Topic: TWIN'S WITH A DIFFERENCE Twin's with a difference.
 A short lead into this tale,then the tale its lived in a real old cottage when I was youngish. Quite a sprawling building,it was full of crooks and crannies and I was forever finding secret alcoves.  The one where my tale begins was my favourite.  It will become evident why.
 I'd come on this as I thought,cupboard and having crept into it from my bedroom through an obscure door in the cottage's very wide wall's,it clearly was an old unused clothes cupboard with only an old wood section parting it from the main bedroom of my parents. As I peered through cracks in the old wooden partition,two of these cracks met the width of my eyes giving me a view as though I had an eye mask on. So almost no interference with what I wanted to secretly view at any given time filled me with excitement. The bed was in full view and I concluded that instead of wanking as I heard my mum cumming when dad was fucking her,I'd now be able to watch them.
 I crept into my parents room and found on their side the cupboard was unnoticable as the old wooden panelling was the facial of a wash stand. So at the next time of hearing them making love I crept into my side to watch. At first I was somewhat disappointed,because he had mum on her back with the bedclothes over dad up to his waist. All I could see was mum's tits bobbling around until with ever increasing thrusts,the bedclothes fell to dad's naked thighs showing his ass thrusting like a pile driver between mum's thigh's which in turn spread open more and more until with a joint sexual gasping and grunts by dad,he hung against her as his now short tiny thrusts emptied his ball of sperm.
 As a first I crouched with my hand wanking my dick and I thrilled just as they did. Dad on removing himself from mum,just stood aside,unknowingly giving me the best look I'd ever had at mum's pussy all juicy as her belly still trembled and twitched from after shocks of her orgasm. Each time she tensed her belly,more of my dad's sperm squeezed from her enflamed quim.

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   I loved the mass of pubes she had as well. Following on from my first viewing I found that dad on occasions got mum on hands and knees on the bed and fucked her doggy style. I really enjoyed these occasions because from my vantage point I had a perfect sighting of the session from beginning till the end.
 The most exciting point was after dad had played mum to an orgasm and she went to the kneeling position,I thrilled at the way mum's pussy reacted on feeling dad's cock touch her pussy for the first time.  But this is where I start the lead into the tale that follows. At all these happenings I could hear all that they were saying. I now watched dad slowly press his hardon up mum's pussy and unlike all the other occasions he kept up a very slow in and out movement which had me on the verge of shooting my load.
 Then in shocked amazement I, on seeing dad pull right out of mum,heard mum say, "Oh god NO,don't please NO,I don't want you too" By now dad was moving his wet slippery dick around my mum's crinkly bum hole. - Dad was not small! I watched facinated as the large spongy head of dad's cock wiggled against my mum's tiny wrinkled sphincter. I knew it wouldn't fit in there. "NO,don't you dare fuck my asshole" I hadn't ever heard mum talk like this,by what she just said I was also sure he'd fucked her up her ass sometime before. Dad now, "Come on,you know once its up there it drives you mad" "I know,that's why I'm saying don't! You make me explode in passion and I ache for a week after" To late for as she was in their exchange of comments,the head of my dad's cock had got her.
 I just couldn't believe just how easy his mushroom head had crept up her bum and the slippery shaft was being devoured by mum's little bum hole. Now she wriggled her body as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her rectum till it seemed his balls were hanging from both their bodies. Dad pulled back.

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   "NO! keep it still in me,let me get used to its size" Taking no notice of her,he thrust about four strokes and then every sinew and muscle in his ass cheeks and thighs went into spasm as dad pumped shot after shot of his sperm up mum's rectum.
 "You bastard,You fucking dirty bastard,don't you dare stop now,go on,fuck me,make me cum you bastard" Ramming back now at dad,she shook and girated on the end of his knob until they collapsed in a heap onto the bed. Laying there for awhile until dad dragged himself off of her. - I was surprised to see his cock slide out of her ass completely slick and clean. He walked off,leaving me to view mum's ass covered in dribble from their mutual juices.
 From that moment onwards I kept coming back to what mum felt as dad fucked her up her later I met a girl and through a pregnancy,it was concluded we would marry. We did and just after,the pregancy fell through but our marriage was firm and mutual. That is,we both loved sex,were very promiscuous and suited. At the start of our original meeting,I found she was a twin and I wondered if their pussy's would look and feel the same. She laughed at this cheeky question when I brazenly asked her after our first sexual coupling.
 Instead of being pissy,her response was, "Wait and see,It'll surprise you" Boy,it did and all. Her twin was a brother. "Still want to see and feel my twins pussy?" She laughed like a drain. "That will teach you,you horny bugger" - From there forward the twins and myself got on like a house on fire. I knew she'd confided to her twin,my interest,but nothing was said.

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   So moving to after we were married and on a day I entered our home unexpectedly. We were house sitting while my parents were away. Realising I could hear my wife giggling while chattering. She obviously had someone with her. Quickly I figured her voice was coming from my parents room. Going to my secret spying place. I was dumbfounded to see my wife wanking a cock and at that very moment his spunk arched from his cock hitting my wife on the chin and lips.
 She was squatted in front of,of all people her twin brother. "There you liked that I know, - Giggle,giggle. - now behave" I expected to see her present her pussy for him but they just stood up,he put his cock away,she was fully dressed except her top was open down to her tits that had further spunk dripped onto the top part.  "You owe me mind" My wife said to her brother as they headed back down stairs. Far from being pissy,I found their action even more erotic than what my parents done.
 Why didn't he fuck her I wondered as I again shot off in my hideaway. I then appeared downstairs as if I had known or seen nothing. In due course my wife's brother left and after a while she asked me if I was okay as she thought I seemed subdued.

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   Passing this off,we later,in bed started love making and I broached the point. 'I saw what happened this afternoon' Total silence,then, "What? What do you mean?" 'You! You and your brother,what you done to him' A longer silence,then quietly. "We've done it for years,in fact we've always done it. We enjoy doing it,are you shocked?" Before I could respond, "It was because you make him horny that he came round for me to do him,you know,pull him off" This response gave me time to recover from her openly admitting they got up to sexual activity. 'Yeah,but doesn't he normally fuck you?' "No,never. Only you know!"
 "That is if he really gets randy and can't get the real thing" Bemused and baffled by this strange answer. I try to fathom what she meant. Saying nothing, "You know,the real thing,yours,he wants yours" I stay in shock as my mind flashes back to my father going up my mum's bum and me almost on a daily basis wondering what she felt that so aroused her. This very reminder sent my cock throbbing just as my wife caught hold of it. "See,like that,he wondered if you were,you know? Bi" she went on, "Remember when he came in just as you had come through the house naked and you stopped on the stairs to answer him" In a flash back,I did. Thinking nothing of it at the time,as we talked I remembered,he had moved from where I had my cock and balls towards him to him being at an angle where he could look at my ass.
 Thinking on even more,I had at times thought that I'd caught him looking at me in a bit of a stange way,but thought it was no more than my imagination. Coming back to the stairs moment,as I moved off further up the stairs,I could see my wife had a very strange smiling gloating look on her face as though she had known something I had missed. SHE OBVIOUSLY DID! Nearing the top of the stairs,to attract my attention again,her twin threw something up to me,well past me in fact, - I knew he was good at throwing,yet it missed me by a mile,requiring that I stretch forward with one leg up a step.
 This realisation now dawned,he would have been able to see my puckered asshole in all its glory for a while as I groped for this item.

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   It had been a nudge,not my imagination,he had given his sister. All this rushed through my mind,to the point. I could get to feel what a cocking in the ass really felt like. 'Have he with you,you know,in your bum?' "Sometimes, but it happened a long time ago the first time" 'Tell me,its making me horny as hell' "Well as kids,you know hormone awakening times,he was tickling me,I became frantic and told him to stop before he made me pee myself. Stopping he said,go on,show me how you piss.
 Taking my knickers off I pissed as he watched. By the time I'd finished,he's got his cock out and it was hard" - 'Show me how you poo' "I said I can't" "See,look,you've made me hard" Giggling,I touched it and that was the first time I gave it a wank.  It started getting sticky on the end. Turn round,he told me. I turned and put my hands to the wall as he pressed against my bum. I felt his cock by my bum hole. 'Is that how it feels as you go?' he said. "No,not really,it is a bit now,that is now" I knew now he had put his hardon up my bum. Then I felt it,he was cumming in me,he finished and pulled it out. "That's it really,he likes fucking bums"
 "This afternoon started,because he asked me if I'd get you to take his up your ass,would you do it? I'd love to watch to see if it made you cum like it does me when I let him get me up there" - If she'd only knew.

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   A moment had arrived. 'You'd let me and wouldn't be pissed with your twin fucking your husband?' "Of course I wouldn't,you haven't got pissed off finding me wanking him,what if I do it again,will that make you pissy?" 'No,I love all this sexual diversity' We left it at that as I pumped her pussy to orgasm,an orgasm that said she'd liked what was going to happen as much as I did.
 I left her to sort time and place. Next day she became quite blatant,having stood naked in front of me,I was also naked,she called to her twin who unknown to me was also already here. "I'm ready to get you two horny" She squeezed my hardon,her brother walked into the room,clearly nearly ready to fuck my ass. "I watched you two strip,god it made my cock hot" My wife took both of us in hand. "SSSH! Hurry, I want to watch" pulling at her brother and myself,we became rampant. Her brother pulled his cock from her hand and saying to me face the wall,he moved behind and as I felt myself trembling his knob pressed at my sphincter. Now putting his hand round me he grasped my hard on with one hand and his own hardon with the other I felt my sphincter resisting his pressing.
 "Relax your ass,it'll slip up you if you do" I didn't realise I had tensed my ass but now consciously relaxing my legs and ass muscles,I felt the head of his hardon press into me. "Fuck sis' he's tighter than your little ass was that time" Now with both his hands grasping my shaft he pushed like hell and my rectum swallowed a whole lot of his shaft. I was then surprised to feel my cocks hardon drop off to completely soft. Gripping me at the hips I heard my wife saying,"Spunk him,fuck his ass good" Glancing towards her she was frantically masterbating,with her legs spread as she stood just to the side looking at her twins cock fucking my ass.
 With sudden quick jerks I felt the first shot of warm spunk hit my insides while at the same time with unknown strength I felt her brother bending me double thus striking a nerve in my ass giving me the most awesome orgasm I'd ever felt. My spunk spewed from my cock all over the place and with ever thrust I shot off sperm by far much more than I had ever shot.

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   I heard my voice yelping 'stop,for fucks sake no more,stop its so sensitive I'll faint in a minute' - No wonder mum was apprehensive about a second ass fucking. My own fucking didn't stop until my wife's twin had emptied his balls completely. Then almost visciously he pulled out of my rectum giving me such a sensation my head spun. I grabbed for the bed and led with my ass tingling and the insides pulsing.
 "Enjoy that did you?" My wife stood gloating at my weakness and predicament. "Now you know what its like to be a woman under a man" I lay as her twin put his clothes on. Wife smiling, "Remember brother,You still owe me,its your ass he's getting tomorrow so don't be late" I admit I hadn't thought of that.
 But that's another story.