A Trip To The Bar Changes Everything Part 1


A Trip To The Bar Changes Everything Part 1

The night was young and so was Joseph. Joseph had just recently returned home from college, after not being able to find a job suitable for his career choice so he returned to his parent's home until he would be able to find a job and a place of his own. Joseph was of average figure, he stood 5. 10 with broad shoulders and slightly bulging biceps and he was complemented greatly by the women he had been romantically involved with in college. This night was a boring night forJoseph, he had nothing to do and his family was out of town for the weekend so he was feeling quite lonely. Joseph decided to head to a local bar down the street for a few drinks and hopefully he'd meet a little hottie to bring home for the night.

(Background: Joseph had plenty of girlfriends while he was gone away at college, he wasn't a ladies man or anything but he did good for himself. Joseph liked everything about women and about being with a women but now his attraction to women was starting to become an obsession. He envied women for all the things they got to wear and everything they got to do which lead Joseph to experiment with cross-dressing. He kept it to himself and was very private concerning the matter but now his obsession with women was transitioning from wearing women's clothes to doing things that women did, in a sexual way. Joseph would fantasize about being a woman and how different his life would be if he was, but his fantasies stayed as fantasies even as he considered experimenting sexually to feel as much like a woman as possible. Although he would never tell anyone of his fantasies, they were always burning their way in the back of his mind. back to the story)

So Joseph headed to the bar 'Los Coyotes'. The bar wasn't very lively that night but there were a few people there; a couple of blondes that were out on a ladies night, a few older gentlemen that had nothing better to do on a saturday night, two or three other young fellows looking for the same thing Joseph was, and a few middle-aged woman who were possibly looking for some young blood to satisfy their sexual appetites. Joseph had no intention in talking to any of the older women but was quite interested in one of the young ladies sitting with her friends and as he got up to try to talk to her, one of the older woman stopped him and began talking to him. "Hey cutie, looking for a good time?" Joseph replied "Ummm, no thanks mam.

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  " The older woman got up and retorted "Mam, i'm not that old honey. " Joseph replied "Look, i'm not interested. Now can you leave me alone?" She replied "Fine, your loss. I would have done everything those young bitches these days won't do because they're too pretty to do it. " But as Joseph finally shrugged the older woman off, the group of blondes that he was going over to talk to was already walking out the door. Joseph realized they were the only attractive women in the bar and since they were gone, he decided to just have a few drinks and go home.

As the night continued, the crowd in the bar began to dwindle until Joseph was left there alone and one older gentleman. The gentleman wasn't too old, maybe early 40's or late 30's and was in great shape. The bartender had served Joseph and the gentleman their drinks then went outside for his break so the bar was desolate except for the two of them. Joseph thought it was about time to go, and just before he got up to leave; the gentleman aside of him spoke. "So, no luck tonight with the ladies. " Joseph replied "Nah, there wasn't too much potential here anyway. " The gentleman responded "What? These ladies sitting at the bar weren't good looking enough for you?" Joseph repllied "Exactly, I'd rather go home with a man than with an 'old' woman. " The gentleman responded "Haha, to be young. You always want the best.

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   The name's Frank. " Joseph replied "My name's Joseph. " Frank responded " So, are you interested in men?" Joseph replied "Why would you ask me that?" Frank responded "Well, you did say you'd rather go home with a man than with an old woman so I infered that you've been with a man before. " Joseph replied "No, i've never been with a man. I was just trying to emphasize my dislike for older women. " Frank responded "Ahh, I see. Well have you ever thought about being with a man?" Joseph replied "I think this conversation is becoming a little too personal. " Frank responded "Oh come on, no one else is here. It's just the two of us, you can tell me. I wont judge, after all, i've had a couple experiences with men. " Joseph replied "Alright, well lately I have been having these fantasies but I could never act on them. My family would disown me if they ever found out that I had sexual fantasies of being with a man. " Frank responded "Well, what if you could have a secret sexual rendevous with another man but never have them find out about it, would you go for it?" Joseph replied "You know what, this is probably the liquor talking but I probably would. " Frank responded quite fast with "Okay, if you want, me and you could go out to my car in the back and have that rendevous. There's not gonna be anyone around at this time of night and you could go home right after.

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  " Joseph slowly replied "Okay. . . "

The two of them walked out the bar and headed to Frank's car and as soon as they reached the car, Frank turned Joseph around and started kissing him passionately while pressing him against the car. Joseph had never been with a man before and as Frank pressed against him tightly, he could feel a growing stir inside of his pants which was also pressing against something growing in Frank's pants. And as the kissing continued, Joseph got more into it and was enjoying Frank's overwhelming dominance over him. But as the kissing lasted too long, the prickle of Frank's beard made Joseph uncomfortable and left him feeling weird so he broke the kiss. As Frank looked at him puzzled, Joseph gave him a look that only slutty women give and Frank knew exactly what Joseph wanted to do. Joseph had never done it before but as soon as Frank unzipped his pants, Joseph took his long cock into his mouth and began oral ministrations to him. Joseph began sliding it in and out of his mouth, wiping his tongue over it and over it again, savoring the taste. He had never done this before but he enjoyed it so much. The feel of it in his mouth, pushing in and out of his mouth made him so hard. The thing that Joseph enjoyed the most was that he was doing the most common thing that women do and he felt more like a woman than he ever felt. After several minutes of oral ministrations, Frank began to stiffen and started directing Joseph to move when he was ready to cum. But to Frank's surprise, Joseph just looked up and smiled.

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   That was all Frank needed, the erotic glance that Joseph gave him was all he needed to cum, and did he cum. Frank came so much, it just kept shooting into Joseph's mouth and Joseph just continued to swallow it all. Some of it spilled out the sides of his mouth but Joseph was determined to keep as much as possible in his mouth. After Frank was done, Joseph got up and smiled at Frank and all he said was "Wow, I think you just turned me into a cock-sucker. " Frank responded "Well if you liked that, we can go back to my place and you can do more of that. " Joseph didn't need to reply, all he did was call a taxi for the two of them.

As the cab arrived, the two of them talked and Joseph told Frank of how much he enjoyed their rendevous and how he loved the taste of Frank's cum in his mouth and the leftover cum was just a reminder that kept him hard and wanting more of it. Frank just gave him a passionate kiss as the taxi pulled up and told him "You can have all the cum that you want baby. " The two of them got in and Frank directed the driver to his home. They got there without a hitch and Frank paid the man as they got out. Joseph was stunned to how huge Frank's house. Joseph stated "Hey, your house is just as enormous as your cock is. " Frank responded "Awww, you're too sweet. " As they walked in, Joseph could only think of what the rest of the night held for the two of them.

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