with his eyes on fire. As I open my mouth to take him completely in, he wraps his fingers through my hair and pushes my head towards him. He moans as his cock slides completely into my mouth. Slowly his hips start moving back and forth and I run the tip of my tongue across the underside of his shaft as it slides in and out of my mouth. When I reach my hand up to caress his balls, his fingers tighten in my hair and he starts thrusting his hips harder. Suddenly he pulls my head away and his cock slides out of my mouth. Standing there shaking, he tries to regain some control. His breathing starts to return to normal and he releases my hair. After turning off the water, he pulls me up to my feet and wraps a towel around me.

With the towel wrapped around me, he picks me up and carries me into the bedroom, gently setting me on the bed. He opens the towel and stands, staring down at me. I begin to feel a little self conscious, laying there naked on his bed, until I look into his eyes and see the desire burning in them. He puts his hands on my feet and lightly runs them up my leg to my knees.

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   He slowly spreads my legs apart and he kneels on the floor next to the bed. Starting at my knee, he trails kisses up my leg, softly brushing his lips across my pussy and kissing down my other leg. Over and over he does this and every time his lips brush against my pussy it feels like an electric shock pulses through my body. Just when I don’t think I can take anymore, he stops and looks at me smiling. Not taking his eye off me, he slowly lowers his head and flicks his tongue across my swollen clit causing me to gasp. Taking his finger he traces first around the outer edges of my lips and then between my lips rubbing across my clit on the way down. When he reaches the opening of my pussy he gently slides his finger inside just a little and then pulls it out. A quiet sigh escapes my lips and I look at him pleadingly. With a fire in his eyes, he drops his head and covers my clit with his mouth, flicking his tongue across it. My breathing becomes more rapid and I close my eyes. I feel his hands moving up my body until they reach my breasts. He grabs my breasts and pushes his mouth harder against my clit. I can feel the tension building in my body as I get closer to an orgasm and I start to moan. Sensing that I was getting close, he suddenly pulls away and gives me an impish grin. My body is trembling and my fists are clenched on the bed.

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   Looking at him, I whimper. Taking his finger, he pushes on my clit, causing me to jump. He slides his finger between wet lips and slowly pushes in it. I feel him probing inside me as he once again lowers his mouth to my throbbing clit. He roughly sucks my clit into his mouth as his finger finds my g-spot. I take in a sharp breath and begin to pant and moan as everything explodes. I wrap my hands around his head and push him harder on my clit and my hips rock in rhythm to his finger. He puts his other hand on my stomach to try and hold me in place as my body begins to spasm from the force of the orgasm. As my body begins to relax a little, he takes his hands and places them on my hips. His mouth moves from my clit as he slides his tongue down my wet lips. Gently and slowly I feel his tongue slide in and out of my pussy. I can feel the tension building again and my breath is coming is gasps. His hands tighten on my hips as his tongue begins to move faster. I grab his arms and wrap my legs around his shoulders. I begin to scream as the second orgasm comes crashing down on me.

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He looks at me, no longer smiling, and I can see the same burning passion in his eyes that I feel. Without a word, he flips me over onto my hands and knees and raises my ass into the air. Standing beside the bed, he grabs my hips and roughly shoves his cock deep inside me, causing me to squeal. He lets out a moan when he pushed inside me as far as he can. For a moment he holds there and I can feel his cock quivering inside me. Slowly he pulls almost completely out and then thrusts back into me hard and fast, causing me to growl. He does this over and over again, each time a little faster and a little harder. He reaches around me and grabbing my breasts, pulls me up onto my knees. With my back pressed against his chest, he pinches my nipples and bites my neck while continuing to pump his cock into me rapidly. I let out another scream as the orgasm courses through my body. His rhythm slows down when I drop back on my hands and lay my face on the bed as my body continues to shudder. He lays one of his hands on my lower back and the other across my ass. As he spreads his fingers out, I feel his thumb penetrate my asshole. I let out a growl and push back on his thumb and cock as hard as I can. He starts pushing his thumb in and out in opposite rhythm to his cock.

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   I can hear him breathing faster and faster until his exhales becomes moans. I reach under me and allow my fingers to graze his balls as they slap against my clit. He growls as he buries his cock and finger as deep into me as he can and his body starts to shake. I feel his hot cum shoot deep inside me and my pussy tightens around his pulsing cock as yet another orgasm shudders through my body. Leaving his quivering cock inside me, he pulls his finger out and falls to his hands, resting his head on my back.

As our breathing slows and we finally are able to regain enough control to move, he stands up and pulls his cock out of me. Crawling onto the bed he reaches for me and pulls me to him wrapping me in his arms. I curl up with my face buried in his chest, completely satisfied and happy. He bends his head down to gently kiss my forehead. He then says the three words that I had been trying to deny for 5 years. Tightening his arms around me he whispers in my ear, “I love you. ” At that moment I realize that I can’t deny them anymore. I kiss his throat and whisper, “I love you too. ” His breathing gets deeper and more relaxed as he falls asleep. As I lay there wrapped in my online lovers arms, I ponder the question; can a person be in love with more than one person? I press my ear to his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

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   The last thought to pass through my head before I fell asleep was, yes, someone can be in love with more than one person because each love is a little different kind of love and can never replace the other.

And that is when my alarm went off and woke me up.

This is my first story I have ever written. I welcome any and all feedback either through comments or email at whoknows2573@yahoo. com. .
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