Whores And Pimps - Part IV



Whores and Pimps - Part IV


Michele Nylons

(Warning – Contains Incest)

Michele lay on the bed sated; splashes of semen glistened on her stockings, blouse, face and hair. Steve, Joe and Bill stood around the bed looking at her, their erections slowly subsiding. She looked across the room and saw that Ellie had returned to administering to the fat cop’s needs. She was on her knees and her pretty face bobbed up and down in the fat cop’s lap.

The fat cop was sprawled in the chair; his piggy eyes locked on Michele.

"That was some performance there Michele; for a girl who only sucked her first cock a few hours, ago you sure learn fast," he said.

Ellie took her face out of the cop’s lap and turned her head towards Michele.

"See, I told you that you would probably end up liking it didn’t I," she gloated.

The fat cop pushed her face back down on his stubby cock. "

"Shut the fuck up and suck my cock bitch," he laughed, "You let those other boys worry about her; you just take care of me. "

The fat cop screwed up his eyes and reached down with both hands to push Ellie’s face onto his penis. He bucked in his seat and face-fucked Ellie with short hard strokes. Ellie was working hard at sucking his member and Michele could distinctly hear the sucking and slobbering noises Ellie made as worked on the cop’s cock. Ellie was rocking on her knees, the toes of her black high-heels dug into the cheap carpet, her short black dress had ridden up at the back revealing her white satin panties and matching suspenders clipped to the gauzy taupe stockings encasing her long sleek legs. She looked very sexy. Slutty, but definitely sexy.

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Michele felt her penis begin to harden in her sticky panties. She couldn’t believe she could become aroused again so soon after her last orgasm! The sight of Ellie fellating the fat cop was also having its effect on Steve, Joe and Bill; Michele noticed that they were also in various states of arousal.

Joe sauntered over to where Ellie was fellating the cop.

"Mind if I use the other end?" he sniggered at the fat cop.

"Do what you like with her Joe; just so long as she doesn’t lose her rhythm," he laughed back.

Ellie didn’t even flinch; she just carried on sucking away on the cop’s stubby cock. Joe grabbed Ellie’s high-heels and spread them apart, her stockings rasping on the cheap dirty carpet. Joe positioned himself between Ellie’s sleek nyloned legs and took hold of his cock and began to rub it in the cleavage of Ellie’s satin pantied buttocks.

Michele felt her own cock harden and then she became aware that Steve had slid his member into her loose fingers; without conscious thought she gripped the thickening member and began to stroke it. She was mesmerised by what was happening across the room. Bill shifted to the other side of Michele and put her hand on his cock. Michele lay there masturbating the two men while the three of them watched Ellie suck the fat cop while Joe rubbed his cock on her panty clad arse.

Joe reached down and slid the silken gusset of Ellie’s panties to one side and exposed her puckered sphincter. He wet his finger with his tongue and probed at the wrinkled crack. Ellie kept fellating the cop but she also pushed back with her body and Michele watched fascinated as Joe’s finger disappeared inside Ellie’s anus.

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"God that looks good," Michele whispered.

Bill heard Michele and took that as his cue. He moved down the bed and slipped his hand under Michele and gently eased her over on her side. She could still see Ellie and the two men across the room and she was still wanking Steve’s hard shaft. Michele didn’t take her eyes off the trio across the room even as she felt Bill slide his hand under her nylon panties and insert a finger inside her semen lubricated passage. She gripped Steve’s cock harder and wanked away at it.

Joe removed his finger from Ellie and spat into his palm then rubbed the spit on his member. He positioned himself directly behind Ellie and nestled the glans of his penis against her sphincter. He reached down and gripped each of Ellie’s silken stockinged thighs in each hand and began to push. He groaned as Ellie pushed back against him until his belly was hard against her bottom and he was buried in her to the hilt. Ellie wriggled her skewered arse and began to suck harder at the fat cop’s stubby member.

Bill rucked Michele’s black leather mini up around her waist and moved down the bed and knelt beside Michele’ pantied rump. He pulled her panties down, the nylon material of her panties whistling on her hosed legs, and left them around one slim ankle. He pushed Michele over further and lifted her leg so that she was lying on her side with her legs scissored open. Bill lay down behind Michele and put his rock hard cock at the entrance to her back passage.

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   He pushed and Michele groaned at the pain as Bill’s glans forced open her tight sphincter.

"Easy honey," Bill whispered into Michele’s ear and the nuzzled her neck, "just relax and it will slide right in; Steve’s already lubed you for me. "

And it did! Michele relaxed and then felt Bob’s hard cock slide right up inside her. She was still fascinated by the other trio having sex across the room but she was now very aware of Bill’s body rubbing against hers and his grunts and groans as he fucked her. She loved the feeling of her anus being filled and the shivered with pleasure as Bill’s cock rubbed against her prostate.

Steve had now moved to the edge of the bed and was watching the sex going on around him as he slowly stroked his own cock.

Joe was pounding himself in and out of Ellie; he had moved his hands down to her feet where he gripped her high-heels and rode her like a sleigh. Ellie was a lovely sight to behold with her black chiffon dross rucked up around her waist, her gossamer taupe stockings clipped to her white satin suspenders and her matching satin panties, the gusset eased aside to allow Joe access to her arse. Her pretty face was buried in the fat cop’s lap, sucking his engorged manhood and she bucked back and forth on her knees keeping rhythm with Joe’s pace as he fucked her. Joe was groaning and moaning and the fat cop had his eyes screwed shut and pushed Ellie’s face down into his lap. They groaned in unison.

"I’m coming; oh god I’m coming!"

Michele felt Bob quicken his pace as he hung on to her and pounded his cock in and out of her come slicked anal passage. Michele pushed back against him and wriggled her bottom. Lying on her side like this she was unable to thrust back and forth but her wriggling and pushing caused the glans of Bob’s penis to massage her prostate gland bringing her closer to orgasm. Bob suddenly wrapped his arms around Michele and pulled her back hard against him and Michele felt his cock begin to shudder as streams of hot semen flooded her anal passage.

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   Bob’s manhood spasming against her anal gland caused Michele to climax too and she wriggled her bottom and pushed back against Bob as she shed her spend into her already come-sodden panties.

Steve spun around on the bed and aimed his cock at Michele’s heavily made up face. He groaned and shot stream after stream of hot semen over her face, rivulets of his juice ran down over her eyes, nose and on to her lips. Michele gobbled the salty offering, slavering the fluids with her tongue and licking it into her mouth as her own orgasm shot through her anus, testes and penis. She was experiencing one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

The fat cop pushed Ellie’s head down into his crotch and held her there as he came, he bucked and squirmed in his seat as his emission erupted out of his throbbing cock and deep down Ellie’s throat. Ellie wriggled and struggled tried to pull herself free to prevent herself from drowning on the fat cop’s semen. Joe used Ellie’s struggles for his own gratification and plunged his turgid penis deep into her pulsing anal channel and expended his load, flooding her with a deluge of hot semen. Ellie was nearly asphyxiated when her own orgasm ripped through her and she flooded her panties, a wet stain spreading across the front panel of the white satin garment.

Everyone in the room had climaxed almost simultaneously and they all fell apart and gasped for breath as they came down from their respective orgasmic highs. Ellie was sprawled on the floor heaving in deep breaths. Between her gasping breaths she guzzled the remainder of the fat cop’s spunk. She pushed herself up on her knees and reached up and slapped the cop playfully across the face.

"You bastard," she wheezed, "I know we have played at erotic asphyxiation before; but not when I’ve had a big cock inside me at the same time!"

"Fuck it was incredible though," Ellie smiled and turned around and kissed Joe passionately on the lips.

She looked across at Michele,

"Well was I right or was I right?"

"I told you most of the girls eventually like what they experience here; and I just knew you would be too much of a slut not like it too.

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"When our friend in blue here," Ellie nodded at the fat cop, "told us that you had continued on to the party after he made you suck his cock in that parking lot; we knew you would eventually become a willing participant in our little orgy. "

Michele was still catching her breath and doing her best to wipe Steve’s coagulating semen off her face.

"Well I’ll tell you what Ellie; you’re a arsehole at work and you’re a cunt of a friend outside of work. But if you ever plan another orgy like this; you better count me in" Michele replied, a smirk breaking out on her face.

Everyone in the room burst into laughter.

As Michele drove back to her sister’s house in the early hours of the morning she pondered on the previous evening’s events. Michele’s sister Angie had revealed that she knew her brother Malcolm (Michele’s alter ego) was a closet transvestite (and seriously hinted that she herself was a lesbian!). Michele’s workmate Jill had let Malcolm make love to her whilst he was dressed as Michele; and Eddie had turned out to Ellie, the most perverted transvestite you could imagine!

Michele had fucked and sucked and been fucked and sucked and had totally fallen in love with the secret underworld of transvestite sex. Ellie had said she would arrange another transvestite and admirer party for the following weekend and Michele was already planning what to wear. What a marvellous twenty-four hours it had been!

When Michele arrived at her sister’s house it was dark and totally silent. She let herself in and staggered to the spare bedroom, shucked off her semen encrusted clothing and wig and fell into bed without even bothering to clean off her makeup. She fell asleep immediately and didn’t wake up until late Saturday afternoon.

Malcolm woke up to find Angie sitting on the end of the bed with a cup of hot steaming coffee in her hand.

"Drink this, shower, shave, brush your teeth, and then come and tell your older sister all about your evening, oh brother of mine!" Angie giggled.

"From the mess your clothing was in you certainly got up to something exciting," she went on.

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Malcolm looked groggily around the room.

"Where are the clothes I wore last night," he asked inquisitively.

"Cleaned, pressed and waiting for when Michele re-appears. I even washed, blow dried and brushed your wig," Angie replied.

"In fact after you have cleaned yourself up; why don’t I help you transform yourself again. Yesterday was fun and I’m sure you learned a lot," she smiled.

"I don’t know? I feel kind of weird letting my sister dress me as woman and do my make up," Malcolm frowned.

"Oh fuck that! I know you liked it; now get up and get yourself sorted and meet me in my bedroom. Once I've transformed you into ‘Michele’ I'm sure you will feel more comfortable about telling me all about what happened last night. Let’s just call it ‘girl talk’," she winked, and then got up off the bed and left the room.

Malcolm did as his sister bid and brushed his teeth, showered and shaved. It took a while to remove the caked-on makeup that he had not removed before going to bed but liberal use of moisturiser removed most of it. He was wondering what his sister was getting up to, wanting to help him dress again. The last time she did it, now nearly two days ago, she had put her hand under his skirt and touched him through his panties. What was that about?

Malcolm had been crossdressing for so long now that his mind automatically switched from thinking of himself as Malcolm to Michele as soon as he began to transform himself.

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When he came back into the bedroom wearing only a bath towel around his waist he found Angie sitting on the bed surrounded by a selection of feminine clothing, most of which Michele had worn the previous evening. It was now cleaned and pressed. A packet of Kaiser Ultra Sheer stockings replaced the laddered and come-spattered hose he had worn home. Michele’s wig and makeup were arranged on the dressing table.

Angie was wearing a pleated navy blue skirt that came to just above her knees. She wore a white satin blouse that exposed her cleavage, navy-blue high-heels and sheer tan hosiery. She was also wearing full makeup and jewellery. She looked quite hot for a woman of her age.

"Where are you going dressed like that?" Malcolm asked.

"Nowhere. I’m going to help transform you into Michele and then we are going to discuss what happened at the party," Angie answered walking over the dresser and patting the chair, indicting Malcolm should take a seat in front of the mirror.

"You do your makeup this time and I’ll only help if you need me to ok?" Angie said.

"Ok," Michele replied, taking off her towel and sitting down at the dresser completely nude.

Michele’s finger and toenails retained the two coats of glossy plumb red that she had applied on Friday afternoon so they only needed touching up where the nail polish was chipped. She applied a thick coat of foundation to her face and then set it with matching face powder.

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   She brushed dark blue eyeshadow onto her eyelids and then applied a coat of pink out to the far corners of her eyes, lightening the makeup and blending the two shades. Next she applied jet-black eyeliner to her upper and lower eyelids, applying three coats and touching up here and there when Angie directed her.

"So far so good Michele," Angie cooed, "But of course you’ve had years of practice you naughty closet queen," she giggled.

Michele applied thick black mascara to her upper and lower eyelashes, and then blush to her cheeks, feathering it along her cheek-line and smoothing it up so that it almost merged with her eyeshadow. Then she dusted her whole face and neck with a coating of sheer-glow finishing powder, being careful not to smudge her mascara and eyeliner.

She painted on the base coat of the two-coat plum coloured lipstick just like she had been taught by her sister, being careful not to smudge her lip-line applying the clear top coat over the base colour coat.

Michele positioned the wig on her head and adjusted and brushed it until it was sitting perfect with the fringe straight.

Michele had again made the transformation from a plain, smooth-faced man to a heavily made-up middle-aged whore with brunette hair framing dark exotic eyes, rouged cheeks and seductive red lips.

She turned towards her sister, who looked at her critically and said,

"Wonderful Malcolm; you have again transformed into Michele," Angie said and stroked Michele’s face gently with her long red fingernails

"Let’s see you get dressed then," Angie said, helping Michele to her feet and leading her over to the bed.

Angie patted Michele playfully on the buttocks.

"You look good enough to eat," she laughed.

Michele was again confused by her sister’s actions.

"Angie," she whispered, "are you some kind of a lesbian or something?"

"I’m an ‘or something ok’?" Angie answered.

"I like men; no I love men; but I like certain kinds of women too. "

"I’m bisexual I guess.

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   I’m a lipstick lesbian. "

Michele looked at her sister confused. Angie went on,

"I like to have sex with feminie women; not the hairy ‘man-hater’ type of lesbians that are often the stereotype. Do you get what I mean?" she finished.

Michele nodded and sat down on the bed and started getting dressed.

She slid into the red lace suspender belt and adjusted it so that it sat around her waist and then took the stockings out of the packet and slipped the hosiery over her pretty painted toes and slid the sheer nylon up her legs. She clipped the stocking-tops onto the garters hanging from her suspender belt. She carefully straightened the back-seams keeping the nylon taught; smoothing out the wrinkles as she went. Next she slid the red satin bikini panties up her nyloned legs and pulled them snug around her buttocks and crotch.

Michele hooked the red brassiere around her chest stuffed the cups with the old pairs of pantyhose that she had used to fill them with before. She stood up and stepped into her black leather mini and adjusted it at her waist ensuring the hem was nice and straight at mid thigh. Next she pulled on the leopard-skin nylon blouse, buttoning the blouse and tucking it into her skirt.

Michele walked back over to the dresser and sat down. She clipped on the silver mounted ruby drop earings clasped the matching necklace around her neck and the matching bracelets on both of her wrists. She slid the four large silver rings on her fingers, two on each hand.

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   Michele bent down and slid her feet into the black leather high-heeled sandals; buckling the thin straps which came to just above her ankles. She sprayed a liberal amount of ‘Poison’ perfume all over finishing with a quick spray under her skirt.

"There; transformation complete," Michele turned her pretty face up to her sister’s.

"Not quite," Angie said and kneeled at her brother’s feet.

"You forgot this," she said fastening the silver anklet below Michele's left ankle.

Michele felt her penis stir as her looked down at her sister’s attractive face so close to her crotch and felt Angie’s slim hands slide over her stockinged ankle. She wondered what was going on here between her and her sister.

Angie slid her manicured fingers up Michele’s sleek leg and her hand disappeared under the black leather mini. Her fingers stroked the naked skin above Michele’s stocking-tops and she looked up at her brother.

"Come on Michele, sit next to me on the bed and tell your sister all about what happened to you last night," Angie said removing her hand from under Michele’s skirt.

Angie stood and helped Michele up on her high-heels and led her to the bed. They sat side by side close to each other and Michele began to tell her sister the full story of what had happened from the minute she had left her Abgie’s house for the party yesterday, until she returned in the early hours of this morning. Angie hung on every word.

"Absolutely fascinating Michele," Angie said.

"I wish I had been there! But you must have been quite scared when those guys had you tied to the bed like that.


   Men can be such pigs sometimes," she said, and put her arm around Michele.

Angie looked into Michele’s pretty painted eyes and Michele stared back into Angie’s heavily made up face. She hadn’t before realised how sexy Angie looked when she was dressed and made up like this. Angie moved her head forward so that their faces were only centimetres apart and parted her red lipsticked lips. Michele felt her cock harden in her panties.

"Angie; we shouldn’t. We’re brother and sister. " she whispered.

"We’re Angie and Michele," Angie responded and kissed Michele deeply, their lipsticked lips mashing together and their tongues intertwining.

Michele gently pushed Angie away and stood up on her high heels, her hard cock tenting the front of her skirt.

"It’s incest Angie; it’s wrong," she whispered.

"As far as I’m concerned you are Michele, a hot fuckable woman who happens to have a real penis instead of a strap-on; not my brother Malcolm!" Angie replied.

"You’re no different to all the other women who I have fucked over the years," she went on, "and I can see you like what we are doing," she said pointing to Michele’s erection visibly tenting her leather miniskirt.

"Wouldn’t you like some this," Angie said and lifted her skirt.

Michele stared at her sister standing there with her navy-blue A-line skirt lifted around her waist, she held the hem at her waist holding it between her red painted fingernails.

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   Angie was wearing white boy-leg cami-knickers. She reached out with one hand and placed Michele’s hand on her stockinged leg. She moved Michele’s fingers up her nyloned thigh until it came to rest on her panties. Michele instinctively started stroking her sister’s panty crotch.

Michele moved forward and kissed Angie and felt her stiffen and groan in the back of her throat. Angie wrapped her arms around Michele and returned the embrace as Michele continued to stroke her pantied crotch and stocking encased legs.

Angie reached down with one hand and slipped it under Michele’s skirt and eased her thick cock out of her silky panties and began to rub it on her tan nylons. Michele experienced that familiar exquisite feel of diaphanous nylon against her glans, making it tingle with delight. A small trail of pre-come began to glisten on Angie’s thigh.

Michele kissed Angie deeper, loving the combined taste of their lipstick and makeup and the scent of their perfumes. Michele was rubbing her penis between her sister’s legs working the shaft against the sheer nylon. Her cock came in contact with Angie’s stocking top and she rubbed it there whilst her hand continued to caress her sisters mound through her cami-knickers, occasionally sliding down to caress the expanse of flesh above her stocking. .

Then Michele moved her hand under Angie’s cami-knickers and stroked the outside of her pussy. It was completely hairless and smooth to touch.

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"Yes! Please! Yes! Do me like a whore; you whore!" Angie gasped and whimpered into Michele’s hot wet mouth.

Michele poked a finger inside Angie’s glistening outer vaginal lips and felt a warm moist cave, the inner lips were soaking wet and inflamed with arousal. Angie stiffened slightly and then relaxed, her legs opening further.

Michele eased two fingers inside her sister’s vagina and positioned her thumb over her clitoris; she slid the fingers in and out as she thrummed Angie’s clitty. Michele’s was still humping Angie’s legs whilst her free hand gently held her sister’s head and stroked her hair with her red nail-polished fingers.

Michele eased Angie back on to the bed and lay on top of her with his hand still between her legs manipulating her sex. She pushed her sister’s skirt up around her waist, Angie lifting her sexy buttocks off the bed to assist.

"Are you sure you want this?" Michele asked her sister, looking into her eyes.

"Fuck me you whore," was Angie’s reply as she pulled Michele’s face to hers and kissed her deeply.

She opened her legs and lifted them up around Michele’s waist, her stockings rasping against Michele’s leather skirt and her high-heels pointing up at the ceiling.

Michel’s rock hard cock rubbed against her sister’s pantied mound and she could feel the hot folds of her sister’s cunt around her cock. She opened the leg of Angie’s cami-knickers and pushed forward. It was like entering a hot buttery cave as Angie’s labia opened and Michele’s penis slid effortlessly inside her sister. Angie’s silken legs gripped Michele and commenced pulling and pushing her back and forth in a slow rhythm as she fucked her.

Angie’s vagina was tight and wet and Michele loved the sensations of the hot folds of his sisters sex against her rock hard shaft.

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   Angie’s labia wrapped around the base of Michele’s cock as their pantied crotches slammed together. Angie took control of the lovemaking, gripping Michele tight with her stockinged legs, forcing her to slow down her thrusting to long, slow, deep strokes.

Michele tried to increase the intensity of their coupling but his sister would have nothing of it and continued to keep Michele locked in the vice grip of her sleek legs, ensuring a slow steady rhythm. Michele’s cock slid in and out of her slick wet folds and Angie’s labia greedily wrapped around the base of her cock as Michele entered her fully, their pantied crotches rubbing against each other increasing the intensity of the pleasure they both felt.

Michele felt her orgasm approaching and began to buck against her sister’s locked legs around her waist.

"I’m coming Ange’; I can’t stop it! I’m coming!" Michele screamed into his sister’s mouth, crushing their painted lips together and driving her tongue deep inside her hot mouth.

"Oh yeah, Michele! Come in me! Come in me! Come in your slut sister!" Angie groaned and bucked and wriggled.

Angie gripped Michele by her satin pantied buttocks and slammed her mound up to meet Michele’s thrusts. Angie ground her pubic mound against Michele as she thrust forward and Michele was delighted by the added sensation of her sister’s mound grinding against her testes encased in satin panties.

Angie moaned into Michele’s mouth, "I’m Coming! Coming! Coming!"

Michele thrust forward and pushed hard against Angie and emptied her seed deep inside her sister. Angie whimpered and moaned; their tongue's intertwined and slavered as Michele's hot seed shot deep inside Angie’s cunt. Angie dug her painted fingernails into Michele’s satin pantied buttocks and shook in ecstasy as they orgasmed. Angie’s cunt quivered and pulsed as her orgasm shook her, squeezing the last of the semen from Michele’s throbbing cock.

Angie looked up into Michele's heavily made-up face, feeling Michele’s cock slowly deflating inside her.

"Well Michele; was that ok? No regrets? What do you think; would you do this again?" she asked.

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Michele smiled down and kissed Angie on her lush red lips and replied.

"Well Sis’; there’s this party organised for next week……………………………………………"


The End

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Either you are planing a journey to the USA or you already live there, finding the right escort services in your zone, or state, should be a great mission, spiced with a lot of excitement. Specially made for men who are searching to spend time in a glamorous environment, the escort service is now a worldwide niche for millions and millions of men. In the USA alone, there are more than 1 million models ready to meet and date with you, and you only need a short click on the following post to better understand how it works and where can you find escort services Charlotte.

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No matter the reason, either you are on a work visit or in vacation, searching for someone to accompany you and provide sensual intimate moments should be your primary aim, if you feel alone or bored. USA escorts Charlotte are very spread and very popular. They offer vast options and come with a vast number of escorts. From youngsters ready to have fun with you, to older ladies seeking somebody to make them feel fine and have fun with. If you plan to use the call girls Charlotte, make sure you pick your girl according to your wishes. There are free hook ups and paid ones. You must determine which sort of escorts Charlotte you will enjoy. Depending on that, the money involvement will be low or expensive.

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From elegant dinner dates to intimate activities, these models can provide you almost any type of pleasure you like. Either you are someone who loves chatting with babes and spending time with them, or you are the type of man who adores to get right to the business, escorts Charlotte can offer you anything you like as long as you are well mannered with them. Season your business journey or even your holiday together with these mannered girls. They come from all over the world, and they can clearly keep you going all night with their energy and desire. Seek for the best model and you will be offered with the most sexy and addictive experience in your life. Not to mention that all escorts at Charlotte escorts are veteran ones. That means they know how to delight you and how to satisfy you, no matter your wishes or requirements.

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1. These girls are skilled ones. They know how this niche is functioning, and they sure know how to keep you excited.
2. Safety and hygiene are the most valuable rules at escort Charlotte. These ladies will always look to you will feel relaxed in their company. They will do anything it takes to make you feel good and feel fulfilled.
3. Closeness is also a top feature at Charlotte escort services. Your own info, your fetishes, your kinks and practically everything associated to you and your adventure with the escorts, all these will always be safe and out of the reach of other entities. You can rest assure that enjoying Charlotte escort services will be the best decision, and no matter what, your own info will be secured in place.


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