symbiotic sex plant part two


 But I feel movement outside of me too, from the tough root’s that have replaced my panties. I don’t know what happened to my panties, I guess the plant ate them. Then, out from under my skirt snakes two pencil thin tendrils, spiraling up my lower abdomen, then my belly, then up to my chest. I try to rip them off, but like the rest of the plant the tiny hairs have rooted into my skin. The scientist and his lackeys gasp, then start scribbling notes, the assholes. The tendrils, with strength disproportionate to their size, force their wandering and waving tips upwards, as if looking for something. As the tendrils near my breasts, however, they suddenly break from their spiraling pattern and gently feel me up. The tendrils then savagely lash themselves around each of my breasts, tightening, and the tip of both tendrils swells into another flowing bud. The buds open up, and with powerful suction they both attach themselves to my erect nipples. I shout out as another orgasm causes me to spray my wetness all over the “panties” the plant has made for me, though it is all quickly absorbed. Despite my need to recuperate, the plant continues teasing me. Then, the sucking buds attached to my breasts bite me, as if along the outside of the little sucking mouth were rows of sharp teeth, but upon examination I see that they’re actually tiny roots digging into the skin right outside of my nipples. I feel the roots branch out a little into my breasts to more surely anchor them, but they barely go skin deep. The heat in my pussy is immense, and my mound has swollen embarrassingly. I can feel my juices flowing freely, but the plant of course eats it all up.
Then I notice my breasts swelling slightly.

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   I probably wouldn’t have noticed were it not for my heightened arousal. As the plant continues sucking on my breasts with heavy pulses, I feel a little milk start to leak from me. My breasts continue swelling, and the amount of milk leaking from me becomes thicker and stronger with each pull from the plant. Meanwhile, the tendrils in my ass and pussy continue to move, and as I cry and moan and grunt I come to the realization that the vines have resumed growing inside of me. More tendrils now shoot down my legs, and several others up my torso as well. The vines from the plant are covering my body now, wrapping themselves down my legs and up to my chest, spreading out to my arms and up my neck, though leaving nothing to the imagination, especially when they start eating all the rest of my cloths. These vines seem more flexible, and even so the roots that form my panties seem to soften and limber up. Little heart shaped leaves start sprouting all over my body from the wirey vines.
“Interesting, it seems to be adapting,” comments the doctor. I cry out as the plant tweaks my clit hard, and starts kneading my breasts, forcing out more milk. As I’m writhing there on the ground, I’m aware of several flowers budding then opening up all over me, and these actually look like real flowers. I’m being forced to cum again even as my breasts continue to swell when all of these bright-violet flowers seem to pucker, then spit something at the doctor and his lackeys. I realize with a start that they’re small, black seeds, and that several of them go down the two lackeys’ open mouths. Dr. Animal takes that as his cue to leave and takes one small step backwards before the doors slam shut.

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   Immediately the two lackey’s freak and turn to the door, but their access cards no longer work. When the plant spit seeds into the doctor’s mouth it probably put the room on lockdown.
The men don’t have much time to shout though, as the plants seem to be growing inside of them. They start trying to make themselves throw up, but my guess would be that the seeds have already taken root. The nearest one takes off his white operating gown to reveal a bulging, wriggling, stomach and tendrils of the plant are obviously already forcing themselves through his digestive track. His belly seems to be alive with a long, thick snake making it’s way through his digestive track, wriggling all over his belly. At first, the plant seems to know not to test out the esophagi (plural of esophagus) of the doctors, since that would surely suffocate them, but I’m suddenly shocked to see another tendril start to snake out of their mouths. The doctor’s are actually throwing up now, but they only accomplish dry heaves, since the plant probably absorbed all their food already. At the same moment a much thicker vine erupts from their asses almost explosively, though their pants maintain their integrity. I can’t help but smile at their choked screams.
Their shouts quiet quickly though, as the vines in their mouths thicken rapidly, expanding their throats and cutting off their air, but quickly they start breathing again as two rows of six small holes appear in the same tentacle, some of them venting air and others drawing it in. The tentacle in their mouths  reaches for the sky and branch’s out, big heart shaped leafs sprouting all over it.
The vine in their ass splits into two branches, one drilling straight through their pants and into the ground in search of dirt and the other branch curves up between their legs, and judging by the doctors reactions, the nature  of the plant, and the bulge in the pants, the second  half attaches itself to their penis’s.