One year too late.


His hands were always on her, anywhere, her hips, her ass, her back. He was always touching her. Not in a sexual way though, in a romantic way. Jamie was 16 and he’d been with his girlfriend Shantelle, 15, for a year. It was the day of their one year anniversary, and they were going out for a meal, With no parents of course.
            “I wonder what Klaira’s gonna say. And Kara is gonna be uber jealous!” Shantelle smiled down at the diamond encrusted ring in which Jamie had not long handed her.
            “I guess we’ll hafta wait and see. ” Shantelle was still at school, and all her friends knew about Jamie. They would constantly ask her if she’d ‘screwed’ him yet. The answer was always no though.
            They’d finished their meal, although Shantelle didn’t eat it all. She wasn’t one for formal foods. She picked up her bag and took Jamie’s hand. They walked out to the streets and started making their way home. They joked and giggled as they crossed roads and passed friends’ houses.

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   Its was mid summer, so the sun was still in the baby blue sky. Jamie looked down at his watch, then up at Shantelle.
            “it’s 9, my place or yours Shaz?” he pulled her close and wrapped his hands behind her back. They were at the road that stood in-between his and her houses. Shantelle lived on the left, and Jamie on the right. She put her hands around the back of his neck and pulled him close for a peck on the cheek.
            “no parents” she giggled. Jamie turned around, hinting for her to jump on his back. She jumped aboard, laughter and smiles filling the empty streets. He made his way down the road on the right, until they came to Jamie’s front door. He jokingly knocked on the small window.
            “nobody’s home. Maybe we should just do it in the garden”
            “what makes you think we’re gonna DO it?” she laughed up at him, fiddling around in his trouser pockets for his keys.
            “oh! What’s this?” she smirked, eyes wide.
“stop fiddling with my pecker” he said shyly, then reaching out to tickle her thighs.

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   She jumped back, keys in her hand.
            “a-ha!” she ran around him, quickly unlocking the door and running for the stairs, she tripped half way up them, and turned onto her back. . Jamie followed, closing the door behind him. He climbed the few steps on his hands and knees until he was pressed against her. He rubbed his nose against hers and then kissed her passionately. Both his hands were on her hips, running up and down her legs, and under her knee length dress. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him even more closer. The sound of a passing car outside broke the silence, and reminded Jamie of the unlocked door, and the keys on the outside.
            “You better see to that…” she grinned up at him.
            He smiled and walked over to the door, they were still in the lock. After the door was locked, and the downstairs curtains were shut, he turned back to see that Shantelle wasn’t on the stairs anymore. He smiled to himself and shook his head. It was getting dark out and all upstairs lights were turned off. As he took the last step off the staircase, Shantelle jumped out at him, and dragged him through the nearest door.

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   His room. It was dark but he could still make out the slim tanned body that pressed him against the wall. The shadows on her face made her look very mysterious.
            “happy anniversary J. ” she whispered to him. Running her hands through his shoulder length hair.
            “happy anniversary…” he picked her and laid her down on his white sheets. crawling on top of her again, he began to whistle. Shantelle instantly recognised the tune. The kooks, Naïve. The very song that bought them both together in the first place, it was her favourite. she opened her legs wide, giving access to his hips. He laid down on top of her, running his hands over her thighs, and up to her shoulders. The thin red straps hung off them. He put his hands behind her back and sat her up.

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   He unzipped her dress and pushed it down to her hips, revealing her lacy polka dot bra. She pushed the dress past her hips and down to her knees, where she fought it off with her feet, then kicked off her shoes. She started to unbuttoned Jamie’s shirt and threw it on the floor. She lay back down and Jamie began to kiss her stomach, moving further down slowly until he came to her matching polka dot panties. He slid them down, releasing her sweet smell. he started to kiss in-between her legs, licking up and down, making her squirm with delight. He slid one finger inside her, she was hot and sticky. He pushed further and further, then faster, then 2 fingers, then 3. Shantelle arched her and shivered with pleasure. He stated kissing her again, moving up, past her belly button, and up to her breasts, he unclipped her bra and through it on the floor, right by his shirt. He nibbled on her breasts for a little while, then he moved up to her neck, and her ear. His cock was rubbing against her clit now, he was teasing her. He’d down this before, but she hadn’t.
            “you sure?” he whispered in her ear.
            “yeah…” she replied.

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   Bracing herself.
            “this is gonna hurt a little. ” He said, wrapping her legs around his back again, he pushed his way inside her. She gritted her teeth and ran her fingers down his back. He pushed further into her wet pussy, harder and faster. Her nails digging in his back, so hard that she drew blood, until the pain went, and he kissed the single tear from her face.
            “Okay?” he kissed her hard, eating her moans and groans. She outstretched her arms and gripped the sheets as she arched her back and pushed herself further, tightening her hot pussy walls around his 8 incher. She managed to nod at him.
            “yeah…” she whimpered in-between breaths. Jamie smiled down at her. She pushed him away by his shoulders, and rolled him over, so she was on top. She stayed there for a second, looking down at him. She rubbed her hands up and down his chest before sitting back down on his cock. He pushed his way into her, thrusting faster and faster, his hands on her hips, moving her up and down.

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   She arched her back and tilted her head back, biting her lip. Her walls tightened around his cock.
            “I think I’m coming”
            “Me too” he thrusted faster and faster, releasing strings of hot sperm into her young body, she moaned loudly as her juices began to flow from her pussy, around his cock. she collapsed on top of him, his hands running up and down her back.
            “I’m so proud of you baby. ” He kissed her forehead, and closed his eyes.
            She rolled off him and laid next to him, taking his hand, she looked over at him and smiled.
            “Happy anniversary J. ”