Bet Gone Bad


This is a true story that happen to me when I was 15 years old.  
Its was Wednesday afternoon when that bet was made.  I was hanging out with my friend Josh and his sister Brittany.  Josh is the same age as my self and his sister brittany was 2 years older then us.  The bet was between Brittany and my self over a food race.  If i won she went on a date with me and she said if she on friday after school and saturday i would dress like a girl and act as her sister.  So the foot race was on and right at the finish line i trip in a hole losing the bet.  So friday after school went over to Josh's house, Brittany had some outfits out on the bed. She first had me be on some a thong and a bra with a pair of bellbottom jeans.  She then but some T-shirts in my bar giving me 34d boobs.  She Then but a tank top on and gave me some 3 in heels.  After all that she set me down put makeup on me and had me wear a wig.  When i look at my self i was really hot.  Josh was joking on me and his mom didn't even no who was.  
Well we went to the mall and got some dinner when we return home it was only 7:30 at night.  Brittany said that a couple of her friends where having a party we should come by.

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    Brittany said she wanted me to change.  I went back in to her room she had a red dress on the bed.  She made me put on a black thong and a black corset then i put on the dress she gave me she gave me some knee high black stocking and then hook them to my corset.  Gave me some 6in heels and we went out.  The party when fine we drink we joked on the we got home about 12:30 josh was already asleep and brittany was falling a sleep.  They both when right to bed. I had the guess room which was on the other side of the house.  On my way to the room i stop by and hit the head i heard the front door open it was Josh dad who had been out drinking all night.  As i left the bathroom he was there waiting on it as i exited he began to look at me trying to find out who i was i just keep on walking he mad me feel horny as i enter my room i turn on the light and started to take of my shoe when i here the door shut from behind me.  As i turn i was force to my knee and had a cock shove right in my face.  He hit me telling me to open my mouth and suck on his cock or he knock me out.  I was so scared but i still said NO as i said no he push is cock in my mouth and down my throat i started to gag.  
It hurt like hell after about 2 min he pulled it out and laid down on the and told me to start sucking his dick I want to leave but he was so much bigger then me so i got on the bed and stared sucking my first dick.  The more i suck on it the more i liked it i started to taste pre cum and want more with in a couple of mins he blow his load all over my face  i tried to swallow but only got a little down i then started wiping my face of cum and eating it.   i then notice that the dress had cum over it.

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    i then hear the zipper of my dress get pulled down.   He took the dress off of me i turn around and his limp dick went back in my mouth and it went hard right away.  He starts telling me the more i suck it the more lube it will be for your ass i stop sucking his dick and look at him and said "O NO!!!" with a that he turn me around and flip me i was now on all four begging him not to he started working it in my ass. i started to cry it hurt so much. his 7 in cock was all the way in.  after about a min or two he started pumping me.  My ass pain was slowly going away.  
The faster he pump the better i felt and in mins i was screaming for him to fuck me harder and then i felt my ass tighten (i learn that your ass can cum) right after that he pull out and turin me over and started to cum all over me and my corset he then made me clean his dick. It tasted so good. by now i was sleepy.  he left and went to get a shower.  closed my eyes still cover in cum and wearing the corset. it was about  4 in the morning i heard my door open again this time it was josh he said you up man  ya i responded he came in and said my dad told me you wanted me.  He came in and turn on the light and said dame man what happen to.  I told what his dad did and he was  said sorry man.

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    Then he said well since you cover in cum you wont mind sucking on my dick. You have look so hot tonight his 5 in cock  was out and in my mouth with out and answer from me he go on the bed and was on his knee i got on all for and stared sucking his cock when the door open again josh dad had cum back and saw me on all four and all he did was smile and the next thing i knew his hand was around my hips and his cock was in my ass and i was getting fuck all over again.  josh cum first he  pull out and cover my face his dad came right after that.  they flip me and started if all over again in the other hole.  After they both had cum again the left me cover in cum.  Now 6 in the morning i was sore and tired.  i awoke at 8 still cover in cum i left the room and was greeted by the whole family who smiled and said wow aren't we cute this morning.  i went in to the bath room and look at my self my fake boobs were still in and i was still wearing my wig.  But i ad cum all over me  it was in the  wig on my face corset had it all over an m ass was leaking.  i left the bathroom and set at the table and ate some food Josh mom told that she called my mom and dad and told them that they keep me all week.  She said don't change cause tonight were all having a pice of you and with that josh mom an brittany take to my room but that another stories.