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Topic: Bi husband & wifeMy name is Anne and I am a bi-sexual 18 year old girl who wants to have a bi-sexual experience with some of my friends and two if our teachers. I gave teachers, Cheryl, John, and my friends, Trish, Robbie and several other teenage boys and girls a drink that made them horny for sex with both boys and girls alike. The following are true stories of what happens as it is about to happen. I don’t know what will happen. I hope we all have a great time with each other. I didn’t realize there would be so many kids at the party. All of the kids had a drink of my special sex drink that should make them bisexual. I didn’t drink any of it because I want to remember everything that happens. I hope John and Cheryl will have sex with all of the kids. Cheryl met Trish who looks so sexy and is only 19. Cheryl said, “Hi I’m Cheryl and you look good enough to eat. ” Trish said, “Then eat me now. ” I went to get some of my friends to join the party. They don’t need my drink. All my friends have tried sex with both boys and girls before. When I came in Cheryl joined Kelli, Janice, Todd, Justin and all the other young boys and girls.

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   Cheryl was ready for sex with all of them. I just saw John grab Todd’s penis with Cheryl watching. Ashley said, “I want to watch John and Todd suck each other’s penises Cheryl. ” Todd doesn’t drive so his friend Alex agreed to take Cheryl, Todd and John somewhere private so they all could try a bisexual experience. Todd pushed John down to his penis. Cheryl, Courtney, Amy and Alex watched as John seemed to fight. John said, “I don’t want to suck you. ” Cheryl was ready to have sex with the girls. She went to the car with Amy and Sarah. Cheryl was already naked and ready to kiss the girls. John and Cheryl came in and I could tell the drink affected them. They were glassy-eyed. Cheryl said, “John I want sex with Victoria and you. ” John took off his clothes and gave Cheryl some more of he drink. He felt her breasts and said, “Cheryl lets you and I have sex and then with her.

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  ” John took Cheryl’s blouse and bra off and began to massage her breasts. Cheryl said, “John I really want sex with Victoria and with Amy now. ” John and Cheryl got naked and John went to Cheryl’s vagina and sucked her until she had an orgasm. John said, “Cheryl I want to suck Victoria. ” I came in and was naked. I said, “John and Cheryl I want sex with you both but I want John to suck my vagina until I have an orgasm. ” Cheryl sat on the table with her blouse and panties on when Todd came in with his penis out. He rubbed his young penis against Cheryl’s vagina. Cheryl took off her clothes and said, “Todd I know you are 18, but I want you to fuck me. I need your stiff erect penis in my vagina right now. ” Todd was so nervous that he missed Cheryl’s vagina when he first tried to put his penis in her. Cheryl said, “Todd let me help put your penis in. ” Cheryl guided Todd’s penis in her vagina and they pumped in and out. Cheryl experienced several orgasms before Todd ejaculated in her. Cheryl got on her back and said, “Todd I want you to fuck me while you are on top of me and I want you to ejaculate in me many times.

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  ” Cheryl guided Todd’s 5” penis in her vagina and again Todd pumped in and out of Cheryl as she pumped up and down to meet him. Cheryl yelled, “Oh Todd your penis feels so good in me. Don’t stop. ” I videotaped all of this. Todd sucked Cheryl’s breast. I knew he was about to ejaculate in her again. Cheryl said, “Todd I want your sperm. ” Todd pumped two loads of his sperm in Cheryl’s vagina. Cheryl had orgasm after orgasm. I want John to fuck me again. John was on the drug and I took both Todd and John’s penis as we are all naked. I want to see if they could have sex with each other. I want them to suck each other until they ejaculate. Sarah is 19 and knows about the drink.   She didn’t need one because she is bi-sexual and wants sex with John, Cheryl and anyone else who would like to fuck or suck her.

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   She took pictures of Cheryl and Phil as they got ready for some sex. Amy who is 19 said, “Cheryl I want you to let my friend Robbie fuck you and then I want you to make love to me and suck my vagina and boobs. ” Cheryl said, “I would love to have sex with you with John watching us. Brent and John followed Cheryl into the bedroom. I think I’m going to see my first bi-sexual encounter with the guys. I hope they will have sex. Wow is this exciting. Cheryl got on John and guided his penis in her when Brent stuck his penis in John’s face. John immediately sucked his penis. Brent sat on John’s chest and pumped his penis in and out of John’s mouth as John pumped in and out of Cheryl’s vagina. This is so hot. Brent said, “I’m going to cum. ” Cheryl said, “John suck his sperm. Cheryl and I saw a huge penis. Robbie is only 19, but his penis must be at least 9” long.


   Cheryl said, “That would hurt me. It is so big. I want it. ” Cheryl said, “Victoria I want to see if I can suck his penis first. Amy came in and sat with Cheryl as they looked at Robbie’s penis. Amy said, “Cheryl why don’t you suck his penis and then let him fuck you?” Robbie said, “Cheryl I want to fuck you. I’ll go easy and not hurt you. Amy said, “Cheryl if you get on top of Robbie he won’t go in as deep and it won’t hurt because he won’t go in so deep. Cheryl tried it and loved it. Cheryl screamed, “Robbie you are so big and I love your penis in me. Robbie took his penis out of Cheryl and masturbated in her face. His sperm sprayed all over Cheryl’s face and breasts. She loved his sperm. Amy caught Robbie’s sperm in her mouth. Cheryl wanted some sperm Later John, Cheryl and Chris met and John said, “Cheryl I want to watch you suck Chris’ penis and then I want to join you when he ejaculates.

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  ” Cheryl said, “John I don’t want him to fuck me. I want you to suck him. John pushed Cheryl down to suck Chris’s penis. She didn’t fight it at all. She wanted his penis in her mouth. Cheryl licked his shorts. John kissed Cheryl’s back as she licked Chris’ penis through his shorts. He yelled, ‘Oh Cheryl please suck my penis. I need to cum soon. ” Cheryl said, “John help me take Chris’ pants off. I have to see his penis. ” John said, “Remember Cheryl we are going to share his penis and sperm. ” Cheryl said, “I want to watch you suck his penis John. Chris sat in between John and Cheryl who felt his penis get erect. John and Chris began to French kiss.

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   It was John’s first bi-sexual experience. Cheryl pulled Chris to her and they kissed as John ribbed Chris’ young penis. John said, “Cheryl Chris has an erection and I want to suck it. ” Cheryl watched as John began kissing Chris’ body. John sucked Chris’ breasts and kept rubbing his young erect penis. Cheryl took the rest of Chris’ clothes off and said, “John I want to see what his body looks like naked. I want him to fuck you and me. ” Chris said, “John I have never felt another guy’s prick. I want yours. John said, “Chris help me get Cheryl naked. You will love her sexy body. I want you to have sex with her and we can both fuck her. ” John went to Cheryl’s breasts and sucked her. Chris helped Cheryl get all her clothes off. Cheryl said, “Chris you’re not naked yet.

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   Get undressed. ” John and Chris kissed Cheryl’s thighs as all Cheryl had on now was her panties. I wanted to go over to them and suck all three of them. Chris still had his pants on and John went to him to pull Chris’ pants off. John wanted to see what Chris’ penis looks like and suck his penis. Cheryl said, “John suck my vagina while I see what Chris’ penis tastes like. After I taste his pre-cum you can see if you want to suck his penis. ” Cheryl took Chris’ penis out of his shorts. His penis is uncircumcised and he has almost no hair in his pubic area. I want to suck his penis. I have to wait my turn as Cheryl licked the pre-cum from his penis head. Cheryl took Chris’ penis in her mouth as John continued to undress her. Cheryl sucked Chris’ penis and John said, “Cheryl I want to taste it too. ” John sucked Cheryl’s vagina as Cheryl sucked as much of Chris’ penis as she could get into her mouth. Chris is 8” and she got it all in her mouth.

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   John asked, “Cheryl do you like the taste of his penis? I want to try him. ” Cheryl said, “John I like your penis but his penis tastes so good. John lets see if we can both suck his penis. When he ejaculates we can share it. ” Cheryl and John pulled Chris’ shorts off to both suck his penis. Cheryl and John went to Chris’ penis and licked his penis before John took Chris’ penis into his mouth. John could taste Chris’ pre-cum. John said, “Cheryl Chris’ pre-cum tastes good. I want to try his sperm. ” Cheryl masturbated Chris’ penis hoping to get him to ejaculate in her mouth. John said, “Remember Cheryl we agreed to share his sperm. ” Cheryl said, “Ok John but you have to be quick. I want his sperm first. ” Chris said, “Cheryl I want to fuck you with John sucking your cunt and with him licking my prick. I’ll tell you when I’m going to cum.

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  ” John licked Cheryl’s vagina and Chris’ penis as Chris fucked Cheryl. As Chris, Cheryl and John were enjoying having sex with each other, Todd came in and sucked Cheryl’s breasts. I need to join them soon. Cheryl said, “John while I suck Chris’ penis I want you to fuck me from behind. ” John guided his penis in her vagina from behind and fucked. John said, “Chris you have to let me know before you ejaculate in her. ” Cheryl kept sucking Chris’ young penis and John continued fucking Cheryl from behind. I know Chris will have to ejaculate soon. I couldn’t believe it when Chris guided his penis in John’s ass while John fucked Cheryl. John said, “Chris your penis is too big and it hurts. ” They cleaned up and Cheryl and John went to Chris’ penis. Cheryl took his penis and masturbated it as John looked on waiting for sperm. Chris ejaculated all over Cheryl’s chest and breasts. This is awesome. John said, “Cheryl I want some of his sperm too.


  ” John licked Cheryl’s breasts that have a lot of Chris’ sperm on them. Cheryl said, “Oh John his sperm tastes so much better than your sperm. ” Cheryl took Chris’ penis in her mouth and John sucked Cheryl’s breasts that were covered with Chris’ sperm. He sucked them clean of sperm. I left the room as John licked all over Cheryl’s breasts. He really liked the taste of Chris’ sperm. I want him to suck a penis without Cheryl around. John licked Chris’ sperm as it dripped down Cheryl’s breasts and chest. Cheryl licked the sides of Chris’ penis to get all his sperm. John sucked sperm off her breasts. Cheryl and John are true lovers of sperm. While Cheryl took a shower John met 3 boys who were naked. John went to each boy and sucked their penis. Cheryl watched John and the boys. I watched Cheryl and 4 boys get naked when John came to them naked.

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   He got on his knees and sucked the first boy’s penis as Cheryl watched. The boys are all Cheryl’s high school students who drank my drink. John sucked another boy’s penis. Cheryl kept hugging them and watching. John went to the next boy and sucked his young erect penis. John tasted pre-cum on the penis head of each of the boys penis. He loved the taste. John wondered why none of them ejaculated in his mouth. He was to find out when he sucked Cheryl’s vagina after he sucked each boy’s penis. John finished sucking each of the 4 penises. Cheryl said, “John now I want you to suck my vagina. All the boys ejaculated in me earlier. ” I met Cheryl, Amy and John. John was dressed and he said, “Victoria I want to watch you and the girls have sex. ” He finger fucked me first.

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   Cheryl and Amy hugged and kissed. John finger fucked me to an orgasm. Amy and Beth met Cheryl and John at a nudist beach. They played in the water before they had sex. I videotaped the action to watch later. Amy and Beth got out of the water and took off their clothes. John rubbed Amy’s young ass and Cheryl took Beth’s sexy teenage ass in her hand. John guided his penis into Amy’s vagina from behind. Beth is all of 5’ tall and maybe 100 pounds. Cheryl said, “Beth I want to suck you vagina. ” They went to the hotel and got in bed. John sucked Cheryl’s vagina as Cheryl has her first bi-sexual encounter and sucked Beth’s vagina. Cheryl, Amy and Beth got in a circle on the bed. Cheryl sucked Amy’s vagina. Amy sucked Beth’s vagina and Beth sucked Cheryl’s vagina.

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   All the girls had multiple orgasms as they sucked each other for hours. Cheryl, Amy and Beth went to Cheryl’s home and got in bed to continue their bi-sexual experience. They sucked each other again and again. Cheryl met Janice and Kelli who also drank my mix. They dressed in sexy green gowns. I hope they can have sex with each other. Janice and Kelli got undressed. Kelli said, “Cheryl we want to try on some of you other sexy clothes and then have sex with you. ” I watched them put on a sexy outfit of a blue suit. They didn’t wear any underwear except a thin camisole that showed their cleavage. Janice and Kelli bought sexy outfits of their own. The outfits are thin see-through clothes. They didn’t wear panties and no bra. I love it. The girls wore tiny mini skirts and nothing else.

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   Kelli and Cheryl want to have sex on the living room floor. Janice wants to go to the bedroom. Janice and Laura convinced Cheryl to go to the bedroom with them. They got naked and went to bed. I hope they want sex with each other. Cheryl met two more sexy teenage girls. She wore her mini skirt and they wore mini skirts too. None of them wore any underwear. They are hot. Sara and Lisa had Cheryl drive them to Sara’s parents’ home. Her parents are on vacation for a month. I hope they will have bi-sexual sex today. Cheryl got naked while the girls left their panties on. Cheryl went to each of the girls and finger fucked them to an orgasm. Cheryl said, “Girls lets take a shower together and then lets go to bed and see how our vaginas and breasts taste.


  ” They got undressed. They got in bed almost naked. The teenagers look good enough to eat and I hop Cheryl will suck their breasts and vaginas. Courtney, Allison and Cheryl went to the private patio and got naked. The girls began to explore each other’s vaginas and breasts and sucked them. Allison sat on Cheryl’s face and Cheryl sucked her young vagina. They switched position and Cheryl sucked Courtney’s vagina as Allison sucked Cheryl’s vagina. Courtney had her second orgasm. Laura and Stacy join Cheryl I the bedroom. Stacey sucked Cheryl’s vagina until Cheryl had an intense orgasm. Cheryl yelled, “Oh, don’t stop. ” Cheryl sucked Courtney’s vagina as Stacey guided a dildo into Cheryl’s vagina. Stacey pumped in and out of Cheryl’s vagina like a penis. Cheryl met two more teenage girls who are bi-sexual without a drug. Ally and Kelly got Cheryl to take off her clothes except panties.

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   They kissed. They got in bed together and Cheryl sucked Kelly’s young 32A breasts. I still want to have Cheryl come off the drug and watch the video. I want Cheryl to have sex with John and me without being under the drug. I want John to suck a penis with Cheryl watching him. Cheryl sucked Ally’s vagina from behind as Ally sucked Allison’s vagina. They all sucked each other to multiple orgasms again. The drug wore off Cheryl as she was sucking Allison’s vagina. Cheryl was startled and screamed, “What am I doing here. I’m not a lesbian. ” Allison said, “Cheryl you have been having bi-sexual sex all week. ” Allison said, “Victoria has video of all your fun times with us girls. ” Cheryl said, “I don’t remember any of this. ” She sat on Ally’s face. ” Ally sucked Cheryl’s vagina with Allison sucking Ally’s vagina.

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   John’s drug hadn’t worn off when Cheryl came into the bedroom with John sucking my vagina. Cheryl screamed, “John what are you doing?” I said, “Cheryl you and John have been having bi-sexual sex with many teenage boys and girls. John doesn’t realized he had sex with me. ” I said, “Cheryl after you see the video of you and John having sex with both boys and girls I want you to suck my vagina. ” Cheryl asked, “How did this happen?” I said, “I guess you and John like sex with others. ” The last scene I videotaped was when John and Cheryl sucked my hot vagina as Robbie fucked me. When he ejaculated John and Cheryl shared his sperm. They sucked the sperm out of my vagina and his penis. John and Cheryl watched the video on their computer. They got excited and Cheryl said, “John I guess we are bisexual and should do this again. ”.
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