Heated Friday Afternoon


*Skip to part 4 if you don't want alot of dialogue or if you just want to get right into it. *

 Part 1

 It was Friday after school when Selina got home from school. "Donny, I'm home!" She noticed nobody was there except one of her brother's friends. "Oh, hi Malcom. Where's my brother?" " Don and Tonny went to pick up Ashton at his dad's house. " "His dad's house is like an hour away! How long have they been gone?" "Twenty minutes, why?" Lina hated for her brother to be gone for more than an hour because she was scared something might happen. "Great, that's just great. You know what, I'm gonna call him. " She gets the phone and dials his number. "Yeah, hello?" "Were are you guys?" "We got a flat and we getting towed so it's gonna be a while before we get back. " "How long is a while?" "Three or four hours. Just find something to do. I gotta go. " "Yea ok. Bye. " Selina felt pissed because she was stuck alone for the next few hours.

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   "Well what did he say?" "Three or four hours. So look I'm gonna go shower it's hot. Gonna use alot of cold water. " "Yeah, I'll be here. " She thought to herself 'Please don't. ' "Cool. "

 Part 2

 After her shower Selina dried off her toned and fit body. She went over her C-cup breasts and then worked her way down to her tight pussy. She shaved it in the shower every two weeks. She looked at in the mirror and laughed. "You never know when it's needs to be smooth. Haha" She put on her pajamas and tied her hair up and went to the kitchen for a snack and then sat next to Malcom. "So what are we watching?" "Another movie about football. " "It's kinda hot in here Lina can you hit the AC?" "Don't know how it works, brand new. " So with that Malcom took off his shirt and sighed.

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   "Oh well. " Selina never thought of Malcom than more than just her brother's best friend, so she didn't mind him shirtless. After a while a sex scene came on and Selina felt awkward at first but then it passed. "You know real sex is never like that. " I chucked. " I know right? It's so scripted. "

 Part 3

 After time passed Lina felt hot and took off her shirt and just had on her tight spaggetti strap. "She went and put on another movie. She was bent over in front of Malcom in her shorts. He saw her blue panties, and he smiled a little which he started to think. 'Lina's really grown up in five years. Maybe I should snatch her up before someone else. ' So he thought of a plan. "Hey, Lina come sit next to me. " "Why? Isn't it already hot enough?" "Yea but I need close company.

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  " He did a sexy smile and she blushed. "Fine, whatever. " "You know I remember when you used to run around here in your dipers. You've grown up. " "Oh yeah. Remember when my brother tricked you into giving me baths? That was always priceless now that I think about it. " He put his hand on her neck and started to tickle her. "I remember this is your tickle spot. " She laughed started to giggle. They laughed for a moment then suddenly locked gazes. "You know Malcom, I remember the one bath you gave me were you had to get naked because I didn't like the water. " "Yea you made me hug you until you were done. " Selina gets off the couch and trips over the carpet. Malcom tries to catch her but he ends up on top of her.

 Part 4

 "Oh gosh.

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   I'm so clumbsy sorry. " He started to get off her when she kisses him deeply. "What the hell?" "Listen I'm tired of waiting for that speacial someone. Would you please fuck me?" Not wanting to pass up his chance he said yes. She took him upstairs into her room and locked the door. She started to kiss him hard and give him tounge. He then told her to lie back. He was gonna make her happy. He pulled off her shorts and rubbed on her pussy through her panites. She moaned at the pleasure. He took them off and was exposed to her perfect pussy. "Nice and shaved. " Selina laughed. He started kissing the inner thighs first then making his way to here pussy. He played with her clit while fingering her.

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   She moaned loud. "YES!" He told her to get on her knees. She unzipped his pants and took of his boxers. His cock was already rock hard. "It's 8 1/2 inches. " She licked the tip and slowly sucked on it. Pre-cum was already coming out. She took half of it in her mouth and gave a slow deep throat. "Yea just like that. " She then took all in to her mouth. "Oh fuck yea. I'm gonna cum!" He then cummed in her mouth. She drank every drop.

 Part 5

 "I'm ready. Just don't hurt me.

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  " "Wait you're a virgin?" "Yeah. Is that a problem?" He smiled and just told here this was about to be great. He rubbed the head up and down her pussy looking for the opening. He inserted the head slightly in. "You ready?" "Yes. " He rammed it into her as he broke her hymen she winced in pain. "I'm sorry but the rest is gonna be awesome. " He pumped in her slow then he picked up the pace. "Oh God your tight. Best pussy ever!" "Yeah fuck me I love your cock. " He pumped her even harder. "Oh shit I'm about to cum!" "Cum inside me!" He came in her pussy and she orgasmed which made him cum even harder. They rolled over onto the bed and kissed. Then her phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey I won't be back for another hour but I'm on my way back.

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   See ya soon. " "Okay, bye. " "Well we have another hour till he gets back. " Then he grinned at me. "What?" "Ever had it in your ass?" And that was when I knew things were about to get interesting.

 *Tell me if you liked it or not. Leave suggestive comments or hints. Critize, but not too bad. This is my first story. Let me know what you think and if you want another. <3*.
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