My Little Runaway


As soon as I turned into the darkened store parking lot I could see the girl illuminated by the dim light of the phone booth from which she had undoubtedly called me from. Upon seeing me Sara dashed away from the security of her island of light and shelter from the pouring rain. Out of the darkness I saw her run toward my passenger door. Pulling on the handle she jumped in beside me and in a rush of words started, “Oh Wow Toni, thanks for coming for me. I knew you would, I knew you wanted me as much as I do you”! The girl was soaked to the skin and for a brief moment I saw her lit my the cars curiosity light, her white cotton tee shirt was completely transparent, plastered and clinging to her tender young breasts. Sara followed my gaze to her heaving tits, giggled then teased, “Well, are you going to take me home or are we going to make out here in the parking lot”? With a hand trembling from what I was about to do I placed it high up on her thigh, gave her a little squeeze and wink, “Okay baby, come on, lets get you home”!Even as I turned put the car in gear and turned the car from home I couldn’t help but think, God I must have lost my mind! What the hell was I doing taking a fourteen year old runaway home with me? What if we got stopped by the cops? Would they believe me when I told, she had called me at 1:00 am and I just couldn’t leave her out, alone in the storm? Or maybe they would even come to my place looking for her? Wouldn’t that be great? Catch us both naked in my bed. Wonder if women’s prison is any better than men’s prison? Got what kind of hole did I dig myself into here!Of course this was all my fault. Just over a month ago my little sister Tori came to visit. Naturally I was thrilled to have company. Since I had finished college and set up my own little art studio here in the city I was a bit lonely. When Tori asked, “Can I bring a friend”? Of course I said, “Hey the more the merrier”! I’m sure you have all guessed by now that friend was none other then little Sara Franks. Fourteen long flowing blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, already she sported long shapely legs a firm butt and a nicely developed pair of C cups. Sara wasn’t the least little bit shy either. The first words she ever said to me were, “Tori tells me you like to kiss girls, is that true”? I dumbly nodded my agreement as my eyes roamed the girls tender young body lustfully, she just smiled at me, “Cool, maybe we can try doing that while I’m here then”? Back in the car Sara told of her harrowing trip to get to me. How she hitch-hiked across two states, how she traded some creepy old truck driver a hand job for a ride, all just to get back to my arms. Hearing that I felt this odd guilty sense of perverse pride, the girl was willing to do anything to lie in my bed.

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   At the same time I wanted to pull her close, keep her safe, and make sure no more old guys ever laid a finger on my dear sweet precious angel!If I had to pick one word to describe Sara that word would be “Tease”! The girl was very much aware of her own beauty and flaunted her sexuality. When she was here before, Sara would constantly run around my apartment wearing nothing but a pair of panties. She wasn’t just being comfortable, Sara knew damn well she was driving me crazy and took great delight in puffing out her chest to best display her newly grown breasts and say, “See anything you like Toni”?It was on the forth day of their visit. We had spent the entire day at the beach. I spent the day admiring Sara’s figure and envying her French cut bikini. When we got home I called for pizzas, while we waited I opened a bottle of wine. Naturally Tori wanted her own glass. Then Sara had to try some too if Tori was. I never should have done it but I figured it was better if they learned about drinking if they were safe at my place rather than at some wild teen party. By the time the pizza arrived we all had a pretty good buzz going. By the time the pizza was finished Tori lay past out on the floor snoring softly. Sweet innocent little Sara turns towards me and asks, “Well…since were alone”. She gave a head nod to my comatose sister, “Why don’t you teach me how to do that kissing thing”? Now to be fair Sara did lean over and kiss me first. I really should have pushed her away but her mouth tasted just like bubblegum, the flavor of youth. I just couldn’t help myself, not then and surely not now!My place is actuality an old converted warehouse.

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   In front is my gallery, in back my studio. On the second floor I have my tiny apartment. All in all its nothing fancy and rather small, but its cheap and with a grant from the city to promote the arts I’m not as struggling as I could have been. I drove past it, turned up the ally and pulled up in back, “Sara you remember the way right? The doors open so why don’t you go inside. I have to lock the gate so I’ll join you in a moment”. After she unbuckled her seat-belt Sara spun quickly, kissed my right on the mouth, not shy at all about driving her tongue past my lips. I could have stayed in the car all night long just like that, but just as quickly my little nymph broke our kiss, grabbed her backpack, and as she exited she teased, “Well hurry up. I’m all wet with anticipation for my homecoming welcome”! As I walked to the gate I realized the rain had finally stopped. It felt like all the bad old stuff had finally been washed away, leaving behind the promise for a bright new beginning. As I saw the light come on in my apartment behind me I thought the rain had washed a new beginning into my life too. Only that bright new beginning came with strings, complications and pitfalls I might never get out of!As I pushed open the back door it squeaked reminding me of the first time I made love to my beautiful Sara. We had kissed on the couch for a good twenty minutes when my sleeping little sis snorted, startling us enough to make us hop apart. Together we watched as my sister rolled over, curled up and never once woke. I got up and threw a blanket over her. When I turned back to face Sara I found her standing, the expression on her face just screamed, take me somewhere where we can be alone! Undressing Sara in my bedroom made me feel like I was unwrapping a shiny Christmas present, complete with bows in her hair.

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   She just stood there at the foot of my bed meekly. I let my hands linger my fingers playfully danced over every inch of womanly flesh I exposed. Sara didn’t help me disrobe she remained standing, Once the bra and panties came off I was stunned to discover her eyes on my body a look of pure lustful hunger plastered on her face. Closing the door behind me I walked into my studio expecting to be pounced on by my young lover. Only Sara wasn’t there. She did leave me a clue as to her whereabouts though, there in the middle of the floor lay her still dripping wet blouse. When I bent to retrieve it a saw just a few steps away her bra tossed away casually and hanging from an empty easel. At the bottom most stair leading up to my apartment I found her blue jeans. From there I looked up and way up at the very top, on the doorknob, I could just make out her panties dangling. The girl always did have flair for drama, and her trail of clothes was leading me right to my prize!Sara had completely changed from that first time we laid together. Back then she was so shy, timid, and submissive. That first time she merely lay on top of my bed like a solder standing at attention. She didn’t move a muscle as I started to kiss her face, eyes nose ears and mouth. She did flinch as I nibbled my way down her shoulders finally taking half her right breast into my hungry mouth. Before moving on I gave her left tit the same treatment, kissing sucking lightly chewing on her nipple.

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   It was only once I left her hills and kissed my way to her valley did she snap open her legs for me. I’ll never forget that moment as I first lay nestled between her thighs my face poised above her tender sex. Her musky aroma was heady her body trembled with excitement at what I was about to do. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly with her breathing, Already she squeezed her eye shut and bit on her lower lip. As I fit my mouth over her silky soft treasure, Sara\\\'s flavor exploded in my mouth! This was the essence of the goddess! Pure, sweet innocent, my first taste of virgin, I was hooked worse than any junky! I had to make her mine!Opening the door to my apartment I added Sara’s panties to my growing collection of her discards. There in a straight line pointing the way to my bedroom I found her shoe, sock, another shoe and the final sock at the base of the open door. There was no doubt about it. My sweet love, my precious angel, my personal little slut lay waiting for me on what would become our bed!Sara had changed from that first time together, that first time together took her and me by surprise. Her, because nothing in her limited experience had ever felt so wonderful. My surprise was in the way the girl nearly twisted my head off! I could tell Sara was very close by the way she humped her hips furiously in perfect counter rhythm to my actions. I plunged two fingers in her glorious puss. I wiggled another finger up her even tighter puckered back side. My tongue tip flew across her clitty. Then she clamped her thighs around my head and sat up screaming. “Oooo…Ahaaa…Oooo”! She flung herself back, twisted left then right; Sara tried to scramble away from her explosive orgasm.

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   I just grabbed her legs and pulled her right back! She sat up again and pleaded, “Please… no more… I … I cant… take it…please…stop”! I lifted my head away from her still throbbing puss to look up and offer a tender smile. Sara struck like a snake grabbing my shoulders and turning me to lie on my back. Panting urgently before she lost her nerve she begged, “Let me do you. Please Toni? Let me make love to you”? After that first night together Sara and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was made all the hotter thanks to my little sis being around. We didn’t want her to know we had become lovers so that forced us to steal quick passionate kisses whenever she wasn’t looking. At bed time I would lay there praying hoping. Sure enough after my sis went to sleep Sara would appear at my door. Silently I would watch her undress the quietly slip under the covers with me. Our hands and mouths desperately roamed each others bodies. The day long desire to be with each other like this only served to work us up to a mad frenzy! Quickly we indulged in the mad rush to first orgasm, sweet release. Only then could we relax and spend the night exchanging tender kisses soft loving caresses and long playful love making. Sara was right where I thought she’d be lying on what had become her side of the bed. She looked just like the angel I remembered. Her hair fanned out on her pillow perfectly framing her pretty face and of course her mischievous grin.

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   She had kept her promise. On the last day when I dropped her and my sis off at the airport she had taken me into the ladies room. Together we hid ourselves away in a stall. I pressed Sara’s back to the door then pressed my body to hers one last time. Sara pressed a pair of her panties into my hand and before she dashed away to boarding she whispered, “Don’t worry Toni. I love you and I promise I’ll come back to you as soon as I can”!So once again Sara lay in my bed. As I pulled my dress up over my head she pulled the sheet away. In the lamp light her young firm body glowed a golden color. Between her legs I could see the glistening wetness of her eager anticipation. As I pushed my own underwear down she sighed saying, “Oooo yummy”, then held out her arms for me to join her. As I lowered myself over my love my brown hair cascaded down curtaining both our faces, hiding our passion from the outside world. I kissed her quickly savoring her flavor, strawberry this time. I kissed her again letting my tongue dart in her hot little mouth. I lifted up on my hands, looked down both our bodies, marveling at how well we fit together. I looked back to her moist lips, inviting eager for more.

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   This was my, ever so young lover, and she was right where she belonged in my bed! Now it was my turn to sigh contentedly and I paused before ravishing her, “Man I am so going to go to jail for this”! Sara threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. As our lips met again she whispered, “Don’t worry Toni. If they catch us I’ll simply tell them I raped you! Now shut up and make love to me”!Remember to visit us on the fourms of more stories or just to say hi :-)http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/.
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