Unoriginal Erotica - part 1 of hopefully 1


(Everything written here should not be taken seriously. . . seriously)Bear in mind, I felt like letting off some steam so I typed up some random thoughts. That gave me an idea! See. . . I found it fun, typing up the stuff that just pops into my head. I decided to write an erotic-version of it!In other words, this story is not really a story, but rather the mindless ramblings of a talentless hack. I'm too lazy to see if this had already been done, so chances are. . . this is an unoriginal erotica. It's erotica as long as I mentioned this. . .

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   right? Er. . . >_>A hot girl wearing a red tank-top and a brown mini-skirt was standing in a phone booth. Her brown hair cascaded down her ample breasts as she breathed heavily into the receiver. She wore five inch heels, which she was not used to at all. Her grassy green eyes flickered from side to side as she watched people pass her by. Sweat was pouring down her soft and supple skin as she waited in anticipation for her next orders. "Get undressed. "The girl's heart stopped at those two words. Get undressed while in public? She paused for a second, then replied, "yes, master. "She looked around her and noticed that there were still people passing by. She gulped, then took three deep breaths. She began by kicking off her heels as quickly as possible. She paused again.

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  One pair of eyes were on her. She took off her tank top. Three pairs of eyes were on her. As she breathed heavily and deeply into the reciever, she dropped her tanktop onto the pavement below her. She cupped her left breast and felt her heart just trying to hammer right through. The red-head knew it was useless and against her master's wishes to cover herself. She dropped her left hand and exposed her breasts. Ten pairs of eyes were on her. She shivered a bit for she could feel more eyes were upon her bare skin. She kept her head down and looked towards the ground. She unbuttoned her mini-skirt and watched as it pooled around her feet. She stepped out of them and used her right foot to slide it off to the side. Twenty pairs of eyes were on her. Now all that was left was her panties. She shuddered as a cold chill ran down her spine.

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   A visible wet spot was on the crotch of her cotton panties. She touched it with her middle finger and smiled. She knew that she would enjoy this act of exhibition. She looked up and stared into the eyes of her audience. Fifty pairs of eyes were on her. She slipped out of her panties and smiled for the crowd as she exposed herself to the world. "Are you undressed?" The voice again. "Yes, Master. I'm now naked and willing to please you in any way," the nude girl replied. "Good. Now lie down on your bed. ""Um. . . Master? I'm not in my room.

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   I'm calling from a payphone. ""Wha. . . what?""I'm calling from a payphone. I'm nude and in public right now. ""What the. . . "Let's end the story right here so that I can do what I've originally set out to do! Randomness onwards! E = MC Hammer should wear his parachute pants in public again! Stars are actually suns that are far away. Wait. . . was it the other way around? Two naked girls in college are in the shower making out. A girl with green haired screamed as Elmo fucked her with a bible.

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   No. . . not that Elmo! I'm talking about the one from Sesame Street. Green eggs and ham is the secret to making an up-tight girl orgasm multiple times!Why should the cucumber get all the glory as a sex-toy? An egg-plant cries as it was betrayed by its owner, a blonde beauty, who chose the cucumber for anal masturbation. A dog runs around in the yard, barking about how taxes should be reduced and how he has a bigger penis than the average human male. A librarian made out with a hermaphrodite in the children's section. Later that night, a cat-burgler broke into the library and later revealed that she was an asian beauty with a 24/7 sex-drive. Snoopy joined in later and the four of them had an orgy. . . of sorts. Right. . .

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   now would be a good time for another random erotic story about two girls making love in the shower room! Er. . . maybe not the shower room. Instead, let's make it the wine celler of a local steakhouse. "Oh. . . Mindy. . . I think. . . I think I'm.

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  . . ""Shh. . . I know. There's no need for words," Mindy replied as she pressed her lips against Cindy's. They were both blondes with blue eyes and large breasts. They were very similar in appearance to the point that they were often mistaken for sisters. They continued swirling their tongues against each other as they slowly undressed themselves. Within seconds, they were both naked and lying down on the floor of the wine celler. Their clothes were everything for they were in a hurry to see each other in all their glory. A bra hung down from the neck of one of the wine bottles. Both panties were ripped off and probably could not be worn again. "Oh.

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  . . Cindy. . . you have such nice breasts!" Mindy exclaimed as she sucked on Cindy's left nipple with the lust of a river nymph. Cindy simply moaned with pleasure she felt the other girl swirl her tongue around the areola. Mindy continued her dominance over her lover by gropping the breasts with more force. As she turned her tongue's attention on then neck, her left hand slipped down to the pussy. "Oh. . . my. . .

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   god. . . " Cindy gasped as she felt fingers penetrate her lower lips. She rocked her hips as she felt her lover probe her most intimate orifice. "Oh my. . . already wet," Mindy lifted her left hand to reveal the sticky substance on her fingers. She licked her fingers twice, then stuck them into Cindy's mouth. Cindy gladly accepted the fingers and sucked off her own juices. Mindy's eyes gleamed with lust as she lowered her head and said, "time to kick things up a notch. ""Wha. . .

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   oh! Mindy. . . that's. . . my. . . you're licking it," Cindy gasped out between breathes as she felt Mindy's pink organ explore her folds. She shuddered with pleasure once she felt the tongue against her clit. She shivered and writhed on the floor as Mindy continued her primal assault. "Don't hold back, just let go," Mindy smirked as she continued sucking and licking Cindy's clitoris. She held onto her lover's hips with both hands and rubbed her aching pussy against the floor at the same time. The wooden floor was stained with the pussy juice of both girls.


  "I'M Cindy screamed as she felt herself climax. Her pussy squeezed and every muscle in her body tightened. Wave after wave of orgasm hit her as Mindy continued licking instead of stopping. Why must some authors insist that their characters scream phrases like that when they're coming? Ritalin is your friend! It lets you have three times as much sex, you know! You know what I want to know? Did the exhibitionist girl in the phone booth have red hair or brown hair? I, for one, do not remember at all! Maybe it was one side red and one side brown. Maybe it was brown with red streaks. . . or the other way around!Three girls in a tub starting licking each other's pussies. A cat joined in three minutes later, then went away as soon as it remember it hated water. A hot girl looked so intimidating that five guys decided to hit on her at once. They all became her sex-slaves the very next day. Should a teacher be allowed to date a student? They seem to get along pretty well when they have sex in the empty classroom. God must be a comedian and Satan a critic. Was it the other way around? Nah. .

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  . God must be the comedian. The proof is in the cheerios!Light bulb!What I need right now is a new character. A new character to represent the what's left of my sanity. That way, no matter how out of whack my brain becomes, I'll always have just a bit of sanity left. "So now I'm a beaver. . . what the fuck?" The newly created beaver grumbled. He slapped his tail against the floor to test out his new body. "Why the hell would you make me a beaver?"Why not? It's fun! Now let's talk about names. How about Beaver Boy?"Screw you," Beaver Boy replied angrily. Frank?"Go to hell," Frank growled as he glared at me with killer eyes. Gordo?"Just do the world a favour and kill yourself!" Gordo shouted as he flipped me off. Fine.

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  . . how about Chippy?"Damn you and your abuse of your name-changing ability!" Chippy turned his back towards me and crossed his arms. Zeed it is, then!"Meh. . . " Zeed waved a hand and continued facing his back towards me. Erotica onwards!"Oh. . . Mindy. . . " Cindy continued moaning with pleasure as wine was poured over her breasts. The purple alcohol streamed down along her nipples and towards her naval.

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   She rubbed the sticky liquid all over herself as she moaned with ecstasy. Her right hand reached down to fondle her womanhood, mixing up her own juices with the wine. "Here comes the best part," Mindy grinned mischeviously as she took out a bottle of champagne. She used one hand to shake the bottle as much as she could while she used the other hand to push against Cindy's side. "Roll over, girl. This one's going in your ass. "Cindy's eyes widened at those words as she rolled over for her lover. She tucked her knees in and pushed out her ass for Mindy. She heard the sound of uncorking of the champagne bottle. Half a second later, the champagne was rushing along her anal passage and into her bowels. The feeling was incredible!Did you enjoy that, Zeed?"How can I went you forgot to give me any genitilia whatsoever? I'm not even sure if I'm a guy or a girl!" Zeed complained. Well. . . that's just too fucking bad, Zeed.

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  Hopefully, you'll never see a part two come out any time soon if ever! If it does come out. . . it'll probably have something like this:"Oh. . . Rush! Oh. . . " A significantly older Roll (afterall, don't want any underage girls in here :p) moaned with pleasure as she laid her back against the wall and allowed the robotic dog to lick her exposed artificial pussy. She rocked her hips and bit her lower lip as she felt an orgasm approach. End of part 1 of hopefully 1!.