Secret Admirers Chapter 5


Chapter 5: The Show Must Go OnIt was happening more quickly than Ashley would have ever thought possible. But how? These men weren't even talking to eachother. . . How could they know which one would go where and why? Was this just for their pleasure, or was the speed of their actions set up for the sake of the film? "OH GOD!!" she thought to herself. "They are doing it this way to. . . . to make a good porno. . . . yes, this is almost exactly the way the porno she had watched was shot. . .

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   fast paced so that it wouldn't loose it's audience. . . they did the sucking first, then they moved onto. . . . but how could they have known this would happen? How could they possibly know?""Get up a minute slut. " Tom barked, and she did as she was told. Tom got up from his chair, that was quickly sat in by Logan. The camera man in the mask then quickly handed the camera over to the guy who had just busted his nut in her ass. Then mask boy made his way behind her. Tom then did the thing she had known would happen for a while, he lay down on his back right in front of her. It was perfect positioning, giving Logan head, while she fucked Tom's massive cock, the only odd thing was this guy in the mask. Who was he? Was he that afraid of her knowing his identity? Was he afraid of her telling people and him getting caught? She hoped not, cause after this, she was ready to fuck each and every one of these guys, even at school if they wanted.

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   She'd fuck them right on the principals desk next to the pictures of his family on vacation if they asked her. Anything to be a good little cock-slut. . . Anything for her masters. Tom got under her, and made her straddle his waist. He was such a hefty fellow though, her legs could barely wrap around his midsection. Logan had made sure that he wasn't fully erect for this part, mainly because he knew that if he tried to force in his major erection into her tiny pussylips, she would either pass out from the pain, or get seriously injured. Not that he would care much, to him this wasn't a person, just some nasty slave that you played with for YOUR amusement. But even he still saw the humanity in her, enough to not want to cause any serious physical damage. "It's  okay baby, just put it in me a little at a time. . . " Ashley shivered with slight fear but mostly anticipation at the feeling it gave her just to let his cockhead rest on her pink little lips. "Yeah, whatever.

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  " Tom dismissed as he lowered her down to where the penetration would begin. Just looking at his big cock next to her pussy made him absolutely sure that just lowering her onto him, wasn't going to work. "Logan, hold her up for a second man. " Tom said. Logan did, while Ashley looked down at how exactly Tom planned on doing this. His hands were free from keeping her up and balanced at this point, knowing time was money for the tape they were making, he worked fast. He moved his hands toward her snatch, with a finger from each hand, he pulled apart her lips with speed and strength. Ashley might have taken this alright from a guy who wasnt 6'6 and had larger fingers than she had ever seen in person. She moaned loudly from the pain. Seeing as how his two fingers were blocking the way into her, Tom moved a hand to each side of her pussy now and held the beautiful skin and muscle where it was before. "Okay Logan, move her down slowly pal. " Tom said, a bit exasperated at having worked so hard for such an easy thing for most guys. Logan moved her down onto him slowly, but the feeling of the cock-head working it's way through the lips of her pussy was enough to warrant a trophy in her mind. After he was in Tom removed his hands from their previous post and gave Logan the high sign to start away on part two of this scene. Tom himself then grabbed the curve of her ass on both sides and ground himself into her.

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   "Fuuuuaaaaaaakkkk!!!!!" Ashley moaned as he did so, then without warning his tip reached the back of her vagina. No guy had even got within an inch of it so far, Tom had smacked the thing, and still had a half an inch left. This was going to make fucking him, particularly difficult, she thought to herself. Ashley, on her own, began bending her legs so she could hop up and grind most of the length of his shaft in and out of her. Ashley so far had never felt fuller in her life, as he started popping his hips up to meet hers faster and faster, she screamed obsenities that would have made hookers in time square blush. Her talking soon came to an end when Logan cupped the back of her head with his right hand and forced her face down to meet his erect penis. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth greedily. "After sucking Tom" she thougth, "how bad is this gonna be?" She may have been right, but giving head by itself proved to be slightly less complicated than giving head while being pounded by a man that had a cock big enough to fuck you to death. Logan had an idea that even though she was a skilled cock-sucker, her focus would be on other things at this stage, so he kept his hand on the back of her head and just pushed her face down when he wanted to feel her warm tongue stroke across his shaft. Ashley was now wondering when batchelor number three was going to join the fold, but oddly enough he was waiting a bit longer, maybe building up the anticipation, or possibly he hadn't gotten undressed yet. Either way, she couldn't wait to have the full experience of being a porn queen. "Shit" she thought "I could do this in college, maybe make this my carreer, I mean my tits are certainly big enough, wouldn't even need implants. " but these were thoughts for another time. She wanted to save her brain for just remembering everything about these next few moments, probably the happiest in her life, by her guess. .

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